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[Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online] Episode 8 everyone's impressions

Episode 8
"Booby Trap"

Squad Jam 2 begins with Llenn's team and Pitohui's team starting on opposite ends of the playing field. Fukaziroh quickly runs into trouble when her legs are temporarily blown off by a booby trap, but Llenn manages to take out the first opposing team without too much trouble. The pair then head to a train station, where Llenn gives Fukaziroh directions to launch grenades at the enemy. After discovering that seven teams haven't moved, Llenn deduces they are all working with each other to take down Pitohui.

I'm really liking these guy's strategies of sitting in the open, waiting to get shot at.

Team "I accept my demise" were always the favorites for SJ

Yea seriously, In a game where your location is given away often, why would you try to set up an ambush by just sitting in the same spot.

Plebs who don't know how to spread out and cover angles and using Lazer weapons instead of bullets

Lasers seem powerful enough to instagib you if your shield gets taken down, they seem to have decent niche situations.

Lasers are low damage but infinite ammo. They pretty explicitly state Lasers as PvE weapons and Physical guns as PvP weapons.

Is it me or is SJ2 waayyy more exciting than SJ1. Or at least the start is.


What is killing bites?

SJ1 had to spend time establishing the rules and way everything works, as well as give the viewers and Llenn a feel for it all and introduce certain mechanics and M.

Now that the groundwork is laid and we know what a pint-sized badass she is, the show can just cut loose and let us watch them fight it out.

Also, M has a very conservative strategy. If the entire episode was spent from the PM4 point of view, it would've been even slower than the first episode.

On the plus side, we would have had a lot more booty shots of Pito.

SJ2 went from 0-100 in a single friggin' episode, it's pretty amazing.

I can't wait to see what kind of strategy will the Loli Brigade® deploy to deal with M's op shield, hopefully we won't get another recap episode next week.

Good question.

There's at least one person who probably can't answer with a 'yes'.

actually his answer would be a yes

Cliffhanger in a nutshell

That first fight really shows off LLENN's skill and experience and how far she's gone since the beginning. Not to mention brutality as well cause damn that dude is definitely gonna need some help after dealing with a crotch slash.

I'm quite looking forward to seeing Pito go absolutely nuts. I'm guessing she's gonna go take out one team at a time since the 7 teams can't communicate with each other aside from visual cues like hand signals.

≫visual cues like hand signals.

And we all know how well that works.

She's also dead serious on the field. Even Fuka wasn't sure how to react to the military tone of LLENN at the beginning

Going by Pito's reaction to what M told her, she's underestimating LLENN as well.

I see that GGO outsourced their trap balancing to Epic Games

Seriously though, there's no way having legs blown off like that only deals like 20% HP damage. I tried rationalizing it with the fact that not being able to use a limb is a pretty big penalty already, but that's still way too low.

Fuka's basically a STR/VIT build. So she has crazy strength, and crazy HP.

If LLENN, Fuka, and Pito were on the same team.

So the team moving forward is LLENN, FUKA, M, Pito, that green Person Shirley + open spot for future sidecharacters rotating in and out?xD


Don't do it anti-Pitohui alliance, PM4 has the high ground!

You underestimate their powers!

Up to 42 times the pride, up to 42 times the fall.

And they learned that day that artillery is the god of war. Fuka is perfect.

Youjo Senki is just a mix of ALO and CGO !

I wonder how great Tanya would be in this setting.

A magic diffusion blast would level that whole stadium.

Tanya with the Type-95 is a weapon of mass destruction.

  • This is the greatest murderous loli duo of our times, god bless
  • Bit of a shame Fuka's legs re-grew like that. I wanted them to pull a Deadpool 2 lol
  • That low blow slice though ... yikes
  • Pitou's laugh lmao. Yoko Hikasa is really enjoying herself here
  • Can't wait to see Pitou go on a rampage next week
One loli using the other one as backpack ... That's my fetish ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Got it, you have a loli backpack fetish, just tell me your address and I'll send you one by express delivery, just go to the door as soon as you hear the sirens.

That's a low blow, LLEN

Polite trash talk is still trash talk

It was just so good seeing LLEN being such a commanding presence and dominating the battle. She’s so badass

LLENN is literally every enemy I face on PUBG.

Or, I'm just really bad.

And what M and Pito did so far is basically me every match in PUBG. Why bothering fighting, it's a survival game. Let the peasants take each other out.

That evil laugh at the end was great. Can't wait to see Pito deal with the teams.

Pito's laugh at the end with the crazy eyes look. She sounds crazier than a girlfriend who gives you a dead cat for Christmas, but clearly has the confident competency of a sober orchestral percussionist.

I've never been more sure that a character was going to win, and that it is going to be one big hype-fest.

Pretty exciting episode. It like these kind of open tournaments that leave enough breathing space for the different focus groups to show their abilities before they meet each other. LLENN and Fuka got some good wins already that also didn't feel too cheap.


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