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[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Episode 12 everyone's impressions

Episode 12
"Stage of Dreams"

As usual they recreated the 1999 Japan Cup perfectly.


Special Week manages to beat Montjeu (Broye) who had beat El Condor Pasa, which had beat Special Week in the previous Japan Cup. This is the reason why horse racing fans still debate who was the fastest of the 1998 year group between Special Week, El Condor Pasa and Grass Wonder. Special Week has never won a race against the other two but has beat a horse that was considered faster than them.

Special Week was called the "日本総大将” (Nippon Soudaishou) which means the supreme commander of Japan as Special Week was considered the only Japanese horse that could have a chance at beating Montjeu

This would have been the perfect final episode but there's still one left next week!

Judging by the scene after the credits, which is based on one of my favorite JRA commercials called the 'Eleventh Dream Race'(this version is a fan made Umamusume version of it), we're getting a imaginary dream race that any Japanese horse racing fan would love to see.


Why was this anime so good? How does it get away with being so suspenseful and heart-warming, but the major plot points can still get spoiler'd by actual Wikipedia??

It's essentially a giant advertisement for figurines and an upcoming gatcha game but I'm sure as hell gonna download it T-T

Step 1. Make successful cute girl anime

Step 2. Release Gacha of said anime

Step 3. ????

Step 4. Season 2 funding

It's a mystery. Honestly I'm unironically giving it an 8 or 9/10, and seriously considering it for my AOTS pick. I can't believe this is real, and I'm so glad I didn't just ignore it.

It's been the most outrageous, gloriously Japanese thing I have ever seen. GoldShip, Special Week, and Silence Suzuka are all easy S-tier picks.

High school girls becoming singing and dancing idols to save their school?

Laughed, cried and loved way more than I ever expected.

All CG show about animal girls and a human in an abandoned island zoo?

Sugoi! Tanoshii!

Four girls aim to go to Antarctica to find meaning, friendship, themselves and closure?

Sounds melodramatic as hell, but I love it, so piss off!

Horse girls based on real life horses racing each other to become the fastest in Japan?

Gripping, hilarious and adorable with just the right amount of drama.

Anime really has some amazing hidden gems in shows most people would have skipped over due to preferences and prejudices.

In my opinion, the fastest of the 1998 year was Suzuka but he died before he could reaffirm his dominance by winning the Tenno Shou. A shame really.

I should have been more specific by saying the horses that were born in 1995. But I agree that Suzuka would have been the fastest

"As usual they recreated the 1999 Japan Cup perfectly."
But Montjeu came fourth. Though amazing episode

Well to be fair only Special Week was shown crossing the finish line so we don’t know what place she came in But still it be quite embarrassing to come fourth after saying all those things before the race

I was actually really surprised Broye started panicking and the did the whole "Why am I not catching up to her?!" bit before the two of them even passed the other 2 racers in the lead. Maybe that a nod to that

El-chan teaching us that transitive shit-talking is still shit-talking.

She was so sneaky, I love it.

When I added this to my plan to watch back in March, I thought it looked silly and would be at best a guilty pleasure. Turned out to be among my favorites this season. Sasuga P.A. Works.

Also, while watching Justify win the Triple Crown yesterday, I realized I can never watch horse racing again without thinking "this would be better if they were cute girls."

≫"this would be better if they were cute girls."

I think this applies to everything in life.

You're god damn right. Cute girls for everything!

"Don't get too cocky!"
I knew El told her something else, but it seemed to fit anyways, Spe telling it to the other two horsegirls though made it pretty funny.


Such a good episodes, I had a feeling Spe would win, but it was till played super well emotionally, ending it right there would have been perfect. 1 more episode though, which will probably just be for some fun.

≫Spe telling it to the other two horsegirls though made it pretty funny.

The best part was how they underestimated her during the race.

Oh my god!

Just started the episode and oh my god that midriff <3


Oh El-chan you massive troll! I love you for that! XD

AND SHE WON! YES! I can't believe how much I was invested in that race. They made Broye into such a huge threat that I honestly some last minute bullshit will make her win.

I completely forgot that there's the idol shows at the end. Also this isn't the final episode? I thought this was only 12 but I'm glad that we're getting a 13th episode!

I raise you this ascended midriff

the numbers for this dream race are mostly based on the numbers the horses wore during the races they were in.
  1. Silence Suzuka - Tennosho Autumn
  2. Mejiro McQueen - Kikkasho
  3. Hishi Amazon - Hanshin 3 year old filly stakes
  4. Tokai Teiou - Arima Kinen
  5. Vodka - Yasuda Kinen
  6. Maruzenski - Asahi cup
  7. Grass Wonder Arima Kinen
  8. Oguri Cap - Arima Kinen
  9. Fuji Kiseki - Yayoisho
  10. Syboli Rudolf - Satsukisho
  11. El Condor Pasa - Japan Cup
  12. TM Opera O - Satsukisho
  13. Special Week - Japan Cup
  14. Gold Ship - Satsukisho
  15. Air Groove - Japanese Oaks
  16. Biwahayahide - unkown maybe to be next to Narita Brian
  17. Narita Brian - Japan Derby
  18. Daiwa Scarlet - Oukasho

Why am I so invested in this anime? Why am I crying over anime horse girls winning?

Also, El-chan, you sly devil!

Because it's decent sports anime in its core. There are some anime that only have an odd premise, but nothing behind it. This is a sports anime with some unusual framing.

This anime nicely combines the suspense of sports shows with some really cute elements (like this eavesdropping).

LOL that ear! It's so cute!

I really like their attention to detail in this anime. Like their telephones with extra long receivers which looked like animation fail while hung up but totally made sense when the uma musume used it.

You can't do it any better for a sports anime than P.A. Works has done here.

These last two episodes were incredible.

A dream race for the last episode is a pretty awesome idea.

That really felt like a finale, especially with that heartwarming post-credits scene with them all finally getting to race together. If there really is an episode 13, how does it end? That was perfect!

I'm hoping that race is episode 13. It will at least be the fulfilling of the promise that Spe and Suzuka made.

The pure comedy of multilingual anime, El-chan is so cheeky. Also, I loved the little animation of her putting an ear to the door.

A highly intense race, though every time I saw Spe's mom holding the picture of her birth mom, I let a little aww. Looking forward to the uber race next week.

Two kinds of horseshoe in the face

That statue is amazing. I would by such a figurine...

Oh god. Rip my wallet if they ever produce Uma Musume figures. One thing this show does so well is really makes me love all the girls, even the ones with little screen time.

I was still riding some happiness from Suzuka's win that I can't say I thought I'd care as much about the result from Special Week's race but wow was I wrong...

That was super hype and I got bit teary once again. This show has nailed what it feels like to watch a good sports anime.

Not sure if that's the finale but I'd be okay with it if it was. Thought we'd end at a ambiguous photo finish with Spe vs Suzuka though.

Oh ya, they are totally idols too. I enjoy how they spent most of the time on the races but this was a good time to bring back the performances. Also I was crying with you horse moms.

Hey, best girl finally showed up! (they are all good, actually.)

I already knew the moment she whispered in her ear, it was a troll.

Great ep! Heh.

Yey, Spé-chan! And she even had quite a difference with Broye.

Next episode will finally have all the girls against each other, with even El-chan and the president. Shame neither King Halo not Seiun Sky will be on it, I blame Cygames for making every horse girl so cute.

I'm just happy we finally got at least some of the Winning Live animated. That and Spe won.

Spe's mom is the Happiest Mom in Japan.

What an episode! And once again PA Works take my personal AOTS crown this season.

Next week last episode. I don't want this to end!


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