Tuesday, June 26, 2018

What's Is your most anticipated anime of this upcoming summer season?

For me, I'd probably have to say Grand blue. I have my doubts about it because I don't like the studio handling it, but the director working on it is competent when it comes to comedy anime, so it should be fine.

Other than that, Sirius the Jaeger looks cool asf

Title edit: what's your*..... Lol silly mistake.

Grand Blue probably. Heard great things about the manga.

Get ready for some diving.....

Attack on Titan Season 3 is the big one but something that isn't a sequel probably Cells At Work looks interesting and a bit of light learning should make it fairly entertaining.

Yama no Susume S3.

I’m watching the last seasons just to be ready for this one. I watched yuru camp last season and loved it and Yama no susume reminds me of it so much

Easily Banana Fish. That manga is legendary so hopefully the anime will live up to the source material.

I'm also hyped for Zoids because I like giant robots.

Banana fish is another one that looks like it has great potential, it'll definitely be one of the top anime next season.

Angels of Death

Ive played the game and it is good, I think anime form would improve it a lot if done well though.

What makes it good?

Its an interesting story, just a duo trying to escape from a dungeon like place with floor guardians using plenty of traps and horror like elements to kill them.

AOT S3 and Banana Fish. For some reason thw synopsis og Banana Fish really piqued my interest

Also Cells at Work

The one I'm most excited for is Chio-chan. The manga is hilarious (imo it's part of the comedy trinity with Hinamatsuri and Grand Blue) and that one PV ages ago seemed like it'd be a good adaptation.

Yuragisou Yuuna is actually one of my favourite manga but I sort of don't see the point of the adaptation since you won't get Miura-sensei's god-tier thicc ecchi art. Whereas I think Chio-chan's comedy will benefit from being animated.

Hanebado! - From the trailers it looks really promising, also I'm always down for a good sprots anime.

Free! - Loved S1, S2 had little too much drama for me, still I'll keep my hopes up.

O.V.E.R.L.O.R.D Sasuga Ainz-Sama!

Grand Blue and Harukana Receive.

It's a hard call between Grand Blue and Yama no Susume Season 3, but I'll say Yama no Susume since I loved season 2 and I'm already confident in the studio. Grand Blue is still pretty up in the air in what it's gonna be like

Revue Starlight and Banana fish

Happy Sugar Life, the manga was really engaging and cutesy, and the art looks cute. Plus, yandere yuri, pretty excited.

I want to see if they'll keep to the source material, or if they'll censor it. The manga was incredible stuff.

Gintama Overlord S3 AoT Grand Blue Back Street Girls Banana Fish Angolmois

Grand Blue, Attack on Titan 3, Satsuriku no Tenshi (hope it's good) and Gintama.

Yama no Susume Season 3

Not counting sequels then probably Hanebado, previews look great and so far I haven't watched a single disappointing sports anime with female cast.

Yuuna and the haunted hot springs and AoT S3

Probably Planet With, Grand Blue and Banana Fish.

Happy Sugar Life looks entertaining as does the Jashin comedy show that reminds me of Gabriel Dropout and Kobayashi art style.

Oh man there is so many that caught my interest but I gotta say Gintama the Final Arc is what got my interest the most. Seriously cannot wait but on the other hand we got the feels :,)

Angels of Death sounded the most interesting based on the premise and PV, but I question whether it would trigger my aversion to gore. I can handle bloody stuff, but once they show body parts being separated from their respective bodies, I'm out. Hopefully this show isn't too terribly gory for me to handle.

Besides that risky one, Back Street Girls and Island caught my attention as well.

Off the top of my head. Hane Bado! Love badminton. Maybe the Volleyball one as well. Been liking sports anime with mostly girls like Uma Musume and Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume.

Banana Fish and AOT S3 for sure! I'm particularly excited to see how they choose to adapt Banana Fish.

Planet With will probably have a godtier plot line because it is written by the same guy who wrote Spirit Circle, Songoku Youko, and Hoshi no Samidare. However I am also looking forward to grand blue and Chio chan.

Satsuriku no Tenshi. I kinda wish the creator’s other game had gotten an anime instead, but this should still be pretty good, I think.

Also looking forward to Chio-chan, AoT and Overlord.

Gintama probably as I've read the manga and it's gonna be awesome


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