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[Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online] Episode 9 everyone's impressions

Episode 9
"Ten Minute Massacre"

Undetered by the number of opposing teams, Pitohui and her team launch an ambush on them, taking them all out within ten minutes. Meanwhile, Llenn and Fukaziroh make their way through a dome, having to resort to using a smokescreen tactic when they are discovered. After taking out the other players in the dome, the girls end up having to deal with the remaining player, Clarence, for her remaining magazines, before coming up against the skilled MMTM team. 

For anyone wondering about Clarence's gun

It's basically an AR with a P90 top-mounted mag, using the M16 bottom receiver as a shell eject port, so the shells drop down rather than fly out the side, much like the P90.

Yep, when Clarence had P90 magazines, I was thinking "oh, they're not gonna give another character the same gun as the protagonist, but only the AR-57 uses... Oh. She has an AR-57. Neat." Still, cool to see obscure gun knowledge pop up. Sasuga Sigsawa

≫Still, cool to see obscure gun knowledge pop up. Sasuga Sigsawa

You should definitely read this series once the anime is finished, if for no other reason than to see the author gushing over each character's gun as it shows up. Any time a character shows up, the author will take at least two paragraphs to describe their gun, its origin in the real world, its strengths and weaknesses, and the reason why that particular player chose it. You can tell really quickly that this is being written by a serious gun lover.

tfw you realize your friend is bloodthirsty

P-chan demands a sacrifice.

Getting Youjo Senki flashbacks

Gah, now I need that picture but in the Yujo Senki art style. Man that would be sooo badass. Wish I could draw...

Ten-minute massacre my ass, it was like 3 minutes tops, and a good part of it was Pito playing. They really had fun using ultra violence this episode, thanks to it being a game and nobody actually died. Flying heads, close range headshots, lost legs, beating someone to death with a gun. Neat.

Meanwhile LLENN and Fuka hang out at Japari Park and deploying Reinhard von Lohengramm tactics.

≫Ten-minute massacre my ass, it was like 3 minutes tops, and a good part of it was Pito playing.

the hilarious part for me is that on crunchyroll it was listed as ten second massacre for the episode title. Well either way the episode felt like 10 seconds so its okay.

Pito's 10 minute massacre setup and execution was WAY better and more detailed in the novels. The first part where she creeps up behind the dude she was supposed to continuously smash his face on the rock while the spectators in the pub had their mouth hung open.

The scene where she blows the dude's head off his body was also a bit different since she was supposed to grab the head and throw it towards his teammates as a friggin' distraction. Pito is just brutal.

Pitou is so fucking entertaining. Not only she killed over 20 players in a ridiculous fashion, she also made the Sinon name drop happen!

Also, it seems nothing can stop the loli combo. Even if one of them can't aim she can kill you using a riffle as a sword!

"Ridiculous" being the key word. Nobody even tried to shoot her.

Most of them didn't even have a chance because they were bad.

It's like dropping a CSGO Pro into a really low level match. Everybody is dead before they realize what happened.

Some woman named Sinon went on a rampage

That name-drop had me kinda giddy. Would have been great if Sinon was in this too!

She's probably still busy being a catgirl right now. GGO lost Sinon to ALO, but ALO gave Fuka back, that's more than a good trade.

Sinon actually still mainly plays GGO.

She made a new character for ALO.

In fact, she doesn't appear at all in the LN version of Mother's Rosario.

Okay the line "Scream the name of your god!" and it's delivery had me laughing my ass off.

I also really enjoy the bits of strategy that were shown off in this episode. From using the bullet lines to communicate location stealthily to the pink smokescreen. It's just fun and creative.

I immediately thought of Fire Emblem Awakening's Frederick's critical hit line:
"Pick a god and pray!"

For me this episode had Hellsing Ultimate vibes with the the girl not being able to hit the broad side of a barn like the major, a speech like the one Walter gives to one of the Valentine brothers and the the ultra violence

Hikasa is really going off the rails here.

Now I'd like to see Pitohui vs Kirito.

≫Pitohui vs Kirito

I feel like it would be difficult for any of these GGO players to match up to kirito with his bullshit OP jedi lightsaber deflection skills

M might actually have a shot if he ambushes since he can fire without bullet lines

≫Hikasa is really going off the rails here.

Yeah I'm going to have to add Pito to my Yoko Hikasa 3x3

What a great episode! Funny and full of action.

I liked the part with Clarence it was cute.

I like also how distinct the action was. Like even if you listened with it on mute and without subtitles, you would be able to tell Pitou is having fun during her massacre. Likewise LLENN's sequence was much more tactical and serious, which the animation also complemented.

Pito is an absolute beast. Feel like the GGO admins should have implemented some sort of anti-team feature for the second SJ. Still it gives our MCs more of a challenge... I really liked the pink gas strategy. Pretty clever to use her actual camouflage. Not sure whether that woman's going to have a bigger role, it would be pretty weird to introduce a new character so late in the series but she was still pretty interesting.

We've only covered two volumes so far, out of 7 (and most likely more to come). This is only one cour, so we'll end at the end of Squad Jam 2, the end of Volume 3 of the LNs, I guess.

Plenty of time for a second season.

These girls are crazy and I love it x)

This was adorable and the whole thing was just weird enough to be funny.

≫These girls are crazy and I love it x)

Hahaha yesss this was my exact reaction.
Can't wait till they clash!

I've just caught up on the last few of these, and man it's just so much fun. Proper enjoying the hype combat, with the soundtrack to match, and the in between moments are proper funny. Gutted there's only a few left!

I was watching this just waiting for Fuka to take her head off with a grenade just to get her to shut up.

I have to say, this anime is one of the few very good 12 episode animes. Show has got wayyy exciting stuff happening almost every episode.

This show is just plain fun, it's the one I look forward to the most each week by now.


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