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[Toji no Miko] Episode 22 everyone's impressions

Episode 22
"Gate of the Netherworld"

Having absorbed the essence of the other princesses, Princess Tagitsu begins opening a portal to the netherworld so she can retrieve her true body. With no more need of Yukina, she betrays and cuts ties with her. Kanami and her friends decide to go on a mission to retrieve Hiyori's sword while Souraku sides with the Sword Adminstration to stop Princess Tagitsu. Kanami's friends hold off the imperial guard and hostile aradama while Kanami and Yukari go to confront Princess Tagitsu. Meanwhile, Yukina is saved from a pack of aradama by Yomi. Kanami realizes Hiyori is still alive within Princess Tagitsu and manages to cut her, allowing Hiyori to escape. Kanami, Hiyori, and Yukari temporarily retreat and reunite with their friends. 

I don't think the show is trying to paint Yukina in a good light whatsoever but Yomi had no one who stood by her side, recognized anything in her or believed in her.

It took one person to give her back some confidence and the feeling of being cared about, it doesn't have to be a good person either. What it ended up being (experiments with Aradama) probably didn't faze Yomi anymore, she stayed completely loyal to the person that saw something in her.

Other than that, in hindsight pretty easy-to-call moments in this episode. That one scene with Kanami getting stronger and stronger in the fight was well animated again.

Also in terms of her becoming more and more monster, Yukina was important as her anchor, as the perpetual pillar of dickishness that shaped her when she was still completely human.

For Yukina that was also probably the moment where she felt empathy. The scene started with her still insulting Yomi and accusing her to come to laugh at her, not even considering that somebody would come to her on good terms. But when Yomi was loyal despite everything, she cried, maybe finally realizing that Yomi wasn't just a guinea pig, but a human.

I think we'll see Yomi being in a coma or a treatment facility at the end and Yukina staying there to nurse her, trying to repenting.


don't let Tagitsu-hime stop you tho

there were bits that had weird animation but goddamn it hiyori and kanami are so gay strong.

Yeah, the animation was rough. I hope they're running on low flame to make the finale proper. It would be too bad if the series would decline during its finish.

Yukari is so badass she doesn't need an armor.

Probably not sized for her !

I guess nobody expected a 17year old to be that "Grown-up"

LoL at Tagitsu-hime calling out Hiyori and Kanami ! :D haha lol you know its something when even your enemy calls you a lovebird ~ i've never laughed so hard ~ wondering about why Minato wasn't shown in this episode. If anything, it kinda makes me susupicious, but seriously... Yomi.... why you gotta save takatsu??? sigh.... it's great we get to see her past and all ~ but .... sigh .... I get why .... sigh....

Out of all sorts of anime, a show about cute girls with badass swords got me the closest to crying I've been in ages. I fucking love this show so much.

And then it seamlessly manages to shift completely into PURE HYPE MODE. Everything's kicking off to the max and it is glorious.

Thank you, Hiyori ;_; don't scare us anymore please?

The wait between weeks seems to grow longer and longer... gonna be a struggle getting all the way to next Friday.

The scene in Kanami's apartment was really well done. Between using Hiyori's favorite sweets, Kanami trying to hide her pain (loved the "oops, you caught me, I took two cookies") and the soundtrack, I was about to cry as well.
Everything's kicking off to the max
But can we do better ?! Honestly I wonder how the finale will go. In terms of pure 1v1 swordfighting, it doesn't seem they can go much further than what we've already seen in Tagitsu x Kanami, Yukari or Ichikishima.

Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised, that was constructed extraordinarily well down to the small details. If anything I think the only thing I could have asked for is a little more time in pauses as the conversation turns more serious.

I have my hopes high, and Toji no Miko's not disappointed me yet... so we'll see if they can match my final expectations. Even if they can't, though, odds are I'll still be impressed in one regard or another.

Well, two episodes left to go!

I worry that this episode was a little below in animation terms to episodes before it, but the fight scenes were on point, albeit a bit simple.

They also kinda introduced the power of friendship into the equation though, and as most of the for me, that is a big no-no. Still, we were shown an interesting in the fight: I think we can safely assume that Tagitsu is at Kanami's strongest level right now.

Also, there's that little thing that Minato wasn't anymore on Kanami's dream. That means something quite alright, but what does it exactly means? we will have to wait and see. What I do think is that it is connected to the secret on why Kanami is so strong when she goes into Jedi/Minato-mode.

We still haven't seen Tagitsu's true form, so, unless they go full speed non-stop with the pacing of the next episode, then everything will be solved in the last episode.

Funny thing I found was them saying "we don't know where Tagitsu is" I was like "woman, just follow the beam that connects to the sky". I chuckled when that is exactly what Mai did moments later. Truly, I was like "woman, do you ever fiction?!".

It is nice to see Yukari taking a more central role in the fighting :) she is pretty badass.

And... we have Hiyori back! that... was fast honestly xD. Either way, thanks to Yukari quick thinking, the three of them are saved. Now I wonder what Tagitsu will do, if she will be bring her true form into earth, or will she just connect with it in order to use her powers completely.

I think we can safely expect another fight like in Ep. 12, but this time a 9 vs 1. That it is going to be interesting.

And finally, a PAS: The White Hooded character hasn't appeared still!... Truly, there are 2 episodes left, when are they going to put her on screen? I truly wonder if something happened, and the story had to be changed around these episodes, and so the white hooded character is removed, or at least put on the bench for a possible third cour/second season. It is the only thing that hasn't appeared in the show that it is shown in the OP. I still hope though, that this character appears, because I'll still gave strongly the flag that this character is Yume or the aradama that was inside her, and I want to see her again.

Either way, two episodes left. Besides wondering what will happen with Takatsu and Yomi, which surely will go underground or overseas, I wonder how the show will end... and maybe have the third cour/second season reveal, with the enemy being, of course, united states, or russia, or china, because why not? :P

What I find weird with the OP character is that her colors are orange and white, a scheme that was only used by the three princesses. So another character, whether human or aradama, wouldn't fit. I wonder if it's not supposed to be an older design of Tagitsu, after all she was racing against Maki in the aradama hunt at the beginning of this cour.

Well, that is too a good option, but the thing is, we don't see Tagitsu in the beginning of this cour with this color scheme. She is always using the Black Hood until she changes clothes.

Also, there's the thing that this character has orange hair, something that neither of the princesses have, all of them have white hair. To add to this, this white hooded character is put in contrast to Maki, with the eye of Tagitsu in the background. The way these characters are grouped tells us that the white hooded character is related to Maki, and both of them are related to Tagitsu. Not related in a familial sense, but in the story sense. This also tells us that each character is her own character. Maki is her own character, Tagitsu too, though maybe that Eye is related to her original body in the netherworld, so... this white hooded character, by this logic that I think applies to the entire the OP, is also her own character.

That is how I see it though. I just want to see this character, to see if I can finally stop gaving the flag that this character is somehow Yume :P

MFW Kaoru says she's going to work extra hard.

Damn, I dig those sword fights! Kanami vs Hiyoyon was my favorite so far but this one was awesome as well. I'm glad the team is back together and gayer than ever!

Quality went down, no doubt. Loved the concepts, but the execution was lacking.

Regarding Yomi, it's not like I didnt like that she did it all for Takatsu (I theorized as much), but the reason she did, I dindnt like that much. "She gave me the chance to be useful", I think Yomi's character had more potential than that. Regarding if she will survive or not, it's up in the air, but with the ass pull that brought Hiyori back, I wont lose hope. I will say, however, that if this show is a good show, like it has been so far, whether she lives or dies rests entirely on Takatsu. Takatsu, so far, has done nothing that warrants the story giving her a reward, in this case, Yomi surviving. If Takatsu makes a move, like say, carry Yomi on her back to get her medical attention, humiliating herself in the process, doing anything that shows externally the growth she had as a character, then she should get a reward, and Yomi should live. If Takatsu takes no action, then by all that's fair Yomi should die, her death being the price paid for Takatsu's growth. If Yomi just survives, then Takatsu's character wouldnt go full circle, going against storytelling standards. Personally, I want Yomi to survive. She still needs to learn there's more to life than just giving it all for someone who did one thing for you, and then treated you with contempt every single instance afterwards. Who needs to teach her that? No other than Takatsu. When Yomi wakes up, let Takatsu call her a fool for going so far for her. I want to see Yomi wear all the dresses Takatsu had prepared for Tagitsu, dammit. I dont want her life to be just suffering, I mean, did you guys see her hair? It went almost completely white, that's how much the noro injection took a toll on her.

I liked that Sayaka faced Ayumu, since the preview showed her resting in bed, there's going to be more development there, so Im saving my judgment on that for next week.

Why did Kanami and everyone else simply let Tagitsu escape after absorbing Hiyori?

Btw, and I've been thinking about this for a while, but why are there no adult Toji outside of the school presidents? The fodder ones who aren't middle schoolers seem too young to be anything but high schoolers.

Why the hell are they trusting that traitor Yuzuki? She's as much responsible for everything that's happening as Yukina. "Oh boohoo she had moral qualms about what she was doing." And yet it did not stop her from doing any of it! She could've let everyone know what Yukina was doing and got the innocent school girls to safety. Instead she just delayed the plan a bit.

Why doesn't the show let any named character be killed outside of flashbacks and natural causes. Even one who deserves it as richly as Yukina?

≫Why did Kanami and everyone else simply let Tagitsu escape after absorbing Hiyori?

I think they were just pretty shocked and exhausted. It's not a farcry to assume that, but it certainly is an assumption.

≫why are there no adult Toji outside of the school presidents?

I think there are, they might just not be shown. After all, they just become normal people when they can no longer use okatana

≫Why the hell are they trusting that traitor Yuzuki?

All the presidents have a pretty sworn loyalty to Yukari's opinion, and Yukari had heard her confession first-hand.

≫Why doesn't the show let any named character be killed outside of flashbacks and natural causes. Even one who deserves it as richly as Yukina?

It's more tragic that way. Anime love tragedy.

This show is so much underrated and also no body watching this. Great story,animation and fighting except 2D.Every body just stuck to Darling in the Franxx thread.

I'd say the first cour of Toji was way better than Darling's first cour, but now they've switched places, with Darling being much more interesting and Toji starting to falter for me. Too bad, cause there's a lot to like about Toji, this and last episode seem to have been moving too quickly for me though. I dunno, I have to give it more thought.

A much cuter version of a chest burster from Alien

Dammit Yomi! Now they are gonna redeem her or something, aren't they?

i think the one that gives yomi the will to live is actually yukina

I was waiting for Yomi to wake up and cut the bitch down. She deserves to go out painfully and screaming for her life.

I had a feeling Hiyoyon was just trapped inside Tagitsu, since her existence is separate from an aradama.

Also goddamn Mai is sly about getting Kanami to open up. Those choco-mint cookies ended up being such a sneaky move.


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