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[Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku] Episode 11 - FINAL everyone's impressions [Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashī]

Episode 11
"Love is Hard for Otaku"

"See you again" at the end. S2 confirmed?

Has to be right? Don’t normally see messages like that for read-the-manga endings.

Yea i wouldn't be surprised. I anime didn't touch any Manga chapters past 28(ordering was scattered and some weren't adapted I think), I read somewhere that raws are past chapter 40. So it should there may be enough material for another season.

3D Girlfriend got an S2, we need one here immediately

Wait what? The show that almost nobody was watching, based off a manga that's already over?

I mean I read the manga and I liked it but how did that get a second season?

I think they always planned for two cours and that's why the announcement came so quick.

That look of defeat and resignation on Kabakura's face when he realizes it was good. I had that same look when I watched Toradora for the first time and realized I loved romance anime.

TBH you don't need to be a romance anime lover to appreciate Toradora. That anime is phenomenal.

That was my face when I first saw Steins Gate and realized that everything I thought I knew about anime was wrong and I actually liked the medium. Haven't looked back ever since.

Well, time to buy the manga. That was your plan all along right Amazon?

And look, the epitome of anime is being shown in the background.

The manga's really good, and actually not a bad deal for the price, considering they're double volumes. Also, kinda surprising for an official translation, they seem to have left most of the original references intact and provided translator's notes. I guess they figured trying to change the references would just make them rewrite half the manga.

I was kinda surprised to see the preorder for Vol 3 having a release date in October, considering that should be the Japanese vol 5-6 and vol 6 isn't even out in Japan yet (Amazon Japan says it's going to release on the 31st of July). I mean, this wouldn't be the first time Amazon gave a bullshit release date they change later, but if it's real, they'd be pretty surprisingly on top of things.


From beginning to end, Wotakoi has been such a refreshing take on the genre. Not only does it focus on adult relationships, but it manages to do so in a way that shows respect to their individual hobbies, shows them as fully-functioning adults, and gives each character quality screen time with the other characters. It's an extremely thoughtful show that's continually blown me away all season. It truly deserves a second season.

Don’t get me wrong this series is amazing. But isn’t funny that we’re so conditioned on no-progress high schoolers who can’t even hold hands that a series like this sky rockets our enjoyment because they’re adults who don’t fuck off and actually communicate?

This show was good, but I can't say seeing adults in a relationships made it particularly better for me. Am I weird ?

Nah, you're not weird. I don't know how old you are but for me it is refreshing to see mc's in a realistic setting that are sort of in the same stage in life as I am. It doesn't happen often in anime. I can more easily relate to that now than with teens who are still going through puberty. But that's just me, and it doesn't mean that I don't enjoy anime with teens as mc's. But I do hope this anime/manga is a tremendous success and that we will get more anime like this!

Here's all of their first 2D loves:

Hirotaka - Nakoruru

Narumi - Doi-sensei

Kabakura - Kyoko Otonashi

Hanako - Yuki Amami (In the manga it refers to hers as 2.5D so I assume the VA is who she is referring to)

That ending with Hirotaka and his first love, though!

Whoa, hold up.

Is that a poster of the 2017 ANIME OF THE YEAR?!

Yes it was an Eromanga Sensei poster, there's another shot with the mask she wears in it.

Both series animated by A-1 Pictures

What a show.

It captured the office romance life perfectly while being able to make every character memorable throughout the story. Felt like I was there with the characters every step of the way.

Season 2 please.

Hana's first waifu was Amami Yuki.

Best choice. She's a former Takarazuka Revue star (who played male characters), and a popular actress for mostly women. lol

Also, the 'Sakura' that they talked about for Kabakura's first waifu was Kinomoto Sakura from CCS. (from Ch.22)

Oh man, it's over already? Was just about to get pumped up for the character dynamics.

Kou got introduced way too late in the season to have any impact on our main cast, she was just about to get interesting. 11 episodes is seriously too short, but knowing how anime adaptations work, we're lucky to even have one season of 11 episodes.

Guess I'll go read the manga.

What's that BL manga they were reading ? If it's an actual manga I wanna read it too.

That was hitorijime my hero. It has an anime as well.

Thanks. Is it as good as they make it look ?

It’s actually the first BL I watched and I really enjoyed it.

Lame only 11 episodes ....

Kinda wish they would have gotten further with their relationship that is for sure, and I mean I really like the last joke when Nao accidentally reveals the obvious truth that Hirotaka always loved Naru, but I do not know I kinda wanted it to have an "ending" even if it clearly has more source material.

gotta love that ero-poster :)

SEASON 2 WHEN !!?!?!?

The show was excellent. The best romcom I've seen in a while. I really liked this simplistic but wholesome final episode. And I'am now looking forward to the second season of what ended up being one of my favorite shows of 2018!

"I see the cover and buy it for the sex scenes, but the story turns out to be good."

God I love when doujins have a nice story in addition to good lewd shit.

I imagine it can be hard for a straight guy to enjoy BL. If the story is good though I'd probably be willing to give it a shot.

Decent enough show. I might be getting burnt out on slice of life though because I feel this show could've done a lot more. Maybe things will develop more if we get a second season.

Well, guess I'll have to read the manga because this show is fucking amazing

This was a fun anime to watch. Hope this gets another season.

Lovely show all the way through, totally not jealous at their otaku lives...

i guess the only thing i would have wanted more of was more intimate moments between the couples.

hopefully we get a season 2 with that ending message!

I really liked this show, I feel like there'll be a gap in my week without watching it. Let's hope the "see you again" means there's more to come!

This was beautiful, I absolutely loved it and I am going to probably jump into the manga, since the manga has been around since 2014. Hopefully they get some OVAs out and they perform well so they can get a second season. But this has been the best rom-com of this season.


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