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[Toji no Miko] Episode 21 everyone's impressions

Episode 21
"Sword of the Thunder God"

And here i am again, wondering why this anime is this unpopular for no reason at all. what anime has such well written and unpredictable storylines or well choreographed fights. Sad times.

I'm with you. This show is so underrated! I have to give this show props for not giving away its actual plot from the get go. If I remember correctly, it's original premise was about a tournament between the five schools. I guess people were misled by that.

It does a really good job at remaining unpredictable. Everytime i think i know where the show is going, it takes an unexpected turn.

Come on, there's no way Hiyori is actually dead for good right? RIGHT?!

Me on one hand

On the other hand: Yume sends her... regards...

Yume didn't turn into noro when she died though.

Hence why I think there's a good chance that Hiyori could come back! But... this series showed it doesn't have mercy for Best Girls.

At least if Yume had gotten to fight Kanami instead of dying after a 2v1 when she was half dead already. Like that isn't a good death for a warrior at all, she deserved to at the very least die against someone on the same level as her or even higher in terms of Swordsmanship. :(

That was awesome!

The future-sight stuff was so beautifully shot throughout the whole episode. Some highlights include when Yukari and Hiyori were first chatting and she saw all the different views around the forest, but also Kanami beating Hiyori in each future was great too.

Also the fights all looked gorgeous this time. Because of how fast and supernatural they were, there was less emphasis on cool choreography but they all looked great.

Hell, sometimes Hiyori just standing still looked awesome.

But I think we've really gotta talk about a few things:

1) Hiyori's roundabout monologue

When she got stressed as she didn't know where to direct her anger? Gosh, we knew for a while that she was probably the best singer amongst the main cast, but now we know she's the best actor, too. That was a powerful and heartfelt cry that really beautifully went round a huge cycle of feelings.

2) Kanami's dick-mode at the end

Kanami found it a kindness in herself through spurning on Hiyori, but then... the breakdown... that was so beautiful. I was tearing up. Not just because it was yuri wonders, but it was a beautiful scene of Kanami finally finding something that means a lot to her that isn't sword fighting and expressing it honestly. She didn't love Hiyori just because she was the best opponent, she loved her anyway, and that was such a heartwrenching sight.

3) Tagitsu's plan


That escalated real quickly. Tagitsu came back somehow, murdered Hiyori (though her body disappeared into aradama so methinks she will come back at the conclusion) and then said she had been planning that. What.

I'm so... what?!

Also new ED...

Next week can't come soon enough.

just wtf, i feel like hiyori is gone for good, seeing how things went with yume...

At the beginning of the show I was thinking that the utsushi was a convenient (although not bad) narrative technique that allows them to have swordfights without significant risks of long-lasting injury or death, noting that despite fighting many battles, nobody had died.

I didn't realize that, using this technique, actual deaths (or supposed deaths, in this case) are unexpected and impactful despite the characters fighting all the time.

It's a narrative technique I've seen used in games before, where the "temporary" death is normal, but doesn't reduce the narrative importance of actual permanent death.

I'm sure its a surprise to some that Kanami is actually kind of an asshole who barely cares about anything except swords. Even her tears at the end if you read interviews are in part because she believed she was about to lose the only person even remotely at her level (someone she still BTFO effortlessly), not just because she loved Hiyori.

I can't even imagine how disappointing that fight must have been for her.

Edit: Director explained the episode, making it clear that Kanami isn't actually a complete psycho and isn't OP at all, but was able to beat Hiyori because she was angry over being called small fry, despite being several times stronger and faster than the attack she used against Yukari, which couldn't be blocked. Kind of ruins what was otherwise a nice 20 episode set up for the MC being a total nutter.

Double Edit: Apparently not the director, but the person who directs or gives advice on the sword fights in the series.

I wanna see more people that can beat Kanami than
  1. Her mum
  2. The Aradama-drunk Yukari
I'm kinda hoping within the next few episodes it becomes written such that she loses, but poetically gains so much more!

Look seriously she is EVIL since Ep 01

Fought Mai 1/2 hearted most of the time for giggles. Once she found a new target, she offed Mai and dropped her like a used rag

Fought Sayaka during her time with her. Used her as a punching bag or maybe just for giggles. Till Sayaka called her out for her BS

Fought her Yandere fan, stood here and just watch Takirihime get absorbed by Tagitsuhime. Off her Yandere Fan a few eps later because she is "No Fun".

Fought Hiyori, without giving a second thought if Hiyori is able to fight her, or care if Hiyori can control the 3 himes. Defeat Hiyori which further weakening her causing Tagitsuhime to absorb Hiyori. Just sits there.

She is likely going to sacrifice all her "Friends" in the Netherworld. Just for a stronger opponent.

Soooooooo... She is basically Goku, right?

Goku actually have friends. And get enraged if you target them. Kanami on the other hand..

Damn. That was intense. Yukari plotting to sacrifice herself and Hiyori to go hell together. Hiyori trying to contain her powers to not kill Kaname. Kaname just straight up whooping Hiyori's ass. And then Tagitsu absorbing (?) Hiyori along with other princesses?! Legit don't know what's gonna happen next!

But hey, at least we got this adorable shot of Kaoru and Nene.


What ?

That didn't just happen, right ? You can't just find a good resolution and then... cancel it.

Beautiful battle scenes. They managed to make me forget the nonsense of this sentence in episode 21. Why did I forget that this sentence was nonsense with three episodes left ?

At least it explains why they subverted the trope with the one receiving the divine power not being the main character.

Man this episode was so weird. I mean, I liked it, but the development on Kanami was so sudden, all of a sudden she's the strongest there is and she was merely pretending?

And we knew she was a crazy swordfight addict, but to the point that she doesn't even cares about others? Damn.

And I guess Tagitsu's plan was to enter Hiyori, absorve Ichikishima and come back out? But it seems she absorbed Hiyori too. Maybe because a fusion of an aradama with a human is stronger, especially a Hiiragi family member (at least that's what yukari said)?

But what bugged me out in this episode was that out of nowhere Mai uses her "seeing" power. Afaik it's only subtly mentioned once or twice and never again and then suddenly she uses it? I only knew about it because I read it on one of these discussions.

≫Man this episode was so weird. I mean, I liked it, but the development on Kanami was so sudden, all of a sudden she's the strongest there is and she was merely pretending?

It was more that she has never been forced to give her all, not that she was pretending.

≫But what bugged me out in this episode was that out of nowhere Mai uses her seeing power. Afaik it's only subtly mentioned once or twice and never again and then suddenly she uses it? I only knew about it because I read it on one of these discussions.

I haven't read much of the manga since so little is translated, but it happens to be mentioned in the first chapter. Yeah, that's a Toji power called "Myougan". You can read about some of the odd powers Toji have here

That new ED... I have a feeling that this anime won't have a very happy ending.

When I saw the 2nd OP I thought this show was skirting the edge of Magical Girl Show.

Now I firmly believe it just dove in head first.

Good to finally see a side of Kanami that those who follow other side projects already know or have an idea about.

Lightning cutting!

That ending song though...

This show man, unless there’s a new show in the next two seasons with no hype to be this good, Toji no Miko is almost a lock for sleeper of the year.

The characters, written, fight choreography is really good. And considering it’s an anime original show, extra props to the studio.

Man I didn't expect that. How the hell isn't this more popular? The fights are incredibly well made, like actually insane. The story is good, the twists are just delicious. Characters are good as well.

Kanami show Tagitsu that you cut her down once and that you can do it again!

Best animation so far, much effort put into this episode.

That was pretty awesome.


Unexpected feels. Goddammit.

This hit me harder than infinity war.

Also depending on when MAL comes back online and where the story goes from here, pretty sure I might end up rating this a 9/10.

Oh come on! You can't give us an ending like that followed by a very somber ED on a black screen, Tha PV doesn't show Hiyoririn too TT_TT

Sword fighting this episode was pretty dope though! I'm already excited for next week's episode!

The fights look so damn good in this show!


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