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[Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki] Episode 3 everyone's impressions

Episode 3
"Time to Strike"

As the surviving Tsushima soldiers retreat, they are confronted by Jinzaburou wearing Tsushima armor who tells them to stop and fight the pursuing Goreyeo soldiers. They are reluctant to follow an exile, but when Jinzaburou and some of the other exiles attack the pursuers, the Tsushima soldiers turn and follow them. Obusama Saburou, Shiraishi Kazuhisa and Hitari support the attack, forcing the invaders to fall back and regroup. Jinzaburou insists on pursuing them, however Abiru Yajirou urges caution and does not follow. Meanwhile, the exiles and supporting soldiers are surrounded by the more numerous invading forces, but led by Jinzaburou they manage to break through to their headquarters, slaying their general and his men before returning with the heads of the slain Sou Sukekuni and Umajirou. Teruhi entreats the villagers of Sasu to join them in defending the capital, but Jinzaburou insists on a night raid on the invaders. Abiru Yajirou disagrees and returns to the capital. Using Amushi as a lookout Jinzaburou prepares to lead them on a hit and run raid against the small invading force by moonlight. However they are betrayed by two villagers, and when another one tries to kill Jinzaburou from behind, Teruhi distracts him and is cut by his sword.

Man what a great episode. The strategy and action were once again great but man that ending, I did not see coming.

Why is this amazing show underwatched ? What has it not got..loved how the MC Laughed when he heard the sou clan general/young lord ran off into the night to the capital

Cute girls

She's honestly one of the prettiest female characters I've seen in anime.

I really like the main protagonist. He's enigmatic without that defining his character. I genuinely don't know his motivations and it's exciting instead of frustrating. I'm really enjoying this!

Battles between armies are always difficult to handle. The amount of shaking and panning still shots show why Kingdom relied heavily on CGI. I dearly looking forward to CGI getting a lot better and easier to use in the upcoming years so we can have complex armies battles with thousands of a soldiers fighting. I really like the anime, but these moments still stand out.

It's also nice that the protagonist had wives and at least one child and acts appropriate for his age and experience. So far his tactics are also simple and not some convoluted keikakus, take logistics into account and - aside from being an overly amazing warrior - his abilities aren't out of this world either. Going by the lack of acknowledgement of the princess' night advance and not noticing the traitor.

Yeah one of the thing that I really liked in the second episode was how he treated one of the basic swarm tactics as "brilliant": that is because until then Japanese didn't have large armies to allow such basic tactics to develop which was why they were totally unprepared to face the Mongols at the time.

This anime is really interesting because it has a lot of little details like this that add authenticity to the context. It is just "modern-washed" enough so that the audience can still root for the characters, but still show enough to root the general context in the period.

For example I loved how one of the mounted exiled blocked an incoming arrow by lowering his head just enough so that it bounce off his helmet while still keeping vision on his enemy, that's bushi technique 101 with the shouldershield-block and it shows his experience and calm.

Another great episode though! And it seems I was right that some of the fights will be ala Dynasty Warriors. I did not expect those three to backstab Jiinzaburou though. I hate cliffhangers like this I need to see the next episode now!

I'm guessing his family were being held hostage.

It's the Mongols, so they're almost certainly already dead, or worse.

oh damn betrayal, didnt see that coming.

Hell of a cliffhanger but she survives right? I mean I didn't see any wound, for all we know she's fine and it may be the traitors blood after being back-stabbed

There's no way they'd kill her off so soon.

She'll obviously survive, no doubt about that. She's clearly too important of a character to just die like that.

Criminally underrated so far and underwatched. The animation isn't the best but I'm really enjoying this so far.

To me the animation is solid but not fantastic. It isn't like DBZ Super where you get these frames that are just super lazy and outright bad, but it also never elevated itself to be really stunning animation either and that makes the fights seem a little underwhelming.

First episode fight was pretty good. I was whelmed with the "group assault" this episode.

Animation is at least average.

An important detail that nobody else seems to have caught: the mysterious group overlooking the battle are from Ryukyu, a small kingdom based in what is nowadays known as Okinawa prefecture but which was not Japanese at the time.

What a great episode! MC and princess personalities are great. Characters decision and tactics used all felt pretty realistic. I enjoy it so much. I wish people tried to watch this one.

Pretty interesting MC. Those traitors got me hella mad.

WHY WHY WHY.......NOOOOOOOO.........I can't wait one more week, damnit.

Still awesome but those Mongol bosses in the weird masks are troubling. This is gonna turn into some dumb shounen crap when they show up, wish it could just be realistic.

Mongols don't have an Emperor, they follow their Khan. Those masked folks are another group, possibly even Japanese ...

I hadn't considered that, they were speaking Japanese weren't they. Still I expect they will be part of some ridiculous plot line with lots of jumping around and special moves.

I hope I'm wrong

Man this really is Ghost of Tsushima: The Anime

Right? The betrayal thing this week instantly made me think of the betrayal thing from ghosts e3 demo

So those guys betrayed the Sou clan because they didn't protect them?

No, it's possible that their family is being held hostage by the Mongol forces based on what we have been shown so far.

Another good episode.


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