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[Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki] Episode 2 everyone's impressions [Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion]

Episode 2
"The War God of Sasu"

Teruhi invites Jinzaburou to a strategy conference, but is ejected by Sou Sukekuni after disagreeing with his assumption that the Mongols will pass Tsushima. He meets Shouni Kagasuke, dressed as a monk, who asks him to help defend Tsushima for 7 days while he readies reinforcements, presenting him with the favourite sword of Minamato no Yoshitsune. The next day, the Mongol fleet lands at Sasu Bay and Sou Sukekuni rides overnight with his forces to meet them. Sou Sukekuni orders Jinzaburou to the rear to protect Teruhi and prepares to repel the invaders. After withstanding volleys of arrows from the advance party of Mongols, Sou Sukekuni’s men push them back to the shore where they find the villagers slaughtered. However after the initial victory, they are assaulted by explosives fired from the ships and are overwhelmed by a larger force of Mongols and Sou Sukekuni is killed.

Man what a great episode. Figured the old man and his men would die in this battle but man I did not expect him to go down like that.

What I liked most was how 'foreign' the Mongols seemed to them too (strategy wise).

Here's this old guy heralding himself in samurai fashion while the mogols just fire a volley like nothing. Even when MC was 'analyzing' how they fight was a pretty nice touch.

Honestly think this is a gem (opinion may change as the series progresses).

I prefer the small number of comments, as we get better quality discussion and it's not bombarded with memes. Really liking the show so far

For me it's a hidden gem - so far so good. Princess seems to be really great, she is willing to do everything she can to protect this island. I expected you know whom to die..but...they tried their best...

Things are gonna get worse and I'm hyped for this!

I hope this show gets more attention--so far it seems like it's gonna deserve it. Really digging it

man i found these things in Wiki

The thunder crash bomb (Chinese: 震天雷; pinyin: zhèntiānléi) is an early type of bomb or hand grenade developed in the 12th-13th century Song and Jin-era China. Its shell was made of cast iron and filled with gunpowder. The length of the fuse could be adjusted according to the intended throwing distance.

Ceramic thunder crash bomb excavated from Takashima shipwreck, October 2011, dated to the Mongol invasions of Japan (1271-1284 AD).

Kabura-ya (鏑矢) are a type of arrow used by the samurai class of feudal Japan. Kabura-ya were arrows which whistled when shot and were used in ritual archery exchanges prior to formal medieval battles. The sound was created by a specially carved or perforated bulb of deer horn or wood attached to the tip.

In battle, kabura-ya would be shot before a battle, to alert the enemy. The whistling sound was also believed to chase away evil spirits, and to alert friendly kami to lend their support. It was not uncommon for archery exchanges to be performed for quite some time, and in the 1183 battle of Kurikara, for example, fifteen arrows were shot by each side, then thirty, then fifty, then one hundred, before these hundred samurai on each side actually engaged one another in battle.It was also not uncommon for messages to be tied to these arrows, which could be shot into fortresses, battle camps or the like. This practice of the formal archery exchange likely died out gradually following the end of the Heian period, as war became less and less ritualized.

The seduction part was ... seductive ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

You think anything will happen between the two ? Outsider warrior helping out town and there's a beautiful young princess but she's 17 so dno how it'd play out with mc, Do you know his age

Handsome young warrior is also a dad?

Well, was. I'm guessing there's a reason he's in jail and it involves avenging his family.

That battle was awesome. I'm officially really digging this show -- sleeper hit of the season.

The part with the trebuchets had me going to wikipedia, since I thought that they were primarily a European thing. Turns out, the original version originated in China, then the more modern version was spread back to the Far East by the Mongols.

Still, awesome battle.

This show seems to turn out pretty good, I liked the action this episode a lot and the filter didn't annoy that much anymore.

I hope this thing keeps delivering and gets some hype going. There's way too few good historical anime. Onihei is the only recent one I could think of and it was mostly ignored.

Onihei is cool as hell, anyone who likes Edo should check it out.

Really liking it so far, hope it keeps doing great

This show is definitely going the way I was expecting it to. Huge historical battles and tons of arrows raining down. Next week is going to be more interesting since Jinzaburou has to basically hold off a thousand men with only leftover troops and his ragtag bunch of convicts.

This episode was awesome, I had some things I wanted answered in this in terms of quality and pacing and it was pretty much answered. I still dislike the filter, but I can look past it and still enjoy this story. Easily the most underrated anime this season.

This is a hidden gem right now. The mongols used the "Thunderbombs" like the flash bangs of the ancient times in order to cause shock and fear on the enemies soldiers. Also the animation style is great

I like how the MC looks annoyed majority of the time people are talking to him.

I wonder if there is a Shogun 2 mod about this time period.

I definitely liked this episode more than the first one. The filter bothered me much less and the final action scene was really good. I also really like the OP. One thing I'm wondering is if this is based entirely on historical events, or is it more fiction? Either way, I'm looking forward to see what this show has in store for us!

I think it's an amalgamation of two historical battles. The show is set during 1274 (if I recall) where the Mongols crushed Tsushima and slaughtered a bunch of citizens but it'll probably incorporate elements of a later battle with the Mongols at Tsushima where the opposite occurred.

I don't know how to feel about the weird background texture. However, the show seems interesting so far.

Also the main dude's face reminds me of Mikazuki from Iron Blood Orphans. All I need for him to do is bust out a giant mace and I'm all in.

Good episode but it did seem to fly by. Loved the strategy analyses by the MC.


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