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[Tokyo Ghoul:re] Episode 11 everyone's impressions

Episode 11
"writE: The Absent One"

Kijima, Nimura Furuta, Sasaki, and the Quinx Squad are killing ghouls on the Tsukiyama hideout. In the meantime, Tsukiyama says goodbye to his friends who tell him to go to the rooftop where a helicopter is going to take him away. Kori Ui sends Sasaki on the roof. Tsukiyama arrives there too and comes face to face with Sasaki. Sasaki tells Tsukiyama to surrender but Tsukiyama attacks him. Meanwhile, Kanae is now insane and attacks CCG investigators on the hideout. Hariu Ihei is wounded badly by Matsumae and makes a final stand but Matsumae decapitates her. Kijima arrives on the scene but Matsumae slices him up and cuts him in two with his own quinque killing him. Furuta protects himself from one of Matsumae's attacks by using another agent as a human shield, and then kills Matsumae with Kijima's quinque. The Quinx Squad come face to face with Noro. Sasaki fights with Tsukiyama and in a moment of weakness, he loses his hand by Kanae. Noro is destroyed by Ginshi Shirazu but he doesn't die. Kanae tries to kill Sasaki, who starts to remember that Arima was mocking him for his defeat at his hands. Sasaki escapes Kanae who is revealed to be a woman named Karren. Eto arrives on the scene with her form as the One Eyed Owl. 

As much as I like CCG, seeing the pink haired and the fat investigator die was quite satisfying.

Agreed, it was so nice to see some of the corrupted ones weeded out.

I'm not even sure if they were corrupted but rather more psychotic then the rest.

NO! They were just really enjoying their job.

Sad to see go such hard-working folk.

What? But Hairu is such a cutie

Psychotic inhumane cutie. I love seeing the contrast of how CCG seem less human than most of the ghouls..

I hated both of them. But seeing the fight scene.. I thought they were going to totally slaughter the ghouls (which I liked) so during the fight I tried to make myself like her more, cause I also thought she would never die because of how cunt of villain she is, so might as well cheer for her... I tried reasoning and really the fact that she was cute is the only fucking reason to like her.

And then she died, couldn't be happier. But also I was just trying to make myself like her... I feel like that killed her, she got GRR Martin'd

That last frame tho...



Matsumae is fucking awesome.

And that's why we call her MatsuBAE

Well she's Matsudead now.

favorite part of the episode

They better play unravel when it happens or I fucken swear

They already squandered their use of Unravel a few episodes ago. I doubt they’d use it again so soon. It loses impact, unless they get an alternative version prepared.

Next episode is gonna be so fucking lit. They saved all the best fighting and biggest emotions for the last one. Hopefully it won't feel too rushed.

my waifu hairu :((((((

i honestly was not expecting her to die so soon and so brutally lol

that opening scene with Noro and Eto though. It gave me goosebumps I got hyped

Finally some real action. Noro's fight scene was amazing. Also I WANTED MORE HAIRU SCREENTIME TF MAN. Kijima's death was a little excessive...but there's something poetic about him dying by his own saw (is there some meaning for him wanting cheese in that moment??).

Next episode we get some friggin ETO TIME + the return of Kaneki??

I thought maybe he received some kind of brain damage due to the saw, and started spouting nonsense lol

I have a question, how are pink hair girl and other normal humans so strong that they got ghoul like strength and speed?!?!?!?

i have something else to ask, why is it that ghouls get impaled etc and just brush it off as a flesh wound but two minutes later they get impaled AGAIN and all of a sudden its a fatal wound and they die?

Depends on the extent of damage and location. If the kakuhou (organ that stores RC cells needed for regeneration/kagune) is damaged it affects their ability to regenerate.

Regeneration itself uses up energy and RC cells, so there's a limit to how much damage they can take. RC counts vary, so ghouls with higher RC counts (kakuja for example) can take more damage.

I really don't get how people can hate bae Hairu for being a "bitch" but they love Eto who is the definition of a cunt. Also I know Tokyo Ghoul is supposed to be like this but i really dislike how it introduces so many cool characters with interesting backgrounds and potential to have them killed off so fast.

Hairu is more prevalent in the manga and her relationship with Ui is elaborated upon as well.

RIP to some named ghouls and investigators, stakes have been escalated.

Poor Tsukiyama, he wants his friends back, and Haise is in his way.

Furuta is stepping his game up, and easily dispatches Matsumae.

I really need to see if they uncensor a few of the kills in the blu-ray, because some of those kind of lose the impact a bit when they cutaway and change camera angles, like the chainsaw kill or the decapitation.

Noro is being as Wiley as usual with his regenerative powers, and Shirazu finally overcomes his PTSD.

Kanae is back and stronger than ever, and Haise is going through some PTSD himself, someone needs to lend him a hand.

Guide to remembering characters from previous seasons for anime-only viewers - Updated for up to episode 8 of :re

Thinking I should have added Matsumae after all since she did appear in Pinto (thought it was minor enough to omit, but reconsidering now), but no point now I guess.

Animation wasn't great, but still an enjoyable episode. Furuta's VA did a really good job this time around.

Hey really appreciate the effort you are putting with all these detail for people like me who doesn't read the manga but watches the anime version.

Is it possible to add up, who is dead and who is not next to their name with which episode? Like dead season 1 episode 1 or alive?

Mentioning who's dead and who isn't could be a spoiler in some cases, those who had no ambiguity to their deaths weren't included on the list (like Kureo Mado and Jason). Others may or may not be dead, but I included them if there was any vagueness about their deaths or hints indicating anything more to it.

Damn I really enjoyed that episode. I thought they nailed the flashbacks and the animation was drastically improved this episode, it felt super clean for most of the fight scenes. Hype for best girl next ep too!

Wait, you are probably confused. Touka won't be in the next episode.

≫the animation was drastically improved

what? There was almost none of it. The fight with Noro is just a bunch of stills.

They will spend everything they've left on Ken vs Eto scenes I assume, but still, this is not even bad at this point...

I dont know why ppl downwoting you, but its true, the first season of TG had better fight scenes and it was made 4 years ago, it looks like Pierrot is not improving their animations but downgrading them.

Well, strictly speaking :re wasn't even done by Pierrot, but by their child company. That being said - Pierrot has many teams and animators and it's been pretty clear that TG isn't their priority. Just another merch to promote manga.

That's such a damn shame because Tokyo Ghoul is an incredible manga and deserves so much better, it's not even funny

HE'S HEREEEEEEE. I can't wait for this last episode and the 2nd cour.

The shot of black hair Kaneki/Haise at the end and the Noro scenes were the best parts of this episode. Also Kijima's death was hilarious.

This episode was lit 🔥!! I feel so bad for Shuu Tsukiyama though and I would of never said that after season 1. The next episode is going to be so good. I can’t wait!

Best Boy Furuta with the betrayal and Best girl Eto makes an appearance.

Best of both worlds. Can't wait for next week.


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