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Tell us the best story of how you discovered an anime

Here's my long road to Fate/Zero:

Many years ago, I used to play this old rpg game, it was a Diablo ripoff style dungeon crawler, but very simplified with an abundance of reused enemy models, endless fetch quests, broken mechanics etc etc, I had a lot of fun with it though.

This game's name was "Fate", and so, every time I googled cheat codessomething about it, I would see "Fate stay night" in the suggestion, and I was curious about it for the longest time.

Once I finally gave in and looked it up, I was presented with a bunch of info on the series as you'd expect, so what did I do? Well, back then I wasn't really into anime, all I watched and was serious about was One Piece, but I did read a lot of manga, and so, I picked the thing that I was most familiar with: the Fate/SN manga.

(Which I think was adapted from the 2006 anime, so you can imagine how amazing it is.)

And thus, that was my entry in the Fate series, an absolutely splendid start.

I forgot about that thing for a while, but from there, I eventually discovered Fate/Zero, and it really did blew me away, I couldn't believe it was that good, coming off of that manga. Since then I've had a great time with the Fate Series and F/Z is still one of my favorite anime ever.

Somewhat ironically though, my favourite Fate series ended up being Prisma Illya, the only one in the franchise, I think, which the original is a manga(at least amongst the ones that I know).

A lot of nightcore and then I saw a redhead character in the backround of a video and did some research. And thats how I started watching high school dxd and with that I was hooked on anime.

"Research" huh? I wonder what that entailed.

I only watched it for the "plot".

I was really pissed that my parents wouldn't let me go to a concert so I decided to watch Attack on Titan to make myself feel better about my first world problems.

edit: whoops that's the story of how i (re)discovered anime (as a teen) and not AN anime... but I guess it's still relevant?

I watched the first episode of attack on titan as it aired in my room, under a blanket, at 1 AM in the morning. Needless to say, it was not easy sleeping.

Honestly for me a death scene in 1st episode of season 2 was more disturbing and horrifying than that 1st episode of season 1.

I used to be quite "anti-anime" before since I only knew the stuff that was running on TV back then (DragonBall, Yu-Gi-Oh, Ranma 1/2, Pokemon...) and I thought I outgrew it.

Well years later when I was around 16 I was so bored during school holidays that I found an Anime-Discussion Thread in a Forum that I frequent. People were talking all about "Death Note" and how great it was. Because of me being so bored I gave it a try, watched 20 secs. turned it off. Then a few hours later tried it again and didn't do anything else for the next 2 days and I was completely sucked in. The Anime completely blew me away and I needed more, so I binge watched other anime like Elfen Lied, Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien, Full Metal Panic etc. and now 10 years later I still love anime.

Took a vacation to Japan with a friend and we decided to watch anime while in Japan. However there were no subbs so we couldn't understand anything. We stumbled across a cute magical girl anime where the main girl was a complete idiot and everything was going wrong. Like dropping her magical device in the river. Every attack would ricochet and somehow hit her. Falling down a lot. We couldn't stop laughing at possibility the worst magical girl in history. We joked that she's the retard of the group. Even the badguy laughed and mocked her.

This was how I discovered Precure.

So I found this wonderful thing called "hentai" and from that I found that this particular character that came from a show called "Kill la Kill". This is how I got into anime.

I saw tumblr memes of a girl with "love nectar" and that led me to discovering the masterpiece that is Shimoneta.

A friend of mine was going around showing everybody Attack on Titan videos. I found it stupid at first but I was interested at that point that I could not go back. Before that I was a huge anime hater.

It makes me sad that how a show like aot which turned Million's of anti anime people into anime fans, has become a show which is cool to hate among anime community just because it is popular.

Yeah lol, thanks to it I have watched almost 100 other animes in 2 years.

This is stupid, but waifu wars dragged me in. I was watching a lot of Twitch during the original run of Re:Zero and this Rem / Emilia Stuff was CONSTANT. I ignored it for a while after finding out it was some anime meme but eventually I was bored enough to check it out.

Instantly hooked.

The mystery and premise and desire to kill the main character felt very different from fiction you tend to read / watch in the West. I binged the series in a night. By then Konosuba was also a thing and since it was randomly the second other anime I tried while seeing if this Crunchyroll thing was worth it that was when I really got hooked. By the time Darkness was battling cabbages...this was something I wanted to stick around for.

I guess you could say I came for the unique storytelling, but I stayed for the ecchi fan service comedy garbage.

I discovered anime form their openings and I later watched the show like Neon Genesis Evangelion.

I decided one day to get into anime. So I just clicked a anime and I ended up watching Food Wars, which was a terrible mistake and quit after the first episode. So I began watching some anime memes and came across a compilation of a girl getting aroused whenever the other girl did anything. I liked what I saw and began to do some research. I ended up watching Kobayashi Dragon Maid. It is still one of my favorite anime of all time.

food wars was my first anime except i fucking loved it

Well not exactly "discovered" but when I started Madoka Magica after a lot of recommendations I was like: "Holy crap, I've read so many yuri doujins of this"

9gag told me Code Geass was similar to DN (a show I watched 3 years before), so I decided to listen to that random person and watched CG. I ended watching the 2nd season in 1 day and after that I started my journey to the anime world

I have a story for CG too, but not a very nice one:

Back when I wasn't into anime, I saw a video of the ending parade scene on YouTube, way before I even knew what Code Geass even was. I managed to forget about it until I got to around ep 20 of R2 though, great times.

I remember watching some stuff back when it aired on tv. Inuyasha, Gundam Seed, and the typical Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh (if those even count haha). It dropped off around middle school.

Fast forward to first year university, my sister's ex-husband gave me a stack of CDs with different anime burned into them. One of them being Gundam Seed, so I binged watched that. Then I binge watched Gundam 00. Then I started to binge watch allll the things

Fate was a really fun game back when I was like 8, lol

Man is it that old already, I first played that when I was 13, I played it a bit last year and it was still surprisingly fun, then got burned out because I played on the hardest difficulty with a broken ass lifesteal build that was so strong I was fighting level 70 enemies at with a lv 20 character.

When I was around 8 I would spend pretty much all of my time on the computer, either playings MMOs or on youtube. I really liked wolves and cats (youtube was the hotspot for Warrior Cat AMVs and furry speedpaints) and I got recommended an episode of Wolfs Rain. A lot of the episodes were on youtube but they were hard to find for 8 year old me. I reached a point in the series where none of them were on youtube so I stopped watching.

And then 5 years later my friend introduced me to Fruits Basket and I never looked back. I plan to rewatch Wolfs Rain at some point.

As a child they'd air Dragon Ball Z on TV so I always watched that, it was my favorite anime (alongside others that also aired like Doraemon etc.) but I didn't see it as one, back then I didn't know about anime/manga/etc so it seemed like a regular cartoon in my eyes.

Fast forward to a year ago and I'm browsing Twitter when suddenly I see something about an anime called "Dragon Ball Super" currently airing... the show I loved so much as a child was putting out new content and I wasn't even aware of it! Naturally, I googled "Dragon Ball Super watch online" or something like that and stumbled upon a certain site with tooooons of anime. The section that caught my attention the most was "Hot", as in the most popular shows currently airing. One of them was Made in Abyss, its description seemed interesting, cute character so cute and funny story right? And so I decided to watch that one after I was all caught up with DBS. MiA was the show that introduced me into properly watching anime. Now, having 34 shows in my "Completed" list later, I don't regret it one bit.

Played Wow when I was 13 in a private server. In the forum a guy had a gif of Haruko from FLCL and I wanted to know where it was from but I was just a lurker. Forgot about it and then a year after that I found the show from another image. Watched it in one sitting. It was the craziest show I had ever seen and it really did move some things in my head. Two days after that I rewatched it in one sitting again.

Back in 2008 when machinimas were popular, there was one Brawl machinima that was a montage of funny skits. One of them was a bunch of Kirbys dancing to Lucky Star's OP.

It was at that moment I realized I am a weeb really liked this sort of music, and looked up Lucky Star. I became an anime fan all thanks to some dancing Kirbys.

Well, most anime for me were basically the same situation (I saw/heard someone recommending it/found it myself, and started to watch), save for one:
I was around 3 or 4 back then. My family was going to a restaurant, but as soon as we stepped into the cab, I vomitted so hard that I immediately passed out (I was really bad with cars back then). When I woke up, the TV was on, and airing at that moment was my first anime and soon-to-be favorite franchise of all time: Pokemon

I Heard that Gunbuster was one of the first shows to have boob jiggling and started watching purely beacause I thought it would at the very least be a fun ride, without knowing anything more about it. Never expected to end up crying of emotion by the end. It became one of my favourites shows ever.

A friend showed me an animated girl doing something strange, not very consensual to a table while looking at a picture. I honestly didn't fully understand what she was doing why she stoped in the wierd way she did when a blond girl on a wheel chair rolled up into the scene. I was curious and low and behold I was watching code geass.

Now that I understand what the scene was.... JUSTICE FOR TABLE KUN

Started when I was a little girl with sailor moon (sailor scouts were my idols) then moving to cardcaptor sakura. I was also prime age for Pokemon and digimon, but it was as it got older that Neon genesis evangelion that got me hooked and I've since binged as much as possible 😁

Oh I also used to run home from school to catch dragonball Z 😁

A girl I had a crush on in highschool posted a video of a stormtrooper dancing to the k-on theme. I got obsessed with the vid and started watching k-on. Before this, I thought anime was for weirdos and girls.

I watched a lot of American TV shows, and in May 2014, I started to watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D which was very boring for 5 episodes, same was with Walking Dead, which bored me after 3 episodes and How I Met Your Mother final episode that left me frustrated so much that I said that I will never watch any American shows. Then in June when I didn't have anything to watch I remembered about anime about gamers and VR, and decided to find it because it was on the same pirate site as Naruto. So.. I started and was so happy, and then I suddenly cried, which haven't happen to me before and then I was so happy when I read that new season starts in two weeks. I scored it as 10, and people here still ask me why I gave SAO 10. And my answer is - because it got me into anime.

I decided that I won't watch any new American media from now on for at least one year. (it lasts for 4 years) So after 4 years I watched probably ~12 American movies, and 8th season of Doctor Who (i dropped it because it was terrible), 3 seasons of Game of Thrones ( i just want to know how it finishes, I don't enjoy it anymore), and one season of Shameless (want to continue it)

well the basic one would be something like dragonball, digimon, pokemon and stuff i was like that too, but stopped watching anime around grade school till high school

then when i started college i stayed at my brother's place and watch SAO together. i was so damn disappointed that i think "there's no way this kind of shit is the best they(japan) can offer" so i started searching other anime and stumbled upon psycho pass season 1

after that i started reading urasawa naoki's manga and other seinen in general

i guess it's thanks to SAO that i now get to know many manga masterpiece that is underappreciated

I was bored one night on a hot summer day on the last week of my summer vacation. I was browsing random youtube vids and I came accros an toradora funny moments complication. Watched and I did like it so I decided to check out what it was from. Next weekend finished watching the entire show and boy, did a new world open that moment I realised ther is more stuff like Toradora.

I decided to watch Dagashi Kashi after seeing the doujins


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