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[Toji no Miko] Episode 24 - FINAL everyone's impressions

Episode 24
"The United Maidens"

Kanami and Hiyori seal Princess Tagitsu in the netherworld along with themselves, closing the portal and saving the world. Two months later, life has gone back to normal, with the Sword Administration taking steps to prepare for Princess Tagitsu's eventual return. Kanami and Hiyori are officially declared missing, though their friends are certain they will return. In the netherworld, Kanami and Hiyori meet the spirits of the teenage versions of Kagari and Minato, who were left behind when the real Kagari and Minato unsuccessfully tried to seal Princess Tagitsu. After having a brief reunion, Kagari and Minato show Kanami and Hiyori a path to return to the real world, since their bodies are still intact. After returning, Kanami and Hiyori face off against each other again in the final match of the school tournament. 

Really glad i stuck with this one

the sword fighting scenes always looked amazing

kinda wished they showed the reunion and not end it right before.

seeing the MaL score has gone up quite a bit at the end will hopefully make more people watch it

≫seeing the MaL score has gone up quite a bit at the end will hopefully make more people watch it

This is largely due to the odd way MAL works. Once an anime finishes, they only use ratings from people who've watched over 1/3rd of the show (in this case, 8 episodes or more). There are often these large jumps because of that.

Even so, the show has gotten so much better every episode, I am so glad to not have dropped it and by the end, was excited for a new episode to air.

Didn't think the last episode would hit me in the feels but it did.. that last fight scene with Kanami and her mother with the opening playing!

Severely underrated series that was dropped early on by many(guessing because of slow pacing at the start and CGI).

Glad I stuck with it, was enjoyable enough for me to look forward to the next episode each week.


It's over!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Toji no Miko. It was a wonderful experience of top notch fight choreography, some beautiful chemistry between its surprisingly excellent cast and a couple of exciting adventures - with some surprising twists to boot.

I'm 99% sure my ships sailed at the end there - both Kanami/Hiyori and SuzuMaki seemed to be going full canonical in this episode and even several before. Loved seeing these pairings together!

It's a shame it's all over now! I've heard the game is doing tremendously in China so there is some tiny hope at seeing more out of this universe in the anime fandom.

Yes it's over. But I am happy that it had a pretty good ending for a series.

As for the game, ain't the Chinese getting a new TnM game on their own? So they are playing the JP version or?

It was a nice ending but I want more!

I don't often this sentimental about series, but Toji won me over.

I'm not sure if there's a specific Chinese version. I don't think so, and I think it's just the JP version. But apparently it's very successful, or so I've heard. Might be something coming.

Same here, this series hit a spot for me. I normally don't give 2 shits about the Anime I watched. But this is special.

I did not expect them meeting their mothers. It was incredibly good, seeing Hiyori and her mother in tears was especially touching.

I have to say that the highlights of the series were incredibly well executed (Yume's demise, the final episode, Sayaka/Kaoru episode).

Yet there was a good amount of episodes where i just felt bored watching it due to the slow burn and the plot which i don't think was that good. The characters and their developments/bonds carried the series for me.

I think this is a pretty good way of putting my own thoughts. I definitely enjoyed this, and consider it a good show, but I don't think I'll be obsessing over it.

When the show is good, it's great, when it's not, it's just kinda disappointing by comparison. Sword fights were really cool, the world-building was pretty nice, it had some pretty good jokes, the tone felt consistent, and some of the emotional moments were really good.

I think Episode 22 and 23 were pretty big missteps though.

That was a sweet, heartfelt finale. I thought the preview for this episode might be misleading and it turned out it was. While this wasn't quite the happy ending I expected some eight odd episodes ago, it was a lot cheerier than the last few episodes suggested it would be. All in all, I was satisfied with it. There was closure with a sense of life moving on, but without walking back every bad thing that occurred.

I'm not good at expressing what I thought were highlights of an episode. I lack the image posting skills for it. :p So I will skip to my overall impressions.

This was a solid show I would comfortably rate a 7. It was an easy 8 for me up until episode 18. The characterization was solid for most of the cast. I thought Yukina could have been handled a bit better, but she went in the direction I expected her to from the first cour, so whatevs.

The standouts for me were definitely Yume, Kaoru, and Kanami in that order. Kanami in particular was a pleasant surprise. She turned out a little deeper than the usual predictable all-loving battle series protagonist with some actual flaws. I just wish they spent more time exploring them. Still, most of the characters appealed to me on some level save for one...

Which brings me to my main criticism of Toji No Miko and why I went from an 8 after the first cour to a 7 after episode 18. In my opinion, the quality of a series like this is defined by the strength of its villains. Toji No Miko had terrible villains.

The first cour started off strong with the enigmatic and cunning possessed Yukari and the Elite Guard. They all had strong personalities that stood out; and with the exception of Yomi, acted as decent foils for our heroines. Yukina was the big misstep in that she was fairly one note aside from the twinge of sorrow I saw in her when Sayaka left.

I thought the second cour fell way short. Yomi stepped up as a proper villain, while Yukina remained the same. Yukari and the other Elite Guard were either reformed or deceased. That left Tagitsu, who other than being cute and sprightly in her new form, was a one note antagonist who wanted to destroy everything.

I saw a lot of potential in Takiri and Ichikishima as antagonists who could shake up things and broaden the philosophical scope of the conflict. I was deeply disappointed when Takiri was absorbed by Tagitsu, because I knew at that point that the overarching narrative would never raise the bar further. At that point I was basically watching to see characters I like doing what they do instead. Much like playing a BioWare RPG for the characters and not the story.

The final solution in this episode just being a return to the previous shrine system of storing noro was weak after what was revealed in episode 14. It was an anticlimatic end to a rote villain.

Things I liked in this series was the already stated characterization for most of the cast, most of the Toji vs Toji fight scenes, the humor, and the pretty much text but kinda sorta subtext yuri. (Woohoo! ~Waves to Maki x Suzuka ship sailing away from the docks~ Also Kanami and Hiyori, yada yada.)

Apologies for the very long post I'm sure most people will understandably avoid reading. Despite my criticisms this was one of the few shows I didn't put on hold and prioritized every week. Yes, I consider it a 7, but I tend to be stingy with grading so coming from me a 7 is praise.

Finally, I will never like choco mint. Thank you Kaoru and Yukari for standing strong against that breath freshening tyranny.

≫Finally, I will never like choco mint

More Thin Mints for me, then. Or would've been if Hiyori hadn't scarfed down the last box. :P

Gladly. Everyone gets what they want! :D

Great write up! I definitely agree with you about the villains for S2. Now that you bring it up, I think that is my biggest issue with the second cour. First cour was very solid, but Tagitsu and Yukina both felt pretty hollow. Also agree about the failure to use the other two princesses well. I really wanted to see more interplay between the three princesses goals (cohabitation, domination, and destruction).

In this episode: You get a hug, you get a hug, everybody gets a hug!

I'm so glad I started this one. It's been a long time since I've seen such a detailed series. The music could've been a bit better but I cannot complain about anything else. 9/10 overall for me. Epic fights, amazing characters and really engaging story. And yuri tones left and right!

Loved this show til the very end. That final scene with Kanami was golden. Just a great watch. Just sucked that the first few episodes were pretty bad which drew away many people. But the fights were good and the characters were all loveable. Loved them all but especially Best Grill Ellen. Nene was pretty cool too. Just a great watch.

I didn't expect such a heartfelt final episode. Seeing both Hiyori and Kanami meet their mothers and then bid them farewell was really touching.

All in all, what a goddamn surprise! Easily the best "Battle Girls Mobage" anime since Ange Vierge. Really glad I stuck with it. Great cast, great interactions, really compelling villains, and super cool sword fights!

Really enjoyed this series, the fight animation and choreography, the character interactions and the general story tbh. It’s nice watching an anime with a original story.

Show was criminally underrated and underwatched. I’m probably rating this an 8 or 9

Honestly, for me the hidden masterwork jewel this year. What an perfect ending to this amazing show, kanami and hiyori making a proper confrontation with their mothers was heartwarming. From here on who knows maybe if the mobile game gets popular enough we may see some extra footage in the form of s movie or maybe a 2nd season. Anyways I personally rate this a high 9/10 and hope that people start watching and enjoy Toji no Miko.

I hope the mobile game steadily grows in popularity in Japan and hopefully releases in the West at some point.

When Hiyori asked her mother she regret anything or not at the end there really hit me hard, the core of that question pretty much started Hiyori’s quest at the beginning of this whole story leading up to final episode thinking her mother suffered from the incident. Then the story closed up with her mother having no regret seeing Hiyori is happy now, this last episode is definately something.

The hidden Gem of the year is over, and I couldn't be more happy of watching this finale, it was on point with everything I saw during this 24 episodes.

Now I have a void, right in my heart...

This anime was so much underrated.Amazing series and feel bad for those people who dropped this after 3 or 4 episodes because of slow pacing. I would rate 8. Highly recommended for everyone. Hoping Toji no Miko will popular with game and BD sales, So we will get another season of it.

Thx goodness I watched it at Ep13, after I dropped it on Ep1. Totally hidden gem. The ending is open ended.

Yukina is totally broken it seems.

Netherworld friends forever.

And all hail our new Sword Adminstration Director! And her new Imperial guards!

What a tease! At least show us how the girls reacted when Kanami and Hiyori showed up on the tournament!

This show was definitely a surprise for me. I never expected anything from it at first but I'm glad that I stuck with it all this time. Great characters, great action, and great story that may seem boring at first glance but gets more interesting the deeper we got into it.

I would love to see a second season but with the big baddie now defeated I'm pretty much okay with how this show ended. The only way for a new season is I guess bringing in a new generation but I'm not sure I'd be okay with that.

Anyway this show is getting an 8/10 for me.

For my personal enjoyment, I would definitely say 9-10. Which is all that really matters for me.
I'm extremely miffed that my methods of watching are all broken for me (Though they may or may not be broken in general. Just for me.) So I have not seen the last like 10 or 20 seconds.

Kinda wish the elite guard ship moved farther, but at least Kanami and Hiyori seemed to.
It was inevitable, but I'm kinda sad that their moms are just gonna float around in the netherworld forever. At least they have eachother now. And Tagitsu.

So it ends the way how it should since that time.
Though I am going to miss watching and waiting for the series weekly.

Also hoping for a Toji no Miko Zero OVA or something.

Man what a beautiful ending. I liked how it ends basically where it started, with Hiyori and Kanami in the finals of the tournament.

The fight with Kanami's mom was beautifully animated and choreographed, even above the show's already high standards. Gonna miss this show a lot. One of the best of the season, and so underrated.

≫The fight with Kanami's mom was beautifully animated and choreographed 

Yes, that's my favorite fight of the show by far. Very fluid animation, had none of the "stop motion" feeling that most of the previous high speed exchanges had.

The final reunions between mothers and daughters were heartwarming and tear-jerking at the same time. It felt like they were rushing towards the ending though.

Overall it was a solid action series with some good fighting scenes and chemistry between the characters. I'm going to be generous and give it a 8/10.

This show is too underappreciated. It was a great show, very good story that actually has an ending. Anime shows don't seem to be made like this anymore. It sets up a universe, so that universe can continue in the future if they wish. But the story line itself has ended.

Everything else is just sequels now days.


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