Thursday, June 28, 2018

[Yowamushi Pedal] Episode 25 - FINAL everyone's impressions

Episode 25
”Their Respective Starting Lines”

Well, folks, It's been a good run this season. There were some continued pacing issues, but it's really come together.

Since New Generation has started, I've taken up cycling, ridden almost 1500 miles (and more on the stationary over winter), and lost nearly 70 lbs. I'm waiting for my third bike, my first road bike, to come in and can't wait. I'm going to miss my weekly dose of Sohoku, but I'll have plenty of miles to occupy my time for a while.

See you next ride!

Of course you sing "love hime" when you bike right?

Only on thw gnarliest of climbs.

That opening scene with Miki was nice, I wished she got more screen time.

Same. Underused character.

Wow this pacing is much higher than expected they actually started day 3!?

However, not to be to negative, I think I would actually prefer if they had just ended with them at the starting line now it feels kinda weird as an ending of the season lol, like they bike for 1 min, flashback (which was a great flashback of the whole season 1+2) and than NAKAMA.

Finally Ononoda get some fan girls - wish Aya was there to get pissed of do :)

But what is most confusing with this episode is the heavy, very heavy focus on Teshima, again he is portrayed as a the main character, nothing wrong with that if they committed, this was the same last year. We get both his vow to this time be good, his moral speech, his rivalry with ashikiba (which had like zero focus on) now its time to remember that so that is the likely last duel of end 3.

BUT then its just kinda like they shoehorn in this REMEMBER OONODA IS THE ACTUAL MAIN CHARACTER. To me it comes of as so disjointed, we also had Ayoga and manager-chan, and before this him and Teshima with their Tandem promise the narration clearly focus way more on them but the flashback barely shows them and again mainly reminds on how awesome the senpais where.

They probably had to start so he saw Manami.

I thought the same. Liked how it played out with them riding in opposite directions and I'm quite certain if they were both present at the starting line, it wouldn't have been possible for them to 'chat' like that so freely with one another.

Hell ya onada has fan girls! That made me smile lol.

its great to how imaizumi-kun is used to it, after all he had fangirls already back at episode 1.

Onoda already bathing in the girls

I'm gonna miss my weekly Midousuji fix. :(

Great ending! This kinda confirms my feeling that Hakone would end up getting the win in the end, but I'd love to see what they can do to surprise us!

Returning my Izumida to Metrocon for sure. Let's go!!

I want Kyofushimi to win this year. I think that Onoda/Naruko/Naruko have to win their third year. A clean sweep would be boring.

The new members of Hakogaku haven't grown on me as much (bring back the OG crew!)

I want this year to be Midosuji's to shine since we know he isn't going to win next year.

a great season with a great ending in my opinion, man i'm gonna miss my weekly cycling anime hype, i wish they'll continue with a new season soon :(

Nice way to end the season, hopefully the next isn't too far away!

I'm glad we actually got to see the start of the race. I think it's good to end this season with the race started because then you don't have to waste one or even two episodes on buildup once the next season starts.

This episode would've been a good start to the next season, but it's also great as a final episode because it kinda gives you some closing on the events of the last day and lets you see that everyone is still giving it their all despite the previous day's loss. I hope we get the next season soon.

This season was okay, the worst one so far, but had its good moments, I guess. I just hope for more focus on Onoda and less focus on Hakone...

Again, that was literally a very nice ride to watch!

Its been a good ride everyone, now let the wait begin once again. Really enjoyed the ending, hype as always. cya next time.

Dose anyone know what chapter this ends on or when the next season is coming??

While this season had more flaws than the rest, I still love the series and am saddened that it's gone for a while. That ending monologue made me really sentimental about this series, especially the first two seasons. It has been a great journey and I cannot wait for the next season.


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