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[Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki] Episode 1 everyone's impressions [Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion]

Episode 1
"The Far End of Japan"

Looks good so far.

I like the relatively realistic art style, besides the weird filter. The blond Mongol (?) guy's glowing red eyes mask also looked kinda ridiculous.

≫The blond Mongol

Westerners did served under Mongol Hordes (hell, the majority of the Russian principalities were under the control of the Golden Horde, if I remember correctly)

I don't think that any Westenern was in the Mongolian Invasion of Japan, tho.

≫Westerners did served under Mongol Hordes (hell, the majority of the Russian principalities were under the control of the Golden Horde, if I remember correctly)

They were tributary states, most of Russia was never under direct Mongol rule.

I kinda doubt there were any Russians involved in the invasion of Japan, it's just too far away. But it's not completely

The people of the steppes were mixing since at least Roman times, I have known full Mongolians with blue eyes and blonde hair.

≫I have known full Mongolians with blue eyes and blonde hair.

Huh, I didn't know that's a thing. But it does make sense, a lot of the Iranian steppe nomads in antiquity (Scythians etc.) were similar to Western Europeans in terms of appearance.

Khazaks and Hazara can look European, South Asian, and East Asian quite regularly. The Sami likely came from the steppes too and they are one of the most blonde ethnic groups in the world.

I hate the paper-like overlay.
It ruins it for me :(

It's the opposite for me. It really enhances it for me.

The last sword fight scene:
Me: Damn this is pretty good so far....
Dude back-flips back to the ship
Me: What the fuck where did the ship come from and did he just back flip 25 feet?

Still not looking bad, though.

I'll be honest, that hampered a bit my expectations. Was a sudden shift from bullshit but still low key enough we can pretend it's realistic to just flat out superpower levels of bullshit. Also sudden as fuck, guy just jumps and then's a ship.

Still liking overall, but I kinda hoped for more reasonable fights, and the jump demonstrated it's not that kind of show.

Well that was one big jump from the Gaijin.

Is it possible to learn this power?

You know this is legit Japanese history when they bust out the maps that show Japan horizontally instead of vertically like what we see these days.

So far so good though! A group of ragtag bunch of exiles against a Mongol invasion lead by a Princess that dons a brave face and actually hates killing? This is going to be good. Also knowing the casualty difference between the Japanese troops and the Mongol horde during their invasion, this might basically become Dynasty Warriors.

The art style is also pretty unique especially during the boat scene. Reminds me of old samurai movies. I just hope this won't be ignored like Onihei was T_T

≫You know this is legit Japanese history when they bust out the maps that show Japan horizontally

I always get a kick out of it. Mainly since they considered almost everyone "North" of them barbarians. Which is some that exists almost across the world where everyone to the North is a filthy barbarian.

Yep, this will be good.

But what's with that "dirty glass" filter through the whole screen ? lol.

Seem like me and u buddy are the only people watching this

Hell no, except Crunchyroll really screwed up with release delay.

And for the episode, it looks really way better than expected from literally no names.

That was a lot better than I thought it was gonna be.

Really liking the art style and the setting of medieval times in Japan. That fight scene between the MC and the Mongol was pretty dope lol.

Another great first episode of the season... so much to keep up with smh

I understand the the staff wanted to make a distinguish visual style with the "dirty filter," but it ended up looking like the whole anime was shot with dirty lens, especially in bright scenes. Though overall, it's a solid premiere. Unexpectedly solid, to be honest.

I wish they at least had the filter texture move a little bit alongside pannings, because currently it's the same ine very fucking frame, which is what makes it look like a dirty lens.

I thought the filter looked good except for when there was a panning shot. Looked very lazily thrown on in those cases.

It looks like a cheap youtube video trying to dodge copyright.

Really liking it so far. It has a nice art style, but I really do have to mention that the filter put over the art is kinda ehh..

Curious to see if they will keep it in every ep from here on or not.

Other than that ridiculous jump at the end, I thought this was a pretty good first episode.

Filter was ok, some of the still shots looked good but whenever the camera was moving it just looked like a smudge, which is unfortunate.

Well, well, well, this was pretty good. This may very well be, imo, the strongest first episode of the season. Besides the weird red eyed mask and the ability of said character to jump from that far to the boat, it was a really good first episode.

This was surprisningly decent! When I saw the cover I was expecting to see another dry, boring, low budget samurai show that we get from time to time... it was also GAR and didn't hold back with the violence which is always a plus in my book

Pretty good!

The MC is very confident in this abilities and not scared to go against everyone. The fight scenes were nicely animated.

So this is probably the focus on Tsushima and how a group of exiles protect the island while the big war is basically going on everywhere else in Japan against Mongolia.

I wouldn't be surprised if a good bunch of the cast ends up being dead by the end of the anime.

That was really interesting and good, considering I had low expectations. Idk why the guy is blonde??? Though. Maybe he is European? Only bad thing was that filter being on 100 % of the time

This is interesting. All I know about this time in history is the kamikaze. I'm glad there's an anime focusing on some other part of History of Japan because I want to learn about something other than the Meiji or the Sengoku eras.


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