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[Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai] Episode 9 everyone's impressions [Tada Never Falls in Love]

Episode 9
"I Don't Have One Now..."

Since I did some research I wanted this to be a top level comment - to anyone worried about the possibility of a sad ending, know this:

The current head of the royal family in Luxembourg (totally not Larsenburg) married a commoner from Cuba, who he met while studying abroad. (Whether or not he was accompanied by a ninja or was previously engaged to anyone who spoke to cats are unclear so far.)

So keep those ships sailing!

So, you're saying... there's a chance?

A chance!? This could have practically been the inspiration for the whole anime!

≫married a commoner from Cuba

Considering that said commoner is named Maria Teresa I would say this marriage served as inpiration for the story, so i think the ship hasnt sinked yet

You have brought faith back into my life! It was a very interesting connection/read. Hopefully they do follow this route.

Well, that is a way to "solve" everything...

What if Charles died? and Teresa gets to marry whoever she chooses :O

highly unlikely tho T.T

hey, they do say good people die young and Charles is a fucking saint.

I was expecting for the kiss to be interrupted by the imouto or Tada-kun via him waking up. Instead, I got my heart ripped out when Teresa realized she can't stop herself and broke down knowing she has a role to fulfil.

At this point, I might as well hope for a bittersweet ending at best.

Hey, remember when this show is full of laugh and joy? Well....

I still had a nice laugh here and there, the photo showing and Teresa + Alex as kids were great!

Kaoru running in the rain made my day.

The scary looking dude who sits in the bar is 100% rainbow shogun (or atleast the actor of).

If he doesn't randomly have a talk with teresa that leads to her picking my boi Mitsuyoshi, ill eat some food.

no bamboozle

That's what I thought but the chin and nose are to different. "Yakuza" / Shogun

Maybe he's the author of it.

I'm starting to steel myself for a sad ending...there's no way for them to do a "good" ending. Either she'll go back home and always remember Tada or the highly unlikely event that a queen marries some commoner from Japan...

I do hope that some of the sideships get to sail though :(

The sick event is always one of my faves and I thought they nailed it, was hoping Tada would say something in his daze but Teresa's scene was well done enough that I don't mind.

≫Teresa's scene

To be honest, I was 100% sure Alec or something else was going to interrupt that scene.

I was waiting for truck-kun to come flying through the f’ing window

Royalty marrying commoner foreigners isn't unheard of. I was going to mention that King Edward VIII married an American commoner, but then I thought I should look up Luxembourg for the check of it, and in fact, the current Grand Duke of Luxembourg (their equivalent to a king) married a commoner from Cuba, who he met while studying abroad.

So, this is totally a realistic thing that happens, in the country that surely inspired Larsenburg. This ship may still come to a happy port!

This shot from the little preview is pretty much the actual dead of it.

That's the pose that people use when they have something nice to say before they bring some bad news.

I predict that after seeing the Rainbow Shogun Show Teresa will reflect on how the Japan in her mind "isn't the real one" and how the Teresa she's shown Tada hasn't been the real Teresa. Maybe prompted by Tada himself saying he was never really into the show or something for that reason, maybe not.

So she's going to confess her identity to him and her situation with Charles, attempting to let go of her feelings of him in the process.

That end scene where Alec asked if Teresa was done I think held more weight than her just being done with the dishes. It has me worried that she might cut her trip short

Teresa, don't cry

Oof this episode hit me in the feels. It broke my heart seeing Teresa try to be strong and breaking down.

This was a nice Hina x Pin-senpai pic <3

≫This was a nice Hina x Pin-senpai pic <3

Main ship probably won't sail but these 2 need to!

They do! None of the ships sailing would be too sad

Teresa psyching herself up is too adorable. Same with little ninja Alec.

Tada never falls in love... because he died. RIP

The porridge scene was great. Yui's ways are unconventional, but if they work, they work!

They really set it up for a sad ending now. And it would be a bit of a copout at this point to have her stay unless Charles is having a final word about this since he could have noticed all this happening.

So if this happens to be a good ending, it needs Charles to do this.

Otherwise i'll have to prepare myself cuz i felt emotional for Teresa seeing her not able to hold back anymore. :(

Things aren't looking good. A bittersweet ending is going to happen, but I think it's for the best. Tada so far hasn't really shown much interest in Theresa and is more involved with his photography. The only ship left sailing has to be Pin senpai and Hinako. I'm scared.

≫Tada so far hasn't really shown much interest in Theresa

Dude, like almost every episode has had hints towards him liking her. He just doesn't express his feelings so much. That milky way picture is on his wall because it's the milky way picture he took when he had some alone time with Teresa, where she admitted to herself that she loves him.

Even this episode with the umbrella. The way he stares at Teresa as she walks away. There's been tonnes of moments like that.

Very much show don't tell.

Tada sure doesn't express much through his words but his photos says it all on how much he loves his friends. He really makes the people aroumd him glow.

I'm actually surprise Teresa kissed him in his sleep. Though she seemed resolved about becoming queen and leaving tada and japan behind after the school year. Makes me wonder what tada is going to do on his end if he's goimg to let her go or actually start to accept his developing feelings. I'm not convince its love on his end...tbh id be fine if he doesn't fall in love till years later as he's traveling in Teresa's country as a photo journalist--haha my fantasy anyway.


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