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[Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku] Episode 9 everyone's impressions [Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii]

Episode 9
"Go Out on a Date with Me!"

I've never been bamboozled so hard in my life.

And that whole bench scene was just a roller coaster of emotions. What a great end to the episode.

Hirotaka baited me so hard.

Yeah dude, I was sitting on the edge of my bed almost screaming kiss her already Hirotaka!

I wasn't bamboozled only because it was Narumi, the queen of silliness, saying it, to me it was obvious that she was talking about the piggy right away.

tbh I got into hirotaka's character so much that I actually forgot the piggy


I want to watch anime not a fucking hentai.

Staring at her hand and trying to make a move for it was too relatable.

I thought the most relatable part was feeling like a child even compared to people you knew as kids.

Dormant otakus spotted

Hana ruffling Kabakura's hair was just so adorable!

Narumi devoid of all signs of life without anime. Talk about relatable.

Spot the main characters...

Didn't even notice Hanako/Kabakura there while watching the episode...

lol I was thinking Kabakura stands out so much with his orange hair

Well damn, this is the first time I've ever seen Hirotaka make this kind of face.

I have never waited for an animated kiss with such bated breath before. Way to give us the old "bitch you thought", Hirotaka. gg

Finally I thought while they dragged out the lean in proper anime style, then nothing.

Though I have to say my attraction to Hirotaka grows with every episode

There are the faces I've been waiting for!!

Not best face...

That is some solid pouting.

That's a big THICC bait for me dawg

But Hirotaka and Narumi are so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee this ep, it makes my little heart and soul happy .-. .-. .-. .-.

We were double bamboozled on that bench scene.

I will never stop loving how often the show pairs up its characters equally with each other. It's not just about Narumi/Hirotaka and Hana/Kabakura. You get a lot of scenes with different characters together and it really emphasizes the dynamics between them.

Narumi and Kabakura are comedy gold.

That ride at Disney is legit scary ok. :|

When narumi said she wanted to end this my heart sank. Damn what an emotional ride that was.

Same, my heart stopped when she said that. The feeling of relief was real though when she said piggy bank, I was about to be so sad if she ended it right there.

Narumi looks so pretty in this episode.

Wotakoi adapted chapter 14, 17.5, 19.5 and 21.5 (Date at the amusement park). For some reason the date in the manga was split, with some unrelated chapters in-between. It makes a lot more sense for the adaptation to put them together.

They also adapted the sketches at the end of the chapters into the ED.

It was a nice episode, especially when best couple got in, but I am just upset about the kiss-fake out as I was when I was reading the manga. Just kith already you dorks!

Also, did anybody else need to verify their age for this episode of Wotakoi? Amazon made me enter the age pin.

Spotted Hana-chan and Kabakura lining up for the ride as well. They are the only side characters with a hair colour that isn't black.

Seeing the scaredy-cats on the horror ride was fantastic. I especially liked the way Narumi convinced Kabakura to open his eyes.

The tension in this ep was all worth it for that moment when Hirotaka brushed Narumi's hair aside. My heart..

"Adult couples can be cute too" could've been a good title for this show as well. Good lord.

Every episode just ends up making me feel good, how good it is to have a romance without 11 episodes of bullshit and 1 to wrap up.

I live for this show because I know even with the shit week this has been for me, this show will put me in a feel good space without any bullshit drama that I deal with in real life

Kabakura and Narumi reminded me so much of Gintoki and Hijikata in that one episode where they both get extremely scared of ghosts(one of my favorite episodes of Gintama). I died laughing and the second half was very heart warming. My favorite episode so far probably.

That earring scene was great. How red narumi got when hirotaka moved her hair was adorable

I really like the medium shot of momo and nifuji's legs. With it showing her current grown legs and showing his child legs. Showing how he doesn't think he has grown like her. Just really appreciate the art of it

I love that Narumi and hirotaka are besides a couple, but best friends at first. one of the most lovable and heartwarming relationships in an anime ive seen in a while.

Lovely episode with a lovely new ED, I need a creditless version to get some of those images!!!

I really love how the focus shifted to Hirotaka last two episodes, it's cool to see real development in his feelings! He started out as a pretty plain character, but I really like him now.


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