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[Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai] Episode 12 everyone's impressions

Episode 12
"Sorry for Surprising You..."

Tada flies to Larsenburg to confess to Teresa. However, he's still unaware of the fact that she is a Princess. Charles insists that Teresa tell Tada everything truthfully. After knowing the truth, Tada leaves heartbroken and Teresa's condition also isn't too good. She tells Alec to leave her alone for a while and cries in her bed as Tada walks away. Kaoru finally finds Tada with tears flowing down his face and is shocked at the rare sight. Nothing went as expected by him. 

I would just like to remind everyone that not only does the real Luxembourg royal family have a tradition of studying abroad, but they also have a history of marrying foreign commoners from island nations named Teresa who they met while studying abroad.

But this isn't the real Luxembourg, it's Larsenburg! Look at the palace, it doesn't even look...


Okay, so they're identical in the anime and in real life.

The palace had the Luxembourgian flag even. But the biggest difference is that Luxembourg is a duchy, not a kingdom.

The palace had the Luxembourgian flag even. But the biggest difference is that Luxembourg is a duchy, not a kingdom.

The two daifuku symbolize Teresa and Alec. The daifuku falling off the tray symbolizes their friendship splitting apart.

But Tada picked it up and put it back. He will save them. It is fortold by the daifuku.

Do not lose hope. Tada must convince Charles and Teresa to break off their engagement. That is the way to salvation.

Have faith in the wisdom of the daifuku.

≫The two daifuku symbolize Teresa and Alec. The daifuku falling off the tray symbolizes their friendship splitting apart.

Well, that blew my mind.

To me, the guarantee of a good ending is the whole "Always make your heart rainbow" deal. That suggests "Stay true to yourself" and "Live a life that won't end in regrets". It can't end with Teresa meekly accepting the life plan everyone else has laid out for her.

That is very true i don't know how i didn't notice. You must be correct because rainbow shogun is a big part but until now i thought of it as comedic relief. But after watching this episode and hearing how she is just following what others decided for her since she was born and then reading that rainbow shogun explanation from you it hives me hope for a good ending.

I like how Charles turned out to be a really nice guy. When he was first introduced, I was worried he'd be a generic, almost antagonistic character who just manipulated Teresa, but I'm glad he was actually just a good guy who wanted to see Teresa be happy.

Honestly Charles' only fault is not being the MC

He's such a nice guy that somehow feels "wrong".

Tada-kun never falls in love...... (Except for that one time he met a cute European royal weeb).

Tada-kun should never have fallen in love.

Oh, god, that was brutal. Tada crying at the end of the episode is probably the most hard-hitting scene in the whole show.

This finale has good potential to wreck me emotionally for days, regardless of which way it goes.

≫Tada crying at the end of the episode is probably the most hard-hitting scene in the whole show.

Even more so considering he didn't even cry at his parents funeral. Seeing his stoic self just start to break apart was fascinating to watch.

The title of the last episode creeps me out. Seems like they are serious about going for the bad end.

It's hard to say, most of their titles are misleading, this being the first one that I actually correctly guessed who would say it. For all we know, it could be Alec saying it to Teresa in the bizarre situation that she goes back to Japan. (...please?...)

Remember when we all thought this was going be a nice and fun romcom about multiple couples from the previews??..... Ya...

I member

To be honest, I thought it'd go down this route from the very beginning. It's fun and upbeat sure, but there's always been an air of melancholy about it.

four heartbreaks in one episode. Are you still human, Doga Kobo?

Hey, on the optimist side Ijuin is not crying.

Until he learns that Alec is in love with Chuck...

Given Ijuin's character, he'll just laugh it off and take a few more selfies of himself while he slowly dies on the inside because best bros never fucking win.

Having Ijuin make a blood-curdling screech at the end really ruined the mood of that scene for me. It wasn't the time for shenanigans like that. His character was always grating to me.

I just don't see how we get a happy ending here without the writers pulling something out from their behind. Especially since now we know Teresa is a royal only child, it'll make things complicated if she goes to run off to live the commoner's life with Mitsuyoshi. The opposite end is Mitsuyoshi becoming King of Larsonburg, which just seems weird to me and out of character for Mitsuyoshi.

Well, if he just stays there and marries Teresa, he won't have to get on a plane to fly back to Japan, so that's a pretty good reason to shoot for kingship

I could really see Charles calling off the wedding or Tada learning something from the Note and getting together with Teresa.

And them Falling in love each other is something they will never forget. Hence the title for the next episode

As it turns out, Tada is actually a long lost royal prince from Jiapano and thus is able to marry Teresa instead of Charles. Yay!

Well Tada is obviously a direct descendant of the Rainbow Shogun, so of course he's royalty.

Ijuin bringing his special brand of creepiness to another continent.

He may be an overly genki dude but he's a pretty great friend. Brojuin to the rescue!

When I saw the title of the last episode, I lost all my hope....

The letter Reiko gave to Tada might be a wedding invitation letter. That's the last chance for him to meet and confess his feeling to Teresa..

This episode is more painful as you realize that the main ship got wrecked.

Is it a good ending where no one can't be with the person they love the most? I want a happy ending so bad man T-T

Oh god, this episode. Everyone is sad. Not like this. I want everyone's heart to be like a rainbow.

I hope Charles lets Teresa go and lets her be with Tada. He also seems to be hurting seeing her like that. And I just hope Alec gets some sort of resolution. If she's not with Charles, I hope she moves on and isn't tormented the way she is.

Guess the colour of the rainbow was blue after all. Those last few minutes really gets ya feeling the blues

I almost want to say if they wanted to do a bad ending, they would have just made it 12 and done it this episode, but that is just my hopes and dreams talking.

Now here is the question, is he going to crash this Dinner Party and confess? and if so, do we get the, 'Charles just wants her to be happy' or the 'Too bad we have a determined path and we will just grow old with our feelings'

Ultimately, I think everything falls to Charles, or even possibly Teresa's parents. While it would feel like they pull a happy ending out of nowhere at this point, I can't say I wouldn't be happy. But if they go the sad ending, it makes a lot more sense at this point.

I'm still hopeful for a happy ending next week

Damn that was a very good episode ! I'am so looking forward to the last one. The title scares me a little though.

On the other hand I'am really starting to get frustrated with Alec. Her character is still pretty much the same as she was back in episode 1. She had no growth, almost no development and her stuborness hurts her and Teresa.

She also tried to prevent Tada and Teresa to speak together which makes me think that she sees Teresa more as a princess than a friend which would explain a lot.

I feel like Charles might actually withdraw from the wedding for the sake of Teresa.

Ijuin mvp.


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