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[Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai] Episode 11 everyone's impressions [Tada Never Falls in Love]

Episode 11
"Not Really"

Sees Ijuin at the airport
so cute, he's looking after Tada.

Sees Ijuin inside the plane
Hol' up.

How else is he gonna get to Larsenburg to resolve his relationship with Alec?

You mean "Lalusembourg", apparently.

Of all the spellings that might have been, I never would have come up with that one

Man, if we don't get closure on Pin-senpai and Hina, I'm going to be so pissed.

I want closure for them and I want my boy Kaoru to get with Alec.

Oddly enough I'm more invested in these couples than I am in Tada x Teresa.

I just want to see Pin's face when he realises Hinako is Hina.

I want him to realize it when she walks down the aisle on their wedding day.

It took 11 episodes, but I'm finally crying.

First time I've teared up from anime/manga since 12 years ago when I teared up during the Zabuza arc in the Naruto manga of all things lol.

oh wow have you watched clannad

With that comment I think we can infer Raiden316 has not watched:
  • Clannad + After Story
  • Your Lie In April
  • Anohana
  • Plastic Memories
  • Angel Beats

That was some really nifty detail to remember the photo chase from episode 2, from Teresa's POV. Most of the time, animators would just reuse footage in this kind of flashback. They even pointed out that cutscene of Teresa asking why can't she take a shot, when her camera was in video mode. That's a lot of planned detail from the beginning.

Guess my prediction failed. I was thinking Golgo 13 would be the trigger for Tada to take the plane to Luxemburg, but it was the gramps afterall who took his place.

It's a shame for Umehara Yuuichirou current health state. Even though Sugita Tomokazu is quite the experienced VA for so many years, I really can't see him as Pin senpai.

≫That's a lot of planned detail from the beginning.

Not to mention all those shots of Nyanko Big from the earlier episodes perfectly foreshadowed how in this episode Tada finally grew a pair.

massive foreshadowing

Has it ever been explained why Golgo is even in this anime?

No they haven't. That's the best part.

"Tada Never Falls in Love" - "Not really". Nice meta here.

I have to admit, this would be the most painful waiting for the next episode of the season.

The hope for at least a bitter sweet ending is still alive!

You could pretty much predict how this episode would go; Tada would realize his feelings by looking back at his memories with Teresa, his picture of Teresa winning the competition, and, with someone's urging (the grandpa in this case), he would ultimately decide to head to Larsenburg to meet her one last time.

That said, I still loved it cause I thought it was executed quite nicely. Scenes like Tada running back after seeing Teresa's accidental video recording of the first major group activity and Karou being the bro were done quite well. Speaking of Kaoru, actually hopping on the plane with Tada is just another level of crazy. He's totally going for Alec but going on a plane because Tada is going is wack.

Last episode should be nice and conclude this nice series. Based off the preview and how these kind of romances go, I can definitely see a time skip ending showcasing how the characters moved on with the most notable romantic progression being Hinako and Hajime getting together.

Let's hope it ends well!

In the comments above, there are apparently 13 episodes. A couple of links mention 2 more episodes remaining and the BD/DVD boxed set has episodes 10/11/12/13. Maybe ep 13 is going to be some separate omake but who knows maybe it'll actually resolve.

Oh that's good to know! Thanks!

The upbeat OP feels a little out of place in an episode like this. Mitsuyoshi's so cut up, it hurt to watch :(

This shot sums up the show pretty well.

Ijuin being an all-around great guy once again, Mitsuyoshi's lucky to have a friend like him. And I'm glad Pin-senpai submitted that photo because it was too pretty to not be in the contest.

Yeah, I was thinking you can't put the OP in here like this, it feels so off. I even thought they weren't going to do it from the slight delay it took for the OP to start but they did anyways and it completely broke the mood.

Although I think they killed the ED which might be even more important for an episode like this.

Say what you want about Tada being a bland MC earlier on, I'd say this episode more than compensated for that.

Eh, I love Tada, personality and all. I also really loved Oreki from Hyouka. There's something about a guy who doesn't like to express his emotions much that I find intriguing. It's like, I'm extremely curious to know as to what would cause him to react to things.

Just started the episode but Sugita as Pin-senpai really works. Like it took me a few minutes to even realize that there was a VA change.

EDIT: I guess Tada-kun DOES fall in-love!

That entire scene with Teresa and her video was pretty good. I love that they animated that scene from episode 2 from her camera's perspective. And that realization in Tada-kun's face on how he really feels! Ahh! So good!

Well I'm seriously skeptical on how they'll wrap this up with just a single episode and still be satisfying. I know everyone here is already bracing for a bittersweet ending but I still want to see a happy end T_T

≫Well I'm seriously skeptical on how they'll wrap this up with just a single episode

There're 13 episodes

oh my god that tada version of the ED love song...

my heart can't take it

flashback+ ed sung by tada really got me .....T-T

I guess it's kinda weird to say this but, I really enjoyed this scene. I got multiple goosbumps and really warm when I finally saw Mitsuyoshi realize his mistake. You could feel his energy and feelings.

This was a great episode. It triggered some flashbacks of missed opportunities I had when I was younger. You'd think I'd feel bad about the show but somehow it felt more on the side of cathartic watching this episode.

This actually was one of the saddest thing ive seen in a long time. Boy you could just tell without q doubt how Tada felt. And that camera video... That was just done excelently. At this point i dont care how cheesy it is, i want a happy ending

I'm not crying, you are crying.

It's nice to see Tada-kun finally opening up and Ijuuin is really a bro for always being there. Hopefully we'll get a happy ending. Thought that the photo chase flashback was really well done. You could feel the difference almost instantaneously. Can't wait for the finale!


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