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[Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai] Episode 13 - FINAL everyone's impressions [Tada Never Falls in Love]

Episode 13
 "I'll Never Forget It, Either"

After being confronted by Kaoru, Mitsuyoshi decides to go to the engagement ceremony--after all, Rachel gave him an invitation. Mitsuyoshi did talk to Teresa afterward, and they reveal each other's feelings. Charles saw this one coming as he invites Alec to the outdoor terrace. A few weeks passed and Hajime graduates, with Mitsuyoshi becoming the new president of the photography club; while back in Larsenburg, as Rachel is revealed to be the writer behind "Sunflower Express,' news of Charles breaking off his engagement to Teresa makes headline news. He is spotted drinking coffee in some outdoor cafe with Alec, saying he broke the engagement because he wasn't keen on the engagement at first anyway, and that he needs to play around some more. As Mitsuyoshi takes photos of a cherry blossom tree, rain starts to fall. When he rushes to take shelter, Teresa shades him with her umbrella out of nowhere, much to Mitsuyoshi's surprise, and declares her definite love for him. The two then share a kiss under the cherry blossom tree as the rain clears. 

Everyone, give it up for Best Bro Kaoru Ijuuin. The Savior of Ships

Huh, he could save other's ships, but not himself. (Yes I'm still hanging unto AlecXIjuin)

After seeing her like that in the last few episodes Alec doesn't deserve Ijuuin.

I'll never forget it, either(iДi)

My heart stopped when Teresa said the line that's in the BD/DVD volume 1 cover.

Really? Because my heart stopped when it faded to black right after that scene and the ED started playing!

Ijuin and Charles are some grade A Bros

Alec, in turn, is the absolute worst winglady I've seen in anime that I can remember. Goodness.

God even Charles had to stop her from ruining another moment.

Thank god for Charles. What a good guy! I'm also so grateful to Kaoru and Rachel. Alec was going to lie until the very end, telling Teresa she would be okay and insisting she persevered. Teresa probably would have lived an unhappy life full of regret :[

The ship has survived the iceberg......

Rachel came in as a welder and single handedly saved the ship from sinking.

Her as well Ijuuin for telling Tada off save the ship.

Honestly, if Charles hadn't broken off the engagement on his end, I'm pretty sure Teresa would have gone ahead and married him.

Charles needs to win Best Guy contest or I riot


You two had me worried for a looong second, but I'm glad Tada and Teresa got together. These two were so cute till the very end, with Teresa saying she won't let him go and them blushing right after. I love it. Overall, this show has just been a sweet and cute (sometimes bittersweet) show and will probably be my AotS.

I, too, am happy about Teresa and Tada, but let's focus on the important thing here. Charles and Alec are basically a thing now. That's canon.

It's actually kinda cool how the key visual shows the pairings even before the show started. That includes Ijuuin ending up with his camera.

EDIT: Still somewhat salty that they didn't let Pin senpai know that Hinako is the IDOL he loves.

Wow, I never thought to look into the reflections, that is some A-grade relationship dynamics foreshadowing

I love that it hints that even though Ijuin loves himself greatly, he still keeps his eye on Tada and his happiness above all else, with his eyes staring at Tada in the reflection.

Can't believe that just happened. Was totally expecting a bittersweet ending, heck I wouldn't even mind it that much.

Sadly we didn't get any conclusions on the other pairings, especially Pin-senpai and Hina. I guess he'll never know his idol is just right beside him.

So sweet. Also, no close-up of the kiss!?!

It's also worth noting that Teresa didn't bring rain this time, and instead made it sunny. Guess it's kinda fitting for a happy ending.

That's exactly the only thing I hate about this finale. No close-up of the fcking kiss, aaaaaaaaa, it was just so fcking cute and wholesome and not seeing a closeup is killing the sh*t out of me

Tbh, I prefer this kind of shot. They are clearly kissing, and that's all I need. Especially since so many romance animes never even show it EVEN WHEN THEY'RE ACTUALLY DATING. But that and it's sort of respectful in a way, you know? Let the characters have their resolution in peace

Rachel is a huge god damn troll, it looked like it was gonna end with a bittersweet ending.

I'm genuinely surprised at how much of a bro Charles is, like god damn. Bloody gold star. Ijuin is still the bro of the goddamn century though, nothijng even come's close.

Yamashita Dog and Yui was heavily hinted, as was Charles/Alec, but they never gave the payoff for Pin-senpai and Hina. Like, they could've snuck that in somewhere, right?

Series felt a bit rushed near the ending, they kinda played the will they/won't they card a bit much, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. Really glad I picked this up.

Really glad Charles did that. He deserves all the praise and love he gets. He's a good man for letting Teresa be with the man she loves. Thankfully, he'll have Alec by his side.

Well also, frankly I wouldn't want to marry someone who didn't love me either. So it was either do this and look like a total badass cool guy or be stuck in an unhappy marriage where you know your wife hates every second of it.


Though it did feel a little rushed and I do wish more ships sailed...I don't care since we got a happy end we really didn't think we' be getting!

Pin x Hina sails in my heart as well.


I was a bit baffled by the sudden change. Feels a bit LOT like crowd pleasing. But can't say I don't like it, I'm a huge sucker for happy endings too.

The show never really tried to be clever, everything was straight forward, so with how the show developed the MC's relationships I don't really see Theresa ending up with Charles making much sense.

And while a bitter-sweet ending might have made the show more rememberable, I don't think it would have made it better.

I liked the characters more than I liked the plot personally, and the fact that it was only 13 episodes I think kinda hurt it, since a potentially great character in Charles as an example just end up as a plot device.

Moments like this are why I love original anime.

So refreshing not getting spoiler threads and instead have true reaction threads.

This are the best shows to watch and most of the time they have an ending !!

I'm so happy at the ending. Would have also like to see a resolution on the Hinaxo x Pin-sempai side, but the Tada-Teresa being resolved like this is extremely sweet

My heart became filled with warmth, pride, and childlike joy

It a good love story
Charles,, you are best bro of years
We will never forget you

"A happy ending would be nice for the conclusion" Indeed!

I was sure this was going to be a 7/10 but the ending made my (almost) cry twice, so it's better than that.

I prefer Hinako and Pin-sempai stuck in Neverland and all the other ships sailing merrily along - most optimistic about Ijuuin-bro and his selfie camera pairing

I have no word to say cuz I'm delighted.

In the last week episode, I saw them cry, I also cried,but at this time I see them happy, I'm also happy.

Now, Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai is one of the best anime for me.

Romance with Happy Ending is always the best thing, tyvm Doga Kobo.

So glad they wrote Charles the way they did. It would have been out of character for him to marry her, knowing what she felt for Tada.

But now I’m curious, is she just being allowed to live as a normal girl? Is she still gonna be queen?

I wish there was some resolution from the government side of things too. I love a good ending as much as the next guy but I have questions about the future of Larsemburg now.

Don't think it'd change much really, European royalty has occasionally married non-royals for over half a century or something.

I enjoyed this episode and this whole anime a lot. I'm happy that Tada and Teresa ended up together, but I think it would have been a more powerful ending from a narrative standpoint if they didn't end up together. It would have been heartbreaking, but still. Tada's arc was done once he'd confessed, and Teresa had grown to not only accept the responsibility of the crown, but also acknowledge and share her own feelings. They're a great couple, but I don't think the anime had enough time to conclude their story with a happy ending. All that said, I'm smiling a lot so who cares

It's the 21st century - arranged marriage from birth for royalty is, and rightfully should, no longer be a thing anyone has to just accept. If the show fumbled in any way, it's by not sending a clear message that "responsibility to the crown" doesn't extend to destruction of the self.




The ending definitely felt rushed, and to be honest the cut from them in the corridor to the graduation scene was pretty jarring.

However the ending was genuinely enjoyable and the final scene was perfect

Thank you based Charles

Its always a happy ending is the best ending. I quite envy them ;_;

Come back is real boys!!! 9/10 im happy ending sucker btw

Thank god this was a happy ending. A big middle finger to all the people that wanted a “realistic” ending with them not ending up together.


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