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[Tokyo Ghoul:re] Episode 12 - FINAL Everyone's impressions

Episode 12
"Beautiful Dream: Daybreak"

I've gotta share the transformation scene from the manga, as it is one of my favorite moments in re. To put it in context, this was after a full year of Haise being the MC.

I've always been the type to tell people to enjoy manga/anime in whatever medium they prefer, but there is just a weight and tone to Ishida's art that this series does not convey. It's the little things, like the way blood starts to run down Haise's face on the second to last page, or the way the final image is inverted to show the change that has happened. I hope seeing something like this might convince a few of you to go out and seek the source material.

And if not for the amazing drawing and better story, at least do it for chapter 125

Chapter 125 was hilarious to me because for all the previous chapters everybody was making jokes on what symbolism Ishida would use to get away with but no. He legit drew it. The further in a went the more flustered I got over the fact that this was really going to go the whole way.

"Ah, surely he's going to cut away to another scene now. ... oh I see, he's gonna cut away now. ... how about n- ... oh."

My boy Kaneki.

Man the ED did not fit in that last scene lmao.

You mean the studio didn't fit for this show. The only good thing to come out of 3 seasons is Unravel and its piano counterpart.

Edit: I will agree that Tokyo Ghoul's sound track as a whole has been the only redeeming factor for it.

The soundtrack overall was the best thing about the TG adaptation.

Natsuki Hanae is a great Kaneki too.

I've seen people saying that Shirazu's death didn't have much of an impact on them, but as a manga reader that shit still hurt :(

As someone who has only watched the anime for Re I gotta say that death really hurt me. I really liked him as a character because with this series you are supposed to see the two sides of the coin when it comes to why ghouls and humans fight and him killing the ghoul and using her as a Quinque being hard for him makes it him seem kinder than other CCG agents. However, from what others are saying his death was rushed unlike the manga so maybe I should give it a read.

And he was trying so hard to be a good squad lead and cut his hair and everything.

He had the best motivation to be fighting too out of all of them

I started this show as an anime only watcher. From that perspective, I really enjoyed it. I don't feel like I wasted my time watching that, and for that I am thankful.

However, I started reading the manga, currently only at chapter 106 in Tokyo Ghoul, and I have to say there are so many things that are cut out from the anime adaptation of the original Tokyo Ghoul that I can't imagine what they must have skipped or made worse in this adaptation of :re.

Therefore, if the Tokyo Ghoul manga is any indication of what the :re manga is like in comparison to their adaptations, reading the manga is actually a must do in order to really appreciate the material. I haven't read :re yet, but I love the story. In fact, I almost feel like I made a mistake watching this show because it just feels like the plot is being spoiled without any explanation or anything.

Literally a spark notes version of the manga.

I really think this show should have a total redo in order to really bring it to life.

You started the manga right on time too, there are only 3 chapters left of Re

"Why do I have to save thrash like you?"

"I've had enough of dreams"

The adaptation was, but I felt offended that they didn't adapt the " save trash like you " scene. In the manga it was spine-chilling, but in the anime it was "badass" at best.

This episode was an absolute embarrassment to the source material. I can't believe they played HALF, a song we've been conditioned to think of as a slice of life style song as Sasaki enjoys his time with the Qs, over the ending where everyone is sad, crying, and going through major loss. The tonal dissonance is just atrocious.

Good things I will say about the episode though. It's nice that they showed a little bit of V14 and Kaneki's fight with Arima that Root A didnt adapt. Shirazu's death scene still gets to me. I'll miss my shark boi

But man I expected nothing from this episode and was still disappointed.

It truly sucks looking at how amazing Bones is doing with my Hero Acadamia and then seeing this adaptation. If My HeroAca is the gold standard then for sure Tokyo Ghoul is rock bottom for Adaptations.

≫Tokyo Ghoul is rock bottom for Adaptations.

Nah, that crown obviously goes to Berserk 2016-17 and as far Seinen adaptations goes(sans One Punch Man), Tokyo Ghoul is quite above the rest.

Berserk 2016 is well below rock bottom. I will agree there have been worse adaptations, this one is just so disappointing for me.

This season ends on Chapter 57 and there's a tid bit from Chapter 58 of the manga. So, if you're thinking of picking up the manga from here on out, start at 58. Won't be forcing anyone to read it from the begining (but recommended). I think this season they adapt it okay. I just hope they won't use still frame for a fight scene.

If you think the story are "meh" for this season, then its really not the anime fault since this time around, it follows the manga exactly (unlike √A) and the story will get a lot better so you can expect that for the next season.

Wow the biggest fight for Re and Pierrot give it slideshows, fuck me honestly. This was the final episode and they underwhelmed it aswell. Need to focus on B¢ruto, am I right SP?

This comes off as bitchy but honestly as a manga reader for a long time, this was a disservice to TG honestly. Even root a had better animation.

I wouldn't even say Boruto is getting much focus, they are currently just re-running the movie with extra scenes. It's pretty clear all the focus is going towards Black Clover and unfortunately Pierrot can only seem to manage one show nowadays which is kinda sad for all the other shows they have during a anime season.

Ah yes but that Shinki Vs Boruto fight was much better animated than anything in Re so far. Heck episode 65 is gonna be a sakuga fest for Boruto from what I've heard. And meanwhile TGre didn't even get a single sakuga fight.

Tfw you hope that they saved the budget for the last episode only to realize that there was no budget to begin with.

The real tragedy.

My god Shirazu....I wasn't ready...

Well, at least hearing Eto's seiyuu was lovely. I've always loved the voice shes had in the anime.

Episode was ok at best. This was my favourite arc and fight in the manga so i am a bit disappointed that it didn't live up to my expectation. The anime altogether is a 7 at best. Better then Root a but cant live up to the first season.

I get that root A didnt follow the manga, but it was so much more appealing to watch than this season. The animation is terrible and everything feels insanely rushed. I wouldn't have a clue what was going on if I didn't come here and read manga reader explanations. I loved the first 2 seasons of this anime but 3 has been a huge disappointment.

Expectations were high. Final episode impact was low. I now have trust issues.

  • Fuck, I didn't expect Shirazu to actually die. I thought the four would definitely stick around for a while. He was my favorite of the bunch and I'm definitely gonna miss him
  • Jesus Christ, I don't remember Kaneki ever being this cold and straight up careless before (or maybe I just forgot - it's been a year since I finished the first manga after all). I mean, he intended to kill Tsukiyama, called Eto "trash" and verbally destroyed Urie at the worst possible time (he did deserve that hard dose of reality but still). Dude's a fucking edgelord
  • If I'm not mistaken and this is new behaviour from him, does this mean that he gave up the empathy and humanity he used to have as Kaneki and Haise in order to embrace the darker side of his personality? I thought he'd go back to Touka and the others after becoming Kaneki again but it looks like he's just gonna stay in CCG and become a more ruthless ghoul investigator. Guess I'm gonna find out soon enough since I plan on catching up with the manga this summer
  • Overall, I liked the finale and thought Pierrot redeemed themselves a little with :re after the utter nonsense that was Root A (even though I still wish a different studio would give it a worthy adaptation). And while I always expected the manga to be better, I didn't think there'd be that many differences, to the point that people are actually shitting on the adaptation here. But apparently, they didn't even adapt the full fight between Kaneki and Eto? Yikes

≫If I'm not mistaken and this is new behaviour from him

It's really not. I don't remember if it made it into the anime, but Kaneki's approach to being merciful to Touka's brother in the original manga was... harsh.

I don't feel it's displayed super well in the Anime, but Kaneki glances over at Kanae, who is sorta writhing in pain, moments before throwing Tsukiyama off the building. He threw Tsukiyama knowing that Kanae would sacrifice herself.

It was a pretty shitty situation all around for Kaneki. Ui Koori had just witnessed Kaneki eating One Eyed Owl's kakuja which left him both lost for words and alert. Kaneki had to sort of show Ui that he's still "Haise" and not a different person altogether, and the only way to do so was dispose of the target, which was Tsukiyama.

I really enjoy the manga for this kinda stuff.

Yeah, after seeing the episode, I was confused that Kaneki would do something like that despite regaining his memories. But after reading the adapted chapters afterwards, it was clear he actually helped him escape. I'm not sure if I missed the hints in the anime or whether they omitted them.

Well time to read the manga I guess.

Shirazu's death though. Seeing everyone surrounding him and trying to keep him conscious was just painful T_T

Knowing that there's still the second cour up coming this didn't really feel like the end. I know manga readers are pissed but it was alright for me and it was an enjoyable and an emotional episode.

I don't want to sound like a pervert, but Saiko is really cute when she cries...

It was nice seeing Eto animated at least. And Maaya Sakamoto is always a treat.

The last episode of the anime was pretty much to sum it up: a huge rollercoaster of mixed emotions.
Like I actually never expected Shirazu to’s really sad honestly during his death scene with murmurs of peoples’ names that are close to him and started to lose “existence”.

Also where Urie had a quick shock of emotions which made the scene more heartbreaking with how he genuinely felt sympathy towards Shirazu (knowing that he had previous monologues attacking and being hostile towards people and having a standoffish vibe).

And I’m really confused about why Kaneki did the things he did. For example, why he seemed to show no emotion towards his friends’ deaths (Tsukiyama maybe, but definitely for Shirazu). Did his time with Jason and Aogiri really change him that much from his old, loving self?

Nice seeing Touka again though :)

I agree Shirazu's death was sad 100% :) l. About kaneki, if you look back to the start of the first season where he wouldn't eat then the end where he finished Jason I feel that it was all a build up to snap his will. So the reasons he showed no emotion was because all he wanted was to protect those from the coffee shop who showed him love which happened to be ghouls. Apart from those close to him he dosnt care much about anyone else. So I think the only thing going though his mind is "protect" (those from the shop) and has let go of his emotions so he can "protect" them. The lack of emotion to his friends is because of his switch from Sasaki Haise to Kaneki Ken. He basically is required to them to and pretend he is still Haise in order to keep is position to "protect" from the inside.


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