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[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Episode 11 everyone's impressions

Episode 11
"Welcome Back!"

Well I definitely cried...and quite a bit. GAH so happy Suzuka is back and she won! To see everyone cheer her on and how happy everyone was for her was just done so well.

Unlike that French...that was awful lol

≫Well I definitely cried...and quite a bit.

Well, who didn't?

Love how she teases him :)

It was funny to see how even McQueen grew an appetite for mischiefs.

Gold Ship's influence is starting to show up.

The race Suzuka ran in was probably the Capital stakes, which always takes place on the week the Japan Cup is held. In 1999 it was held on the 27th of November a day before the Japan Cup

Sunvisor is probably based on Sun Flare the horse that won this race in 1999.

Vyrn was replaced by Special Week in Gran Blue Fantasy’s Umamusume collab. Maybe that’s why Rie Kugimiya was in this weeks episode ( both Vyrn and Sunvisor are voiced by her).

Seeing Suzuka run again was great. That conversation with the trainer was a great scene. I shed quite a few tears in that scene. I’m happy Suzuka is happy in this world.

That was me when watching Suzuka's race.

Wanted her to win so bad...they nailed that race on making it seem like she might not to being awesome and blowing away the competition.

It was quite suspenseful! I had really hoped she wouldn't hurt herself again after seeing her untied shoelaces.


I really liked the crowd shots in this episode, they were full of personality.

Some proper hype throughout this episode, though was it from the power of the trainer's dual wielded headpats or all that winning energy. We need a winning version of the 'must be the work of an enemy stand' thing.

Next week is going to be insane, I know it.

Just been at the show's twitter and the box art is absolutely gorgeous.



The crowd shots were great this episode. They even drew in a suzuka plushie from earlier in the season here.

I wanna live in a world where horse-girls are adored by the young and old like in that shot.

I thought was nice that Broye had a translator. Usually, people just are able to speak the language in these kinds of situations. Also: is Sun Visor wearing a sun visor just because her name is Sun Visor? Don't let yourself be controlled by your name.

Suzuka winning was pretty sweet and hit quite good given that her real life equivalent was already dead at this point. I wonder if a lot of people from the horse racing community are watching this series and how they feel about seeing a horse lost getting to live on in it's own story.

≫is Sun Visor wearing a sun visor just because her name is Sun Visor?

I expected Vodka to be some kind of boozehound horsegirl the first time I heard her name when Spe-chan was horsenapped and put in a bag ¯\(ツ)

Yeah basically nothing about Spica was as bad as it was made it out to be. By all standards, they are a pretty normal club.

Goddamn I was so paranoid that entire race, I was bracing myself the entire time and just hoping that Suzuka will make it out unharmed. thank goodness that I didn't really have to worry though since Suzuka is 100% back! I can't believe this show made me care so much about a Horse Girl.

Dear CYGames, I hope you're working on an English version of the Gacha game already because I'm ready to roll for Suzuka!

≫Goddamn I was so paranoid that entire race

Yeah same here, I kept thinking the worse even up to the moment where she was running to her friends at the end... 

≫Dear CYGames, I hope you're working on an English version of the Gacha game already because I'm ready to roll for Suzuka!

Oh boy I'd be so tempted!

Either the animators screwed up or Gold Ship is just straight-up stroking her Rubik's Cube before Suzuka's race.

She loves that Rubik’s cube

Seeing Suzuka stomp Sun Visor into the dirt was so satisfying.

And next week looks like it might be the finale. And it's gonna be straight fire, yo.

According to the BDs this is 13 episodes long, though.

Apparently the last bd set contains the last episode and 3 other unaired episodes so it actually has 16 episodes total

They'll be wrapping things up with the TV broadcast though. The last three episode will likely be some fun along with an epilogue of sorts.

I started and binged this show yesterday and now finally caught up for the first time. I was one of those skeptics who's weirded out by the fact that it's a cute show about horse girls. I pushed through the uncomfortableness, started enjoying it for what it is, and finally when Suzuka was injured that's what did it for me.

As a soccer fan, I've seen many professional players get injured and when they return, they never reached their full potential ever again. The show did very well showing the heartbreak and struggle. If it weren't for Spica (and Spe-chan most of all) cheering and believing her, she would probably never run again, let alone win races. Having their star injured certainly put a damper on the morale of the whole team as it clearly affect them like should the other be considerate while Suzuka goes through with her rehab? But this was all resolved beautifully. It also resolved Spe-chan's inner struggle with what her ultimate goal is.

The also tipped during the time of Suzuka's injury. Last year, she was the one her way winning races after races and she was ready to compete overseas after the Japan Cup. Now Suzuka is slowly but surely getting her strides back while Special Week is the one participating at the highest level, even with French's best thrown in the mix. I'm now 100% in. Well done, P.A. Works, you made me enjoy a show about racing horse girls.

I'm so ready for an Initial D style race between Spe-chan and Broye. I dunno why this Anime has become my weekly must watch lol.

I cant verify it anywhere (mal is down etc) but I am betting all my money I earned on the horse track last week that Sun Visor is being voiced by Rie Kugimiya, sounded exactly like her, especially the angry sound effects. and the tsundere 4th wall joke was nice.

I loved the guy who had a Suzuka plushie doll crying when she won, generally the whole audience crying was nice, and the girls doign their hadouken nakama thingy...

Broye is in JAPAN, and will likely I guess lose to Spe-chan letting her avenge El Condor Pasa and than in final episode of course after that, it will be of course Special week vs Silent Suzuka.

Yup totally sounded like Kugimiya to me!

it has to be her, Sun Visor even looked a little Loli and was angry all the time

Yes it was her. She's in the game too.

Who'd have thought Horse-girls anime was gonna be the one making me tear up week after week this season...

Even after a few episodes in I didn't expect to be tearing up like I did from this one. Just shows how invested I've gotten!

Seemed like an incredibly silly premise of an anime in the beginning, but P.A. Works has done a fantastic job getting you attached to these Horse Girls.

Yes Suzuka!! I love the friendship in this show. Also, any episode with El-chan is a great episode.

I don't expect Spe to win against Broye but I hope for a good race. Wonder if anyone from Rigil will run.

One thing I would like is seeing the live presentations after the race, I think that added a lovely detail to the race.

I'm not crying. You're crying!

This whole second half was just beautiful, Silence Suzuka's comeback obviously moved everyone.

The trainer was so concerned and hoped for the best, it moved him to tears TWICE! The audience, even the commentators were incredibly happy for Silence Suzuka.

I shed a tear as well, basically everyone was crying, yes.

All of my feels! Silence Suzuka is back, and her win after all the struggles she went through to recover was so satisfying to watch, seeing the trainer crying of happiness got me close to do so as well. What a nice episode.


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