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[Tokyo Ghoul:re] Episode 10 everyone's impressions

Episode 10
"think: Sway"

Kanae comes face to face with Eto who first toys with him and then attacks him with her full power. It's revealed that Kanae loves Tsukiyama but he doesn't, so Kanae wishes he could kill Sasaki. Eto tells him that she will "be his god" and captures him. Back on the CCG HQ, Sasaki asks Ui to reconsider his plan about ghoul impersonation and Ui agrees. The same night, Sasaki wears Kaneki's mask and along with the Quinx Squad start a patrol. Sasaki is recognised by ghouls as Eyepatch (Kaneki's old alias), so he starts finding information about him. He learns that the Eyepatch was the one who "killed" Amon and he sees again a Kaneki hallucination crying about killing Amon. Tsukiyama meets again with Sasaki who asks him if he is a ghoul and if he knows Ken Kaneki. Tsukiyama refuses to tell him. CCG's chairman, Tsuneyoshi Washu, gives Ui permission to kill Tsukiyama's family. On the same night, Tsukiyama's father drugs him in order to keep him safe. The CCG are at the front of the Tsukiyama mansion ready to attack. Tsukiyama's father allows himself to be arrested while Tsukiyama takes control of the family as the CCG arrives in his hideout. In the meantime, Kanae is tortured and mutilated by Eto. 

Well, now it's completely official. It used to be a sort of gray area because they kept cutting any scenes that would officially confirm whether Re was following the manga or Root A. There were small hints that it was following the manga but they could be retconned easily like Suzuya's leg for example. But, this episode 100% confirms that Root A is irrelevant. In Root A, Kaneki joined Aogiri but in the manga he made an anti aogiri group consisting of Banjou, Hinami, and Shuu. Thanks to today's episode, it is official that Kaneki never joined Aogiri tree in the Tokyo Ghoul Re anime continuity and fuck Root A

I haven't read the manga, how do we know that?

Tsukiyama's flashback shows Kaneki sitting on a couch with Hinami, Banjou, and Banjou's group. This is the Anti Aogiri group that Kaneki made in the manga and did not happen in Root A as he joined Aogiri Tree instead.

Oh my sweet psychotic Eto. Never change.

"I want to be beautiful". Shirazu having trouble using nutcracker as a quinqe makes more sense now or is reinforced by that memory. Fura's statement that they are still taking lives is great too and is a nice contrast to Ui, Washuu and (probably) Kijima who only consider them filthy ghouls, insects.

ALSO: 2nd BEST GRILL is here i wonder how they wrap up this arc in 3 episodes though for the 1st cour.

That line was enough for me to love Fura.

Seems like a likeable character yea.

Actually I read the manga but it's been so long, I had no clue who this character wa haha

Read or watch the side story with Fura and Arima as high school boys!

I have, i just simply forgot who he was due to the amount of time that went by :D The side story was awesome, wish we'd get a full spin off of e.g. Yoshimura or Arima

As someone who started off disliking Tsukiyama in the beginning, my level of attachment to him now is becoming scary.

Also GOOD FUCKING GOD what is happening to Kanae-san?

LMAO sasuga Saiko ready to go home as soon as the mission starts

≫GOOD FUCKING GOD what is happening to Kanae-san?

A little light torture, nothing too alarming. It builds character.

Props to the Kijima's voice actor. He really makes me hate that psychopathic asshole even more than in the manga.

This arc will be amazing, but what I'm waiting for is what happens after it. Thank fuck we'll be getting another cour.

Chapter 125 when?

Not nearly soon enough.

Talking about chapter 125, I need to catch up to the current chapter, I left off on chapter 139 and things were getting extremely interesting.

at least try read to 144 as soon as you can, it was a massive WTF moment.

I gotta say I love how much the opening has grown on me. I thought it was just meh when I saw it the first time but I look forward to seeing it every time now. And I am loving this season, but then again almost anything would have been better than root a

I feel the same way about the ED. Can't believe I didn't like it from the start

The root a opening alone should have been enough to know the dumpster fire that awaited us.

hey i actually like root a's opening. It's definitely the worst of the trio but it's still catchy to listen to sometimes. For all the garbage the tokyo ghoul adaptions are, they aleast get the ost done right.

The last shot in the preview... T_T

Next week is going to be painful, isn't it.

"I don't plan on running or fighting. We are gentlemen here. My servants are beyond here. They are also ghouls, but have lived their lives as people. Please let them do until the end"

I will always have big respect for Mirumo. He was ready to spend a lot of money to buy expensive "ingredient" for his son to make him happy and now he even sacrifices himself to save Shuu. How to not like this guy ?

And just look how loyal and devoted for Shuu are servants, especially Matsumae. They were risking their life to hunt food for Shu and when it failed, they didn't give up.

Also scene in Luna Eclipse building. All those people were just working in human society and were friends with Mirumo. And they all were ready to defend Shuu from Investigators. They were happy to do it.... so calm.... one of them was saying something about billboard for ghouls right ? In this part of Tokyo Ghoul story I'm on CCG side, though I have to admit, I was sad because all these ghould will die. Tsukyiama arc really moved me.

Also Tsuneyoshi finally appeared. Yay!

This episode was a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I really don't know whether to be happy or sad. I hope Kaneki Ken returns. All my hate for Shuu has been reducing starting S3, hope he'll fall into my liked characters list by end of the season. I might even go for the manga at the end, assuming they don't fuck it up.

The manga makes Tsukiyama a lot more likeable, so heads up for it. The anime is good, but the manga is way better

As a manga reader, this adaptation has been a lot of fun for me because of how I skipped over the details so that I could get to the Kaneki stuff during my first reading(which I HIGHLY don't recommend doing). It's almost like I get to experience :re a second time.

I didn't notice Fura the first time I read :re but it's really cool to see how much he has matured and how far he has come ever since Tokyo Ghoul:Jack.

≫I didn't notice Fura the first time I read :re

Well, many people didn't realise it was Furuta whom Touka had met while visiting university campus in part one :D

Seeing Haise in the mask was so fucking cool. Also the old plague doctor mask that Urie had was pretty dope as well

I chuckled after seeing Kanae's torture cuts to the slice of life ending song we all love.

Ah, Eto being best girl as usual, and influencing Kanae.

Haise looking more into Kaneki and being angry at not knowing who he is was a great moment.

Shirazu deciding to pull himself together and getting a haircut is exactly the opposite of what Urie wanted. Way to motivate him.

Tsukiyama finally realizing how Kaneki felt when realizing he couldn't go back to save his father is good character growth. I'm glad that they kept the little memory of Kaneki's group from the original manga.

Rose extermination is now underway, what will you do Tsukiyama?

This is the first time they did a pretty good job on an episode.

The final scene was a total copy from the manga and very well done. I wish their first encounter was just as good.

Eto looked creepily beautiful in this episode.

That was a great episode! It actually felt like Tokyo Ghoul. Also the opening asphyxia has really grown on me.


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