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[Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online] Episode 10 everyone's impressions

Episode 10
"The Devil's Comeback"

Helped out by SHINC's Eva, who forces MMTM to retreat, Llenn explains the situation concerning Pitohui to her. Following this, Eva leads SHINC in an assault against PM4, using one of their dead teammate's body as a pedestal an anti-tank rifle to destroy M's shield. This provides Llenn with the opportunity to make a beeline towards Pitohui, only for another team's sniper to hit her first, bringing her down to a sliver of health. With Pitohui passed out and MMTM closing in on there location, the rest of PM4 sacrifice themselves to protect Pitohui before she regains consciousness,

Would have been hilarious if directly after the kiss M gets banned for inappropriate sexual contact.

Haha, maybe he did! We didn't see him afterwards!

That's definitely a game feature, but since Pitohui is a nutcase and is using an actual Nerve Gear, that feature might not be working in her case.

The anti-harassment protocols were created for SAO. They still apply no matter what hardware you're using to connect.

Who knows, it could go either way. It's very possible that using a Nerve Gear is fucking up GGO's ability to 'update' on Pito's local client, negating the anti harassment feature.

unlikely, the "malfunction" that pito had with getting out when she lost conciousness was from the hardware, not from the game, it's explained before that the amusphere has that function as a core part of their system, meanwhile the harassment button is only an in-game feature from what we've seen so far

Didn't know Darth Vader would make an appearance.

Also love how dedicated those four mercenaries were to their job.

≫Also love how dedicated those four mercenaries were to their job.

I really thought they were going to be sleazy and be like well if you don't want us to drop out pay us more money.

So yeah, happy to see that too :)

I think the show is doing a good job giving the right amount of charm to side characters. Between the mercenaries, Clarence, Shirley and the fodder teams, they all feel like they have their own stories going on even if they get cut short. Even though the main attraction is LLENN and Pitohui, I never get tired of watching the other teams.

Machine Gun Bros are clearly the best team.

Just when you think Pito finally snapped and all the characters have gone off the hook, the next episode gets titled "Psycho Llenn."

God, please protect Pito... Until I can kill her.

That next ep title was definitely foreshadowed in this episode, and probably on all other times LLENN feels sorry about the person she is about to murder.

And I can't stop laughing everytime she does that.

The voice acting by both Pitou and LLENN when they go off the rails this series has been masterful.

Been awhile since I've seen 2 female leads go at it like this.

LLENN's VA in particular, it's incredible to me that she's so new to the industry. Her only major role before this was playing Hazuki in the trainwreck known as Marchen Madchen...

She's also the VA for the titular character, Kirara, in Kirara Fantasia (a mobile game that has like every Kirara Manga Time character). 
Other than that, it really is empty though. Usually new VAs will have at least done a lot of radio or video games but her resume's quite bare.

Last week gave us The Expendables and this week they decided to borrow some imagery from Star Wars to give us Darth Pitohui.

It feels like the production team is having so much fun making this and it REALLY shows!

They are also implying a shoutout to Aliens with M & Pitou activating what it looks like a grenade, in the same way Vasquez & Gorman did.

Pito is batshit crazy it's insane!!!

I loved how M and Llen were worried for her. And the kiss... I really want Llen to win now.

And this scene ... kinda reminds me of a certain movie :D I'm sure it's on purpose. The writers sure have fun with this anime.

There really needs to be a gif of the scene where Llenn pops her head above the grass and then scurries off. That shit actually made me burst out laughing.

Consider it done

Made it into a nope gif

Sinon name drop. Using a dead body as a rifle tripod and shield!? Genius!

They will probably need to change the rules again, after already downgrading the immortal object status of the scan terminal.

I disagree, mostly because to abuse it you need to either kill an enemy and get in a position to use their body, or use a dead teammate immediately after they die. Seems fine for 10 minutes of cover.

Using the immortal object to sacrifice a teammate and take down M's shield with the AMT rifle was godly to watch, the animation and sound effects as the shells hit the shield plates were superb.
I think that Pito not dying from a sniper headshot is complete BS but I know she has a high STR build so it's technically possible to have excess HP to survive things like that... I guess that's also how she's gonna survive the P90 spray on the last battle?
Well whatever, this has been a fun and enjoyable ride.

Damn what a fun episode. The rhythm team using a dead teammate as a shield and gun holder, the crazy green haired girl going wild with "vermin hunting" (I'm guessing she'll show up in a hypothetical 2nd season), the merc team being bros for M and Pito, and Pito coming out with a god damn lightsaber.

Man I'm gonna be hyped to see what Pito does next after finishing off that squad.

LLENN is even more cute when she's angry!

Even when she's not in the show best girl is being best girl. Felt so proud of the girls when they took out M's shield.

The crazy ladies were once again a treat to watch, from Pitou being her usually off the rails self to LLENN's anger they just make every scene fun to watch.

Ah yes, 14.7mm armor-piercing bullets are wrecking real armor, a 12.7 ripped someone apart, but suddenly a headshot isn't instant death? Guess plot armor is denser than depleted uranium...

I believe she was dead.. The headshot damage would be more than her total life points etc.. but she was healed before her life had finished decreasing. A little BS though.

Cheesing game mechanics. I swear I've played other games where HP ticks down on damage instead of being instant and have done the same thing.

So I'm really enjoying the show for the most part. Watching the teams come up with their own strategies and weapons is just fun, and they spent enough time on just one battle royale to give it a real sense of scope. There's a couple of weaker parts like the guys obviously getting shot in the back by pito, which is treated like some betrayal instead of just a normal dick move in a game, but overall it's just a fun show.

Except for whatever they're trying to do with Pitohui. It's just so idiotic and overdramatic that I can't take it serious when the show is begging me to. I'm baffled why they want to pretend there are super serious stakes here.

Darth pito is fun though, that's the good kind if ridiculous.

Me at the beginning of the episode: Why are they starting with a forced convenient plot transition WTF is this?

Me halfway the second half till the last scene: jaw starting to drop every minute WTF is happening!? Things are going so fast and crazy and my adrenaline is pumping so hard!

Today is a crazy day bois! BNHA, DitF, and SAOA:GGO are all going crazy!

Oh how I missed those lightsabers in GGO. And of course, Pito had to have a red-colored one. I wonder how the inevitable battle between Pito and LLENN will turn out now that this new weapon has entered into the fray. We Star Wars now, baby.

Fucking Loli Brigade was the team of the episode this week. They took out M's shield and were close to taking out Pito (if it wasn't for the green-haired girl taking that hell of a shot).

A temporary prayer for her rival. Awww that was very cute from LLENN.
Psycho LLENN
This week we had "Psycho Pito". Next week we're going to have LLENN go crazy as well? Oh boy, I can't wait to see this next week.

I legit thought these guys were wearing Spartan armor! XD

Did not expect the Mercs to be such bros. Doing their job 'till the end. I love it!

Also Sinon and Kirito of course gets special mentions. I wish they could've at least shown us the interaction between Sinon and the girls!

Next episode has such a Hype title.


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