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[Yowamushi Pedal] Episode 23 everyone's impressions

Episode 23

Jeez, why is Sohoku always the ones that suffer injuries?

To keep reminding us that they're the jobber underdogs

Midosuji lost day 3 last year because he injured his leg.

I think you forgot Kuroda is injured too

As in injuries that actually matters. Kuroda rode just fine the second day, which is complete horseshit.

Midosuji has ascended to new levels of grossness. I was not ready..

You're kidding me, I'm pissed that Imaizumi didn't win, but at least Hakone didn't win again with a climber, that would be even more bullshit.

damn how unexpected, I love how Midousuji won plot wise, all the conversations/flashbacks hinted at either Yuto winning or Imaizumi finally getting his win.


Midousuji had the best flashback though. It's just that they showed his story first, so the attention went off him for a while. My reaction to Yuto's flashback was "Ok you have brother issues, but Midousuji's mom died..."

I was so excited with the direction the show took having Midousuji win after all those emotional flashbacks and such, I agree his story was the best, by the time they showed Yuto's story I was tired of the flashbacks and felt the idea he was in his brother's shadow was already conveyed.

Well deserved victory for Midousuji and it's about time considering he's probably the best cyclist on the entire show. Disappointing that Imaizumi didn't win after everything Naruko did though.

It's getting scarily likely that Sohoku don't win a single tag this year. No way do I see this team winning this interhigh, so they realistically only have 2 chances left. Aoyagi seems to be injured (in classic Watanabe style Sohoku are injured because of overexertion, yet Kuroda was fine for Day 2 despite his day 1 injuries) so I'm expecting Teshima to take the mountain tag.

I'm also hoping we get to see some psychological factors effect Yuto for being the one that couldn't maintain Hakone's winning streak this interhigh. He's the only 1st year and brother of the legendary Shinkai, so losing has got to dig into the insecurities and feelings of insignificance he has

Either Teshima winning the mountain tag or Kaburagi taking the sprinting tag, alothough i am not sure if there even is one on the third day.

lol whut. No. I don't want either of those to win anything. Onoda or bust

Lmao Midosuji is so fucking toxic, his trash talk is so fucking great ahahahah

The best part about Midousuji is that take away all that incredibly exaggerated superiority complex business and everything about what he said & his mindset is 100% correct and exactly what usually makes the difference, but especially the part about it being the desire of the individual to want to achieve victory being what matters most when it comes down to the crossing the finish line.

He essentially personifies all those cliches like "wanting it more", "playing with more hunger/desire", "(prepared) to give 110% for the cause" and so on. And frankly, the only real difference between him and Sohoku as a whole is that Midousuji basically can't rely on his team mates (other than possibly meat-kun and Ishigaki last year) to make any sizeable contributions unlike what Sohoku can call upon, so he's forced to work around it however he can.

I'm glad that Midosuji won and didn't job for the nth time considering how he's always shown as the smart and methodical one.

Meanwhile Imaizumi being useless as always, they portray him as the cool ace that gets the job done but ends up losing in the end anyways.

Ah its finally over, and Onoda does the classic riding at night to find an old classic adversary.

At least Yuta lost!!

BUT, NOW Shouko has to win the last day, I think this really puts the drama of next day (so season 5 and 6 I guess..) in a bad state.

The author has forced the good guys to lose 6 out of 6 parts and they are supposed to be the main characters? In my opinion this completely removes the tension for us the viewer next season as we know he has to let he main guys win NOW.

First he started by forcing them to be underdogs by letting them lose by like 1 millisecond but still pretending like they where super much weaker by their own comments and fans etc, that felt very forced so he could try to have the classic sport anime thing where we have to follow the underdog. And now he has really over did it, like does anyone think they got any chance of losing day 3 after this 2 days? If they had won today I could have seen them lose day 3-

Midijousi ruler was a good part do but imo it just makes it 0% chance of Shouko not wining day 3.

I can't see Sohoku winning this year. It would be "been there, done that", and would make Onoda's senior year anti-climatic.

I would guess that Onoda and Sangaku will race for the goal, with Sangaku winning.

after they lost everything so far? It would be way to much of a hated manga if the main character just lost, last episode built up that Teshima or Aoygi looks to be the winner of the next race.

What should have had happened is that they should have won today, than they could lose the inter-high and we would not have had a anti-climatic third year. Now the author has been hellbent on making them the underdogs even if they won last year. So that they can win at the end here.

my prediction is that one of the nobodies in kyo fushi will actually win

but thats just me hoping for LUL ending

Midousuji is basically the MC of this series. Just make a Spin Off with only him trashtalking people

Let's go team Midousuji.

Man is truly the MVP he's got a team of mostly nobodies

Midosuji is my favorite character so great to see him win and gloat!

is this just the second time that midosiuji has won in the interhigh? 1st being the sprint against hayato

I think he won the first race in the first Inter High.

Yea he tied with Fukutomi and Kinjou

"Are you seething?" Midosuji is great

although this isn't suppose to be a fighting anime but i'm surprised that Imaizumi and Yuto didn't say anything back to Midosuji or try and look like they want to fight him, they just took the verbal abuse and the crowd were totally dickriding Midosuji in this episode despite them saying is form was weird and calling him gross the previous episode

The body horror was off the charts this week! No wonder Midousuji won with all those hands

But it warms my heart to see his Zakus so happy, sure is rare to see them smiling

Mood this episode

Yowapedal: Flashback Line

I swear if they don't release the new Love Hime song next week...


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