Sunday, June 17, 2018

Which male character has your favourite design?

Nobody's eyes like to be subjected to this generic monstrosity, so in celebration of character designs that actually tried, share your favourite male character design!

Mine has to be Gintoki, which conveys much of his personality while being attractive. He's also not overly flowery - I'm not very into the 'shoujo guy' look.


I also love the Prison School boys' look, they're perfect for the kind of show Prison School is.

Just purely based on character design Alucard is the first to come to my mind.

If I remember right, the author said his design was inspired by Vash the Stampede, which is also a damn good design.

good taste, the glasses and hat is amazing (red is also a very fitting color for him lol)

I always thought Mugen from Samurai Champloo looked badass.

Samurai Champloo, as a whole, is cool af

Alex Louis Armstrong, the Strong Arm Alchemist

FMA had such great character designs for both men and women. None of the main cast really looked all that generic.

It is a character design that has been passed down the Armstrong family for generations!

Kakashi Hatake. Dude can convey emotion through one eye.

He only has one emotion. "Meh."

How can anyone not mention this glorious beast from Gintama

This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

Meme Oshino

Adult Simon.

Lancer from Fate S/N.

I am more witg the Lancer from F/Z tho Meme Oshino really looks badass with his hawaiian shirt and all.

Ginko from Mushishi

I've always loved how out of touch he was with the setting, with him having clothing more suited to modern times, while everyone else has kimonos, and his green eyes and white hair along with his pale skin, making him seem inhuman compared to everyone else. I find his design pretty unique.

Honorable mention to Vash the Stampede

I was half expecting an origin story for Ginko where it turns out he travelled back in time with some Mushi or something.

I also thought he was a time traveler.

Jotaro Kujo,


Van Hohenheim

Van Hohenheim is fucking awesome

I am gar for Archer.

I feel like they usually make Fate males quite attractive huh. I'm not gay but some of them sure look good.

Jotaro in the manga looks incredible too

Reinhard with his glorious long hair

L'Oréal Paris, because you're worth it!

Kishibe Rohan is my absolute favourite male character and I also love his design

Jojo characters are unfair in this contest!

Kamina, the peak of manliness, has a cool character design

Kamina 1st but even Simon as an adult has a great character design.

You are absolutely correct and I apologise for not including him.

I really like Killua, especially when he uses Godspeed. He's just has simple clothes and looks chill af.


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