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[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Episode 13 - FINAL everyone's impressions

Episode 13
"Echo, Fanfare!"

Ah so we reached the final episode.

While it was funny seeing them line up near the goal I think it was the best way leaving the viewer to decide who won. It was great they all could do the winning live together as well.

this Umamusume at the end at first I thought it was Cesario Spe's daughter but she had a ribbon on her right ear making her based on a male horse. Umamusume has a rule with character design to show which is male in real life and which is female in real life. Males have something on their right ear while females have something on their left (Special Week is a male in real life so she has a ribbon on her right ear while Vodka and Daiwa Scarlet are female so they have ribbons on their left ear).

I guess she could possibly be Kitasan Black a race horse that just ran his final race a year ago. He was popular due to being not only strong but also being owned by a famous enka singer in Japan. He would also sing in front of the crowd whenever his horse won. If Kitasan Black was in Umamusume the winning live would definitely be enka lol.

Well at first I was quite sure this show would fail as its concept was just plain weird and quite disrespectful to the horses which the characters are based on, however, after watching episode after episode I found that this show showed lots of respect towards horse racing and soon changed the doubts of me and many other people. I'm glad I gave this show a chance as it has been my favorite show this season and it also made me want to visit the racing courses again. I'm quite sad this show ended and I will be hoping for a second season or movie. I'm excited for the game but it still doesn't have a release date. It cannot come sooner enough

It has been a pleasure watching and discussing this show with you guys and I hope some of my posts have been useful for giving you some background information on Japanese horse racing.

P.S. Also they finally performed Umapyoi Densetsu! the song that is in every Umamusume character CD. It’s a weird but strangely addicting song so I recommend you listen to a few of the different versions. My personal favorite is the Rudolf, Air Groove and Narita Brian version.


Kitasan Black lines up, he has the white stripe, and the colour palette of black and brownish orange.


I also noticed her shoes are yellow just like the color of Kitasan Black’s taping . This show never stops surprising me with the attention to detail!


They all look so pretty in their dresses <3

Me too Trainer-san T_T

I have to admit that I never had any expectations with this show when it first aired. Never have I expected for PA Works to create an anime based on a mobile game about horse girls and make me care about these characters. I guess considering their past shows, I shouldn't be surprised. This is what they do best.

Hopefully this isn't the end of Uma Musume. With the mobile game incoming, I really hope they'll pull a BanDori and end up making more anime because of the game's popularity.

Vodka looked amazing, that nice black dress with those strappy shoes.

El-chan and Gold Ship are ellegant af

≫They all look so pretty in their dresses <3

Yeah I know right! It's a shame we didn't get more of that in the series. Made up for their race costumes...I didn't care too much for those.

The Dream Race outfits especially felt like a step down from the dresses. Sure, it makes sense in so far that one is better for running than the others, but they also had better racing outfits.

Teios looked seriously cute


I don't think many of us expected this show to be much good in the beginning.

Horse girls was the only reason I checked it out.

But man, it had some absolutely exceptional and emotional moment, every race was exciting and every win was immensely joyous. Spe catching Suzuka when she was injured and Suzuka making her return will definitely stick out as my favourite moments.



Got an album? about to make these my wallpapers

Couldn’t have expected anything more from this finale, loved every second of it. It was a special moment seeing them all race together, can only assume they crossed the finish line together which is as good a result as it gets. And the live concert, really love the songs from this series, Umapyoi is fantastic song and just look at the ridiculous number of them in the credits. Says quite a lot that I am actually feeling happy once the credits rolled, not sad that the show has finished. Definitely my AOTS too.

Cygames have outdone themselves with this new IP, Umamusume anime has been an absolute joy to watch. So much care and attention they put into these horse girl designs, and their stories too linking back to the real horses themselves.

I’m really looking forward to the game, based on the anime they produced I will believe Ishihara’s words and hope the game beats my expectations. They been teasing for so long I hope it releases soon, but then again I want them to really polish it.

The return of the Gold Ship eye-poke gag! This finale is already perfect.

She really is the glue that holds Team Spica together.

Season 2 When?


I need more cute horse tummies.

Two things:

1: Gold Ship is a true bro for staying with Trainer-san when he was at the lowest point. Secretly best horsegirl right there.

2: I don't like that the race had no winner. I wished for a tie between Spe and Suzuka, or a "Underdog" winner like McQueen.

≫I don't like that the race had no winner.

It's actually a nice thing since we got to see them all perform.

≫Gold Ship is a true bro for staying with Trainer-san when he was at the lowest point. Secretly best horsegirl right there

Yes. I at first dismissed her as just a joke character, but i came to appreciate her more over the episodes

I thought about giving it 8/10 but then I remembered it's a series about horse girls and I gave it 9/10.

This series was solid all the way through. So exciting and immersing I had a great time with every episode. I don't remember any other sport series that that are so likable. There's so much good about this series I could talk for hours.

I'm really glad I got to watch this and I hope it'll get another season.

The perfect ending Utopian ending that we all deserve. Not only did not Spec-chan or Suzuka win over one other, NO on lost haha I thought it would be at least that they would draw and not show who won but full episode establishing everyone rival to beat and all the rival teams get a draw hahahahaha

Leading to of course the ultimate idol girl dance number we all been waiting for with all the horse girls together singing about rivalry.

Gonna miss this anime :( it came from nowhere to be one of the most enjoyable animes this season.

As good as the Germany - Mexico may be I do not regret going away for a while to watch this, incredible how an anime that seemed so silly managed to be so amazing, a very good 9/10 and my AOTS!

Teio looks stunning in her dress. It's simpler than most of the other dresses, but maybe that's what makes it appealing.

I was afraid for a bit that with all that lead-up they would just leave the series with the start of the race to then go into an ad of the game, but they actually made it through, even if they left it ambiguous who really won.

Was a pretty enjoyable sports series with a lot of funny quirks and I do hope that the game will be available in Europe, I certainly want to join the race war. So, in its purpose as an advertisement for the game, it certainly worked on me.

It wasn't ambiguous. Only the winner alone gets to be on stage for the Dream Cup. The fact all 18 girls were on stage gives away the result. It was a draw.

What a great way to end the show. It's always been a lot less about who wins and who loses and way more about the journey and the bond of friendship forged between friends and rivals. Racing together with everyone has always been the ultimate goal of the show, and some of the girls themselves. It's only fitting that we see them achieve that goal and be able to stand together on the platform at the end.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's been an honor watching this show with you this season. Who know that what looked like a generic show based on a mobile game would, what I would assume most of us would agree, be the biggest surprise of the season? Uma Musume sprinted into our hearts, made us cheer, and wrung us dry. And we're all better for it.

Also, Gold Ship is best girl.

≫Also, Gold Ship is best girl.

I see you're a man of culture as well



Now this is how you do a fanservice episode. Get all the girls together for one big race. They didn't show a winner but we all know best girl Suzuka won ;)

This show really was a surprise for me, it nailed both the CGDCT angle and was a pretty good sports show at the same time. The tension and emotional moments always got to me and I have to give them credit for that.

Also had a cute ship!

I'll miss these girls but it was a really nice ride :)

It was a draw. They're all won.

My life already sucks more now that this is over.

What am I going to do now? Watch the world cup? Fuck that gay shit

I felt the exact same last season when Yuru Camp and Sora Yori ended but I found this cute show and everything turn back to normal. Don't worry, I guess there will be something this good next season.

And so we come to the end! Like many here, I never expected that we'd get even close to as good a show as this out of such an outlandish concept. But more than that, the care in attention to detail, and seemingly fervent determination to avoid conventional fanservice moments, has been immensely impressive.

All the background gags, the overall positive tone and decidedly sportsmanlike attitude of all the characters towards each other. pacing that neither allowed events to feel dull or drawn out, nor sacrificed character development or downtime for the sake of plot progression. The amount of heart and care that went into this show's production seems very apparent, and I feel that's not something you see every day, and that is worthy of commendation.

While it isn't quite my AOTS (because Comic Girls exists), it's extremely close, and I've certainly enjoyed the ride far more than I ever would have anticipated. Also learned a good deal more about horse racing than I ever wanted to, thanks in large part to the knowledgeable folks in these discussion threads. Sundays just won't be a special without the horse girls.

In conclusion, Oguri Cap was the best of a cast of best girls, Gold Ship was best running joke, and I'm still overjoyed the we got a whole cast of cute girls with dumb nonsense racehorse names. Truly a momentous step forward for the industry.

Well that was a good way to end the show. I'm glad that Special Week and Suzuka where able to keep their promise. Looks like Trainer has found himself another horse girl to train. What was Gold Ship doing to Mejiro McQueen.

What an amazing show. Can't say I was disapointed at all. You think this was going to to be trashy but it turned out as something meaningful and hyped. And the dream race was perfect at the end.

I was very impressed that basically every episode had an animated race. A lot of sports anime (let's be honest this is totally a sports anime) have a ton of build up to just one race or match. The animation during the races was top notch and the mix between CGI and traditional animation was fairly solid as well. Every race had me on the edge of my seat and rooting for them until the very end. The series far surpassed my expectations.

Going back and watching the PV the updated anime character designs look better but I'm a little sad we didn't get to see any ice skating.

What a great ending for a great show. We don't know who won, but for once in a show like this I'm fine with that. I honestly couldn't have told you which of them I was rooting for. Just like Trainer, in the end, It was just about watchingall of these great girls run. For me this came out of left field and easily became one of my favorites each week. Really well done.

This game better be coming out in NA, and when it does, I'm going to end up dropping so much money on it lol.

We do know who won. Only the winner gets to be on stage for the Dream Cup. The fact all the girls were on stage means everyone won. It was a draw.

What do I have to live for now?

I'm sad this is over. Loved every episode

I began watching this series as a joke with my brother; we saw the a clip of the op on Kotaku, and thought it looked SO ridiculous we just had to see it and make fun of it. I mean, c'mon. Famous racehorses who are reincarnated as anthropomorphic teenage horsegirls who attend a special school dedicated to horse racing and who compete in races with each other that end in the winning horsegirl(s) singing in a celebratory pop idol concert? Like, this series was just begging to be memorialized as an absolute trainwreck.

And yet -- somehow -- here I am 13 episodes later, completely and totally invested in the show and absolutely 100% willing to suspend my disbelief for the sake of entertainment and fun that Uma Musume brings with it. I could not be more surprised by how much I enjoyed this show. Huge props to Cygames and co. for sucking me into a world that I was so ready to ridicule.

Also Gold Ship 100p best girl

This series was amazing. Gonna miss this series and all the cute horse girls this had.

This was a good way to end the series. I wasn't too keen on having a 15 person draw, but it wasn't that big of a deal. Of course, Trainer had to fondle another horse girl's thighs before it ended, only for him to get kicked in the face.

The series as a whole was very entertaining. It brought a lot of smiles, a good amount of chuckles and one or two tears. Every character had their place in the series, which is difficult to do most of the time. You could tell a lot of effort was put into the series, as well. Thankfully, my biggest concern of it heavily focussing on the idol aspect didn't last long. It's not my AOTS, but it is definitely up there.

There's only one thing to do now and that's to check out the game, whenever possible. Hopefully, the wait for the game will be worth it.

I started watching this because of the memes, expecting a trashy train wreak for me to make fun of and drop after 3 episodes. This show has no business being anywhere near as good as it was.

I don't know how they managed to do it, but they got me emotionally invested in a bunch of horse girls. They even managed to pull a few tears out of me at times. This show managed to break my heart and put it all back together repeatedly over a dozen episodes, and I absolutely love watching all the girls grow as both people and runners, especially Spe-chan and Suzuka.

I was really expecting to feel kind of sad when this show ended, but I honestly feel really satisfied with what I got, which I guess speaks a lot for the overall quality of the show. Still, season 2 when?

Awesome final episode and an excellent series as a whole. If you told me three months ago that an anime based on a mobage about horse girls would be this good, I'd have laughed. However, P.A Works did a stellar job. It's not quite my AOTS (that would be either Hinamatsuri or Megalo Box), but I'm damn sure that Uma Musume is the biggest surprise of this season.

I'm really sad this anime is over. I really enjoyed all of the characters, the drama and the just warm feelings that you got watching this. I certainly hope Cygames produces a second season. I think this has been quite a bit more popular than they even imagined. (Especially overseas, unless we're just really vocal)


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