Wednesday, June 6, 2018

[Yowamushi Pedal] Episode 22 everyone's impressions

Episode 22
"Three Powerhouses"

Did they really just go under 100m in a whole episode?

Last week I said I wouldn't be surprised if next episode ended in a cliffhanger at 50 meters to the goal line but this anime managed to surpass even my wildest expectation.

They didn’t even drag out Onoda vs Manami this much, don’t know why they started dragging everything out the past 2 seasons

I believe they made it from 100m til the goal line to 50m til the goal line.

From 150 to 50, so 100m in the ep.

I knew it was over for Sohoku 16 seconds into the episode once the spectator said "Sohoku's victory is certain"

Also, what is with this atrocious pacing? They really went 100m in one episode, I'm heated.

They did flashbacks for both of Sohoku's rivals this episode.

I'm tripling down on Imaizumi.

So I assume next week we'll get a whole episode of Imaizumi's flashbacks?

with 2m left before ED. then the season ends and we gotta wait a year.

"Why am I thinking about this right now?" -- Yuto

Because we need episode filler, so chop chop.

I'm surprised no one has bitten their tongue off, with all the weird expressions they do, while biking. Midosuji is as gross as ever.

I want the final boss to be Midosuji's mom.

"I wasn't dead at all. It was just a ruse in order to motivate you. Now show me what you got."

LOL That would be awesome and awful at the same time.

I know they only went 100m in this episode, which is kinda lame, but I really liked this one anyway. Midousuji's segment was pretty cute (although I'll never understand how a cute kid like that turned into whatever the fuck he is right now).

I totally loved Yuto's flashback section, though! I loved seeing Shinkai again, since he was one of my favorites of Hakone's previous generation. The last part with Yuto recalling that Hayato taught him to sprint really made me smile, too.

Yuto flashback was pretty good. Explains this pretty well.

Midosuji backdrop was kind of unnecessary since we already know. maybe if they cut it a bit.

Uuuuuuuuuugh! What is with this pacing? What was the point of Midousuji's flashback with his mom? Sympathy? Is that it? Season 2 already did this so having it here too is completely unnecessary. It just felt like padding.

Yuto's flashback wasn't as bad. We got to actually see him and Hayato interact but eeeeh. It didn't need to last for as long as it did since we already knew about his inferiority complex.

Man, I thought that Hayato already looked dumb when his demon mode was on but Yuto looks even goofier. His comeback feels like an asspull because unlike Midousuji's "evolution" which we already knew about from the previous season, Yuto's stuff came out of nowhere.

I swear there better not be an Imaizumi flashback next episode. Just end this race already. sigh There will be a flashback, won't there? :/ I want to like this show more but that's pretty hard when the pacing is like this. It makes it harder to recommend to people.

Since we only have 2 episodes left I'm guessing that next week's episode will be mostly Imaizumi's flashbacks then the episode will end right before they announce/show the winner.

You are probably right. I just hate how terrible the pacing has been and how dragged out this show is. Were they catching up to the manga or something? Is the manga very dragged out too? If season 5 happens then I hope that the pacing isn't terrible but I'm not getting my hopes up.

ok so they do a DOUBLE FLASHBACK instead of finally finishing the race lol.

First of all, not that Yutos flashback was bad (even do it just enforced his former one with being in his brothers shadow) but it being right after we see Midijousi delusional going to his moms hospital after she died....I mean Yuto issue of being in the shadow feels kinda meh in comparison.

Yuto story do, its a bleach level of power twist. HES ACTUALLY A SPRINTER WHO REFUSED TO SPRINTING!!!! Forced himself to climb to not be a sprinter but now hes demon forms awakens his real power, super demonic sprinting... Really feels like I was watching a fight in Bleach, I AM ACTUALLY NUMBER 0!!!. Or have hidden away my Bankai for reason X.

AND what about our main team, our heroes Shouku, like is Imaziumi finally getting a story? Hes one of the original trio but he has like 1 tenth of the flaskback and story development of Yuto

I think Midousuji was having a hard time wrapping his head around what happened. He's like 10 in the flashback and seems to be autistic or something. What's sad to me is the implication that his mom knew she was going to die and leave her weird little kid emotionally stranded.

As for Imaizumi, he doesn't really have a "backstory", he's just a rich jock learning how to make friends and have fun. :p

Yeah his backstory was pretty good, and sad. Like I did not dislike Yutos but it felt kinda underwhelming compared to the previous 1 we just saw.

....poor Imaizumi kun, he is supposed to be one of the main cast and gets like no story, no screen time no nothing löl. Still hope he wins do, I am tired of seing Shouku getting owned.

midousuji story broke my heart, didnt care about yuto

i was 100% sure they would finish the race today..... hoenstly i was expecting the race to end for a few episodes now but they just keep riding....

Of course we need filler flashbacks to unleash their mega forms duh! There's only two episodes left with barely 150m left in the race! What are you gonna do with all that time? lol

So technically it wasn't an Ashikiba asspull this time but a Shinkai asspull instead! Hakone always full of surprises :P I do like the Shinkai brother relationship. Yuto was so mysterious with the mask when he first appeared.

I honestly forgot about Midousuji's back story. At least the show reminds you that he was once is still human.

We'll probably get Yowaizumi's redemption arc/flashback next week since he was so quiet this episode. Sohoku being background characters this arc lmao

I swear though if Hakone wins'll be like a repeat of day 1 results (not unless Crackizumi messes up and ends in 3rd...release those damn limiters already and go into your mega form like the other two have already!!)


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