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[Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online] Episode 11 everyone's impressions

Episode 11
"Psycho Llenn"

After Pitohui finishes off MMTM all by herself, Fukaziroh pins an uncertain Llenn in place while she and the rest of SHINC launch an attack on Pitohui and M. Although SHINC gets wiped out, Llenn is motivated into action, luring out Pitohui and M as they pursue her in a vechile. Just as Llenn is cornered, Fukaziroh comes to her rescue in her own vechile, resulting in a car chase between hot geysers that culminates in a one-on-one confrontation between Llenn and Pitohui. 

I wonder if this world has any love hotels?

Fuuka being spicy, as always

I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of Doujin ideas suddenly appeared in lust and were suddenly abandoned.


They knew this would happen.

It was at that exact moment I realized that the animators had truly embraced the full amount of ham I was envisioning this series to end on. My hat off to them.

I was strangely annoyed that she destroyed her cover for the rule of cool but the story also didn't penalize her for that when she and LLENN were trading shots with LLENN's cover still intact.

Granted LLENN couldn't hit shit this episode.

LLENN is spray and pray personified. I guess RNGesus wasn't with her today.

Offensively, no. But being hit by a total of 3 bullets from a rifle and 2 pistols means that's some lucky pink rabbit devil

And now the lone winner of the battle will get picked off by the last remaining full team in typical battle royale fashion.


They're probably proned somewhere in the grass, or camped in the toilet.

Since the scan only detects the leader, this is actually a very valid strategy.

Spread out across the map and have the leader off in the middle of nowhere. The others have absolute free reign ambushing everyone. Even if the leader gets picked off, everyone is spread out and no one knows where the next leader is until the next scan.

It's a very effective tactic of you can get a team of solo veterans.

MFW I'm driving my drunk friends home from the bar

Can Fuka even see over the dash? And do her feet even touch the pedals? So many questions!

Don't underestimate the baby Loli driver

I like to think Fuka was actually standing up and stepping on the gas all the way through, makes it even more funny.

XD that part where Fuka cheerfully skips into battle.

I don't think Fuka would have bat an eyelid even if she was up against Darth Pitohui.

She's just cool like that.

She'd literally be gawking at the lightsaber and ask her if she can have one of those too so they can have a sword match.

Hey.. Kanojo.. XD Fuka is being fuka.. Next week is last episode.. I wonder if A1 is gonna sneak an Alicization teaser in epilogue or post credit.

Fuka really is the best

her voice acting is stellar for the character!

It's still hilarious how much they use the fact that this is not real and they can be as brutal as they want as nobody actually gets physically hurt and die. Killing people through each other with a laser sword and then slashing half of their heads off, shoot of limbs one by one.

P-chan appearing, motivating LLENN and then acting as shield again was hilarious. You're the Real MVP-90.

The fight was super fun. Can't wait for the grande finale with hopefully even more whack.

This reminds me a bit of Sabagebu. We're just missing the narrator cheerfully reminding us that this is just a game.

Sabagebu is such an underrated series! It's a hilariously wacky show, yet I never it being mentioned in this sub. It's like only you, me, and a dozen other people seen it only.

This episode really kicked me in the face when I realized I have to wait one more week for finale D:

Look at that Pito smile with those loli feet on her face.
Shes so lucky...

Casual with randos in a nutshell

Maybe next time they shouldn't look for a SquadJam team on

My god this episode is probably my favorite Fuka and Pito are so in there element. I kind of wanted to see Fuka driving with no arms. I love the banter between Fuka and Lleen especially when she picked her up in the truck.

≫I love the banter between Fuka and Lleen especially when she picked her up in the truck.

Considering how the rest of Fuka's dialogue feels like she's in either a samurai or action movie, I was expecting "Come with me if you want to live."

Ahh yeah, the amazing power of villains choosing not to kill our heroes immediately.

This anime became so ridiculous yet I am still enjoying it just as much x)

I was just expecting Fuka to shoot a grenade into Pito and M's car and kill both of them.

≫Ahh yeah, the amazing power of villains choosing not to kill our heroes immediately.

I mean, here, opposed to other stories, this is fully in-line with her character. The last episodes also established that Pito loves to play with prey no matter the danger.

And they also lampshaded their avoidance of the trope "finish her from up close". She wants to play but is not taking completely ridiculous risks either.

P-chan's return was glorious.

How do the VAs keep impressing me each week...

That being said the title of Psycho LLENN was a bit of a let down, guess I was hoping for a bit more. Not to say it wasn't a fun episode though!

Really looking forward to the finale :)

Goddammit, they ended right at the hypest point. Anyway, I just love how they casually kill each other because this is just a game and there is not "die here die in real life" that's why I always find hilarious when LLENN casually talks of killing Pito. Well next week is the final episode and after that, I'm definitely going to buy the LNs.

I was almost confused why this episode is titled "Psycho LLENN" since it's Pito is the one that is the psycho.

The I saw her taking all those risks to fight and agrees.

I've been enjoying this show more than most other shows in a long time. I've had so many fanboy moments despite the other amazing shows this season. The choreography of the gun battles in this show, the sheer psycho moments of both Pito and LLENN, the funny loli moments and self aware humor, all of it has added up to be the most enjoyable spin off show I've ever seen.


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