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[Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku] Episode 10 everyone's impressions [Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii]

Episode 10
"Introducing Kou-kun and Online Gaming Revenge"

We finally get introduced to Kou which gives us our third couple. It's a damn shame next week is the last episode which means we won't be able to see the progression between Kou and Naoya who are both absolutely adorable.

What kind of sick fuck introduces this dynamic on the second to last episode? There are UN conventions against this kind of torture!

T-this just means they have to do a season two, right? Right??

Nao is adorably oblivious. It must run in the family, since Hirotaka couldn't tell what kind of advances he was making without his glasses on. It all worked out hilariously well though, especially for Koyanagi ;)

≫especially for Koyanagi ;)

I could see all the Yaoi fans nod in agreement.

Koyanagi is my spirit animal

"Be like the wind!"

Narumi is such a humongous dork. I love her so much.

Narumi is a Minoru Suzuki fan I see.

The anime adapted chapter 20 (introvert gamer), chapter 21 (Saviour), chapter 28 (broken glasses) and chapter 27 (Kou and Nao meeting in-game again).

On that note, chapter 28 is the most recent translated chapter and 29 40 are out in Japan. There is certainly enough to fill another episode, but I am not sure if there is enough source content for two, so they might go with something original for the last episode. I would welcome at least some original part that ends the series in a rounder way. edit: there are only 11 episodes? Welp.

I gotta say, as cute as they are, the Nao x Kou chapters are my least favourite. Being in university and one person being extremely introvert brings back school romance tropes that Wotakoi dodged with the main couples. Nevertheless, it's still enjoyable overall.

There's actually a significant amount of source material to adapt if the anime went on. Last I checked the raws are in the 40s.

I'll never say no to more attractive introverted girls in my gaming romance anime.

I hope Nao gets closer to her while remaining oblivious to her growing affection until she explodes. In a good way.

I'm coming back here to this show every week after Tada-kun makes me want to die. A very well balanced duet.

Yeah, one day I made the mistake of watching this before Tada-kun. Luckily that was right at the beginning of the season.

Man, Kou is voiced by Y.Aoi and yet I can't tell it's her. She sounds really different from her usual characters.

Yeah her voice is hardest to recognize

Why introduce her in the second to last episode??? Now I want to see more of Nao and Sorry-chan playing together...

Welcome to the world of read-the-fucking-manga endings.

English manga is basically caught up with the tv series at this point. But yeah, hopefully someone sponsors this masterpiece and we get a second season, or two.

It's crazy that the 2nd part just got translated in the manga less than a week ago

I had total deja vu. I was like, I've already seen this last week, what the hell is going on?! Why is no one talking about it?! Turns out I read it last week.

Same here, I thought somehow they spliced in the wrong episode. I stopped and went back to previous episodes to check. Thought I was going crazy.

Wotakoi is so refreshing, mature and yet endearing.

Nao-chan, your neck is a bit too long

On a side, we finally got to see best girl in WotaKoi. Sadly, only on a second to last episode. :(

Atleast, I hope we will see untranslated chapters in final episode.

I'm glad I'm not the only one to see him go full Giraffe-kun.

Getting glasses on the same day as you order them? I'd like to know what optician that is

This is standard in Asia - they have the lenses and techs onsite, and they start work on it straight away instead of sending an order off to a factory to make for you.

Everything else aside, Narumi’s game avatar punches were my favorite thing this episode.

I just realised, this was the second to last episode for the series... That sucks, but it's been a great show.

We now have the third couple of Kou and Naoya, with Kou getting Naoya into games. The two are brilliant together and have already provided a lot of entertainment.

Blind Hirotaka was a lot of fun to watch. I'm quite curious on how he managed to step on his glasses; it must've been the unluckiest scenario.

That sequence with Nao's character having Hirotaka's face expressions was brilliant.

THE EYES! DEAR GOD, THE EYES! Kou didn't even know what the fuck was happening. ;)

Wait, Kou is a girl? I was totally unaware. To mistake that girl is a boy is the next level of pick-up. Nao is such a pro, lol

I was shocked as well, but the giveaway for me was when I noticed the headphones- fluffy with a pink cord

Nice we have a new ship!

It was soooooooooooo good! Kou-chan and Nao are adorable!!


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