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[Toji no Miko] Episode 23 everyone's impressions

Episode 23
"Moment's End"

Kanami, Hiyori, and the rest of the group take a brief rest before facing Princess Tagitsu, where they find out that she is attempting plunge Earth into the netherworld by opening a massive portal. Meanwhile, Maki and Suzuka find Yukina giving Yomi, who had passed away, a funeral. They take Yukina away, leaving Yomi's body to be absorbed by a mass of noro. Kanimi and her friends then engage Princess Tagitsu, but she proves too powerful, leaving only Kanami and Hiyori as her opponents. With no other choice, both Kanami and Hiyori manage to stab Princess Tagitsu and prepare the ritual to banish her to the netherworld. Some time later, Ayumu wakes up in the hospital and asks where Kanami is, wanting to apologize to her. 

So is it going to be that Tagitsu splits herself into two and both Kanami and Hiyori absorb half of it?

Lessen the burden of it, fixes the loneliness from Tagitsu and saves the world. Kanami will also finally have a partner she can spar with to satisfy her borderline psychotic nature of wanting to battle strong opponents.

In a world with no tojis needed Kanami would have trouble solving problems.

"Your computer is broken? Have you tried challenging it to a sword duel?"

Well, Kanami does have a feel on a person's thoughts and feelings. She would make an excellent psychologist.

"Fight ME! Let me know how you feel with your SWORD!"

Kanami and Hiyori went straight to Hell to seal Tagitsuhime together.

God knows what happened.

They came back with 3 lolis

And because why not, the three lolis are the three princesses :D

I was thinking that Tagitsu would probably be absorbed into Kanami and she would be join Kanami's mother in that subconscious training space.

Tbh I think Tagitsu would enjoy that.

Definitely, otherwise this would have never crossed my mind. Kanami clearly stated that she wanted to help Tagitsu since she sympathized with her struggle to find a worthy opponent, and I feel like the best option to deal with this is (rather than having her speed towards infinity fighting Kanami and Hiyori in an endless duel) to become part of Kanami's subconscious since her and her mother are both battle maniacs.

Man, Nene is woke af


Even Yomi and it's even on her B-day...

"You think Nene experienced a lot in his long time?"

"Yeah, but it was probably mostly happy memories."

Nene: [Nanking Flashbacks]


Well, I have a theory regarding this. It is a theory mind you, it may not happen and it would be totally understandable if it doesn't.

The theory is that somehow Yume will play a part in this last episode. I base it on the following: the behavior of the ED along this second cour. If we see the ED at the beginning of the cour, and compare it to the ED at the middle and now this one, we get to see that the visuals of the ED have changed, a change that is intended to reflect the events that little by little the second cour story went through, from revealing the Princesses to Ayumu and her friend turning into Imperial Guards. This means that the ED has a close relation with the story, having putting things in there before the reveal, and changing things after the events that happened in that episode and keeping said changes.

Following this behavior, Yume didn't appear in any of the previous EDs, this is the first time she appears, so, reason follows that she will play a part next episode. That's my theory, an anime theory!... :D

But a theory still :P it may not happen, but I just can't see that the studio just forgot to add her into the ED from the beginning, they just had to draw her and copy and paste for each different ED, so again, I can't just see this as a mistake from the studio... so, that is why I believe this is what will happen, that is my theory :D

I hope it happens, and that it isn't just fanservice but actually meaningful, however short it may be.... or that at least she is used to tease the next season/cour! if there is one of course.

God I wish that would happen, but I'm also worried that they might have putted her there just as a last "memento" of her in the first cour, or in relationship with Yomi (You know, another Elite guard member dying).

Eternal sword fights between three? So a threesome ending?

Next is final episode huh? I am going to miss the series.

Edit: Is it just me or Kanami uses other characters' sword style and techniques in that fight?

I grow attached to this anime, their cast and their adventures, shame just one chapter remains, this ended being one of the hidden gems of the year since it didn't call that much attention and yet it has a great story.

I'm seriously impressed that Hiyori can keep up with the others without the armor. Also, I love the part where Yukari has to foot the bill for everyone.

Does the armor actually make them faster?

Faster and stronger. Basically it strengthens their base stats for a limited time. This is also why it's so strong when Kanami and Hiyori use it.

Turns out Kanami is a crazy person, but not really she's just awkward, but actually she is a little crazy after all. This show has been a nice roller coaster of fun, so its sad to see it end next week. Maki is a jerk for not letting Yukina die alongside Yomi so they could at least be together at the end to make up for everything.

Yukina doesn't deserve that. I'm still not satisfied with her redemption here. She spends the entire season treating Yomi (and everyone) like disposable weapons, then all the sudden she cares about Yomi because she came back for her? Please. Yomi has been obedient to Yukina the entire time. I don't feel like anything changed or happened to warrant this turn around.

It's a weird kind of "redemption". Yukina is heavily dependent on the acknowledgement of others, first with Yukari, then with Tagitsu. In the end, when she wanted to stay next to Yomi even if she had to die for it, I don't think it's because she had a sudden change of heart, but rather because Yomi was the only one who still respected / accepted Yukina and she needed such a person.

In a way, the way Yukina treated Yomi is somewhat related to the way she was treated by those she served, except that Yukina was less subtle in her disdain.

I very much enjoyed the moving faster and faster as the fight went on.

Is it wrong that I want that to be the ending? Just to have Kanami, Hiyori, and the Princess fighting it out for eternity. It’s not like Kanami would get bored, the fight maniac she is and it looks like Princess is starting to enjoy that idea. Hiyori is fine wherever Kanami is. And yandere-chan would set off on a quest to become a hero of justice to someday make it up to her sempai, teaching those the importance and dangers of wanting to be strong. Then we get 20 minutes of uninterrupted cgi katana battles.

Maybe Kanami and Hiyori will sate Tagitsu's loneliness and battle lust with a couple years worth of battles (which only takes a couple of days in the real world through netherworld space-time shenanigans) and all three of them come back, but with Tagitsu happy and no longer wanting to destroy the world.

I think people are a overly critical of Kanami. I think she has a genuine heart, but whereas other protagonists give villains a chance openly because they're 'that kind of person,' Kanami is awkward and speaks through her sword. Being selfish and bad at communicating your emotions doesn't mean your entire persona is wrong. Protagonists being 'selfish' and wanting to save everyone even though the rational decision is to save the majority isn't an uncommon theme. As I've thought from near the beginning and continue to, I think Kanami is an interesting protagonist because she riffs off a normal one, but with her own unique and interesting thinking (which in turn relies heavily on the 'speaking through your swords' trope).

Kanami also has an interesting take on "talk the villain into not destroying the world".

All those fights!

That after credits scene makes me think we actually won't be seeing any more of Hiyori or Kanami...

≫That after credits scene makes me think we actually won't be seeing any more of Hiyori or Kanami...

I would be positively surprised if they were consistent like that. After all the big mistake a few decades ago was that Yukari couldn't bear to leave her friends behind, so this time showing restraint and ending it bittersweet would be nice. The two of them could appear their friends like Kanami's mother does, but mostly entertain hime by sparring her into eternity.

So far I am already surprised that Yume stayed dead.

Well, surely this was an eventful episode. They totally went all in on it. All characters where on model, and the fight scenes were pretty great, all of them, besides the weird camera angle one of said fights chose which made it a bit hard to follow. Top quality overall.

Writing-wise, regarding plot and the worldbuilding, I think it actually lowered. Before, the plot and worldbuilding was simple, but functional, but now, there are a couple of straws there and there. NOW, character-wise, that is still on point, it was pretty good seeing all the girls going all out and still staying in character. Also, the joke at the beginning about the tea party and the chocolate mint was funny. A bit out of moment, I mean, the world is ending you know? but funny still.

And I'm impressed that the white hooded character hasn't appeared still. I doubt it will appear now in the last episode, I mean, is the FINAL episode, but I'm truly a bit surprised, that character appears in the OP you know? It should've meant something and appear in the cour at some point. Either way, now it doesn't matter if this character is Yume or not, since we will not be able to confirm my claim :(... Unless there's another cour under way, but we still don't know if this is true.

Talking about Yume! now that it is odd, why the heck they have added Yume to the ED, right now? I mean, the ED has changed along the cour to reflect the events that have happened in their respective episodes, like the reveal of the Princesses, and Ayumu and her friend turning into Imperial Guards. Taking this into consideration, I wonder if Yume will actually play a role the last episode since that is what the behavior of the ED until now would suggest will happen. But surely, what a strange choice, and very unexpected for me. I can only hope, if Yume actually comes by, that the little time she gets turns actually meaningful... or at least tease a second season/third cour :P

Either way, it was a pretty cool episode. Pretty good overall too. Special mention goes to the Warp.... I mean, the Netherworld :P, how it was falling little by little down to the ground, and the effects it displayed when some buildings were submerged into the Netherworld. It was pretty cool.

Yukari-sama! Nooo! I really hope she lives till the end.

Yomi is finally confirmed dead though. I know what they're trying to do here but I still can't feel anything for her or Yukina.

But damn this episode was so good! Loved the sword fighting especially Tagitsu-hime vs the girls all at the same time! Really good fight choreography!

Yomi is a tragedy character. Maybe if she actually explain her actions, her misunderstandings with Yukina wouldn't have been that bad.

yeah during that part with yukina/yomi i was like "really, you expect me to feel bad for them after what they have done?"

Exactly! While Yume was a bit crazy at least she only fought Toji with Utsushi and had a code of not using Noro that she stuck with until death. Yomi straight out ambushed and beat Ayumu and the other girls within an inch of their lives just so Yuzuki would operate on them.

Kanami can you not treat the end of the world as your entertainment? I think that would reassure humanity a great a deal!

Lovely episode, can't believe it is almost over. Hope for another season or a spin-off!


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