Wednesday, June 20, 2018

[Yowamushi Pedal] Episode 24 everyone's impressions

Episode 24
"The Small Pass"

God dam a great episode but also --- THIS IS THE ANIME I WANT TO WATCH

Better characters, more intriguing rivalry, great Senpai moments.

It was so awesome when Oonoda was getting close to Todou and todou is all like - there is a man waiting for ME, WHO CAN THIS MAN BE???

I loved this episdoe both on the racing between Todu and Maki-chan but also that we got to see old classic oonoad being in awe respect of his senpai. Him as a character has clearly not worked as well coming out as the winner and having to try and senpai characters like issa.

So yeah,,,I mean I loved the episode but it gave me a bad aftertaste, like the new characters are not as good as the old ones (nothing new but this really shows it) and one reason I think why is the lack of rivals. Like Who is teshima rival himself? Ayogi, is like Teshima nakama or something?

Kinjou had his huge beef with Fuka, Makishama had Todou etc, at least issa is getting a beef with Doubashi. Feels more like this year got to much internal issues, Yuto vs himself and so on.

On the rivalries, I found a major reason why they work so well both as they are & as way to drive the narrative forward was because they all felt natural and something which grew over time. Naruko & Midousuji was a great example of creating a new rivalry and how to utilise it, even if Naruko got almost as short-changed in screen time this season as Midousuji did for race wins previously.

I still don't feel anything for the whole Kaburagi/Doubashi thing because of just that. I mean, it doesn't help that I'm still not a fan of Kaburagi as a character, but even puting that aside, their entire rivalry just feels so tacked on, artificial. Even the way it materialised literally felt like watching the prelude to some random drunken punch-up in a pub or bar, instead of anything with actual substance.

And I'm so glad we got rather substantial amount of Makishama & Toudou. To say they have great chemistry is such an understatement.

Is there only one more episode this season?


Looks like it's shaping up to have the last day of the inter high next season :'( can't wait too see Onoda fired up and ready when it starts. Btw does anyone know if another season is actually coming because most sports anime tends to end abruptly

Maybe they’ll cover 200 meters over the entire next season.

This episode made me miss the old cast even more and it reminded me what I loved about this series in the first place like the senpai-kouhai dynamic which we never get to see anymore.

This season is shaping up very nicely

Gonna have to bust out my Izumida cosplay again, it seems

Best episode from the second half of this season


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