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[Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku] Episode 8 everyone's impressions [Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii]

Episode 8
"Weakness is Thunder and Years of Insecurity"

The wind is troubled

Don't know if bad translation or just goofy Momo.
Yep, just goofy Momo

That was some quality Nichibros reference

shes hidenori and yassans child

I'm just more curious if it's Daily Lives of High School Boys reference.

lmao I knew I've heard it somewhere before. Literary girl?


I'm loving the Kabakura-Koyanagi fights so much, easily my favorite part of the show.

Gah, little Narumi diving onto Hirotaka was such a touching and adorable scene.

I had the same immediate reaction as Narumi hearing about Nao's crying: no one better hurt that sweet boy.

Drunk Koyanagi is the best. The little snippets we get of Hirotaka and Narumi's past are always cute. Though the one with the ear piercing was sad, felt bad for Hirotaka there.

Little Nifuji's smile in that moment is absolutely precious

Seems like the ear piercing is a common trope for flashbacks of boys going through angst and depression.

Really solid episode. I loved every second.

When a show successfully dips its toe into matters outside of the status quo (in this case, light drama and a slight tonal shift in backstory) it's instantly memorable in the best way. Like Koyanagi and Kabakura switching off their goofy public jabs to answer Hirotaka seriously...if only momentarily. For the most part, I hope to keep drama well away from this show since I love it as is, but these moments add depth and development for sure.

It also helps that this issue is completely relatable for any relationship, adult or otherwise, and not some exaggerated issue borne out of some silly cliche misunderstanding.

As a sidenote, I feel ya Hirotaka. I've felt the sting of that, "Well, sh**" moment upon seeing a close friend (and secret crush) walking around with someone else. In your head you know the status quo is a bad thing, but it doesn't really kick in til you see it happen. Ah, youth~

Edit: I'd also like to add that this week's eye catch was the best.

Oh man It feels nice watching a romance anime and not get stressed because of misunderstandings and lack of communication between characters. I love this show.

Maybe because it's a comedy in first place with romance elements and not an arc trying to get a couple together..

Maybe it's because the writers realize these are grown adults who have the ability to talk out their problems instead of using lack of communication to create drama

Critical Hit!

But Kabakura gets slapped anyway. Kabakura and Hanako are so adorkable together. I love their antics

But now I am very curious to see how they are when they're at each others houses hanging out together

You're gonna have to wait for the doujin artists for that.

Man, I love the cat faces Narumi and Nao-chan have in the scenes when they're together ^^

I thought Nifuji's wink was getting better.

Narumi had such a cute yet intimidating face whilst talking to Nao, I didn’t know how I should've been feeling.

cutest yandere face ever

Hirotaka keeps impressing Narumi every episode, it seems like she will soon trully truly fall in love with that man.

His little turn at the when he said "A date" is when of the hottest things he has done

She also seemed impressed when he switched places with her to be closer to the road when they were walking under the umbrella. It's the little things.

Also during the little RPJ section in the previous episode when he defeats the dragon without out any damage in one attack. You could see her awe

Today the series adapted chapter 12 (fear of thunder), parts of chapter 12.5 (if genders were swapped, and part of ear hole) and chapter 13 (Best couple in public and in private, as well as the two brothers and asking for a proper date).

It's always good to see best couple bouncing off each others, I particularly enjoyed Sawashiros sound when she was running away in the thunder scene after teasing her man.

This show is always so jolly.

Ahh so the real reason Hirokata pierce his ear was for Naru. It's not just that he thought it would be cool or "grown up". Interesting that means basically he have a crush on her since they were kids.

They've been kind of implying it for a while, but this definitely proves it. Makes me like Hirotaka as a character even more although I also feel for him.


Hai hai Kazu-......Narumi des

I like that their relationship sees progress once again. While the last couple were fun interactions, I didn't feel like there was much development. Overall great episode

Oof. The flashback of how Hiro wore an earring because he saw Momo's old bf had one; in the feels.
But in the end, you won champ! Ya got the girl!

Each episode makes me appreciate Hirotaka more and more. Narumi you LUCKY!

I love the fact that the relationships and feelings of these characters develop and change overtime. A lot of romance anime get that wrong, but WotaKoi is on point :)

I love Cute Adults Doing Cute Adult Things With Communication


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