Friday, June 1, 2018

[Yowamushi Pedal] Episode 21 everyone's impressions

Episode 21

If Hakone wins again I'm gonna be pissed
I wouldn't be surprised if the next episode ended with a cliffhanger at 50 meters to the goal line.
PICK UP THE TRASH YOU SHITTY KOHAI, was pretty good actually.
But -- FAKING IT; He was just faking it, time for Hakone to win again.
A huge issue with that is of course that its not just midousuji n the front, if i was just him alone this could make sense as he is an arrogant evil guy.
BUT, he is riding at almost full speed all the time anyway vs hotshot, and hotshot seems to give them zero care at all.
So him faking that he is tired seems so pointless, its not like they would slow down very much because of it, if it was just 1 of them in front perhaps but....not with their rivalry
Imaizumi kun has so far done nothing since season 2 pretty much, whole of season 3 had a huge issue that it was extremely focused on Teshima and partly Issa with no pay off at all (I mean really, it spend 10 + episode on characterization of Teshima to have him go against what they just established) and Issa is...issa.
The classic trio got no love what so ever, BUT Naruko has had 1 really epic moment this season when he alone even when everyone forget about him, stealth his way into blocking of Midisouji and setting up the moment hotshot is in to begin with and Naruko almost won day 1.
If he loses after this massive black and white super costing him 10 year of life epic riding, I am fuking losing it. GOD LET SHOUKO WIN FOR A CHANGE!!!
Especially after the whole he was just faking it. I really do not want to see Yuto win.
Also lets again ship Imaizumi with Kanzaki, look at her smile.
Didn't realise Imaizumi was part anti-spiral.
But yeah, I'm in agreement with others that if for whatever reason Yuto wins day 2 ahead of Imaizumi or Midousuji, it'll be some next level bullshit. Might as well ban Hakone for doping or whatever at that point.
man did the previous season also take this many episodes to finish one goal race? i was 100% sure today we would finally know who reaches the goal first
lol, this is how it has always been, 500 meter left- 5 episode later of talking and they reach it.
Pacing has definitely been slower this interhigh compared to the last. About half of season 1 and the entirety of Grande Road was needed to finish the last interhigh. This time it's looking like it'll take 2.5 seasons to finish.
As long as Yuto doesn't miraculously win it, I'll be okay. Midousuji is my fav and Imaizumi winning would be good (especially after all that work Naruko put in to keep the lead pack back so his hotshot could catch up), so either of those outcomes work for me. XD
Sad that I got a spoiler in the last episode about who is gonna win (I think I'm done reading Crunchyroll comments, never again...).

Anyway, Imaizumi-kun is my favorite character (even if he isn't in the spotlight like the others during this season).
he totaly deserve it..I hope that person wins whole interhigh
How did you get a spoiler? The site I read the Yowamushi Pedal manga is actually behind the anime. If you could PM me who the winner is, and where I can read the rest of the series that would be great.
If you look at the comments on the wikia page for the 42nd inter-high you will see all known results. Sadly while there is a lot more of the manga the English translation are behind.
If this is true...then I’m going to stop watching this show...such bs...
Damn this is intense.

But I was sure we would know today the result LOL

Seems like Season 5 confirmed when we don't even see the end of the inter-high race..
Sugimoto has so much faith in Imaizumi, how could he lose???

But seriously, I will be pissed if Hakone pulls this off.
I really hope Imaizumi takes this. As the supposed Ace of Sohoku his performance in previous seasons til now has been pretty underwhelming.
Oh look another potential Ashikiba asspull ack,, Though Yuto being schooled by airhead senpai was nice.

But if Yowaizumi, Crackizumi, Chirpizumi doesn't win this I swear.... I mean, he has the most energy and stamina left among the three of them. He pulled a Naruko and one-upped the two while they were both distracted. Get that trophy already ffs!! not for you but for Naruko and Aoyagi at least.
TMW a Bicycle anime episode was more hype then your average shounen fight!


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