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[Steins;Gate 0] Episode 9 everyone's impressions

Episode 9
"Pandora of Eternal Return: Pandora's Box"

As Rintaro arrives back in the beta world line, where Amadeus' takeover has been prevented, he discovers Mayuri's friend Katsumi "Fubuki" Nakase, who was hospitalized after they both collapsed, has memories of the alpha world line he was just in. After arranging for Maho to stay with Faris after her hotel is burgled, Rintaro is questioned by Suzuha about the shift in world line, revealing that it was caused by time machine experiments by America and Russia. Fearing she is running out of time, Suzuha tries to force Rintaro to go back in time with her, but Daru convinces her to stop. Later, Tennouji informs Rintaro about an organisation known as DURPA, leading him to suspect that they may be targeting Amadeus in order to obtain Kurisu's time machine theory. Rintaro asks Maho if she possesses any of Kurisu's research, but she lies and keeps secret from him the fact she has Kurisu's personal laptop. 

I think I'll write a letter... I need to tell Uncle Okarin I'm sorry...

Maybe not the best idea considering the contents of the last letter he read from you Suzuha.

Bringing up "I failed" Not cool dude.
Lets hope at the end of this Okabe gets a letter from her in the saved future that says "I succeeded I succeeded I succeeded I succeeded I succeeded..."

Pretty sure that format of repeating words alone will be enough to give Okabe some intense PTSD...

I can't be the only one who finds it amusing that they have anime stickers of themselves for texting. Too meta.

Another solid episode setting up more pieces of the puzzle. I really like the extra screentime Daru is getting. Papa of the year!

It's because Daru programmed the app iirc.

Correct. In the Steins;Gate universe Daru developed LINE and made the stickers.

Here's the rest of the stickers in case you need it

This one needs to be added to the comment faces because we don't have enough people drinking coffee to choose from.

Looks like Okabe is slowly coming back to normal. That's good!

Suzuha pulling a gun on him was a little... odd. I don't see why she wouldn't let him answer first, what reason could he have to lie?

IIRC Suzuha is sorta hostile to Okabe in this timeline. Mostly because he refuses to take the risk and go back in time to Fix the worldlines.

Shes also at her wits and is extremely desperate in this situation because her window is closing as far as going back in time is concerned.

Also did they do a soft retcon on the capacity of the time machine? Its limit is maybe 1 or 2 half year trips backwards where in the original Anime it was able to go back 10 years no problem. Or is that just a variable bc of different worldline?

Remember in this worldline, Suzu traveled a ton to try and find Kagari? That 1/2 year left is what’s remaining on it

There's no way that raiding the lab and smoke explosion were a coincidence. I smell a rat.

I wonder how the professor guy fits into all this

its because he didnt get his japanese shamen girls


Shot comparison with the visual novel

This is by far the most disappointing part of the episode for me. That CG sequence is one of, if not the best CG sequences in the entire VN.

The framing of the shot in the VN is as if Suzuha is trying to protect the city behind her, and the nighttime ambiance adds to the gravity of the situation. In the anime's all beige. There's nothing interesting to look at. Her facial expression isn't as interesting to read. Really sloppy stuff from Whitefox.

I think the lighting is the real issue in the shot. In the CG it serves two purposes. The first is to illustrate the intensity (it has a much larger dynamic range than the anime's shot). The second is the really punch the fact that she has a gun and is pointing it at 0kabe. Because the light it coming from the other side in the CG, the light shines off the front. It's not hidden in shadows. The gun (specifically its barrel) is the focal point of the shot.

Man, that scene with Suzuha and Okabe was intense. She must be under a lot of stress, but thankfully Daru is acting like a father and being really nice.
"Is Russia conducting nuclear tests?"
That feels uncomfortably close to what happened last year with North Korea.

Now I wonder how telling Maho about the time machine research will affect her. It's also interesting that she decided not to tell Okabe about that profile on the laptop.

Just to clarify, that isn't Maho's laptop on which Kurisu had a profile. It is Kurisu's personal laptop.

I wonder if Amadeus has unlocked it yet or if Maho can't bring herself to unlock it.

If you remember earlier in S:G0, Maho is attempting to unlock it but cannot. I don't remember from the VN whether Amadeus knows the password or not.

I know it‘s only been one episode since Kurisu‘s reappearance but...I miss her already :(

Although it's sad, Kurisu is "showing up" to help Okabe work through his thoughts. He definitely got his resolve back after seeing her.

Time to see how seeing Kurisu again affects Okabe.
  • Okabe and Fubuki fell over?
  • Reading Steiner is at work again. Damn
  • The Russians are definitely at work with time travel. Is that what caused the shift last time?
  • Okabe seems determined to stay on the worldline rather than change it, let's see what causes him to change.
  • Suzaha pulls a gun? woooow
  • Yep, it was the Russians.
  • Daru, my man.
Lots of change happened this episode. Okabe's more confident, Suzaha relaxed (for a little bit) to try to get Okabe to work on the time machine again, and Daru showed that he can actually be a dad. I'm interested to see where this goes next week.

Okabe is beginning to connect the dots. Even in death Kurisu acts as the perfect assistant.

Interesting that Okabe chose to tell Maho about Kurisu researching timetravel. He didn't actually tell her that they completed it, right? He only said she was researching it.

And why did Maho lie about not having the laptop?

It seems like time is running out. Several places have been raided at this point without anything going terribly wrong, i feel like this can't keep up for long.

≫And why did Maho lie about not having the laptop?

There could be information on there that Maho thinks would be dangerous to share? Or she doesn't trust Okabe completely yet. Maybe she knows more about the lab than she's letting on as well. Ughhhh Amadeus come back and unlock it!

So this confirms my theory of a party other than SERN being involved, I think the burning question on everyone's mind is what is Kurisu's password on her laptop?

If I were a betting man, I'd guess it has something to do with her father. That laptop has the key behind this mystery, excited to see where this will go.

As a side note, I really like how Daru is stepping up to be a father while still being Daru. The scene at the end with Daru and Suzuha in the time machine warmed my heart.

Cant wait for next week's episode! I'm really enjoying the ride so far.

I wonder if she really experienced Reading Steiners. No other character (without RS) remembers other timelines that well (if at all). Maybe they're really soulmates.

As Okabe said, everyone has a little Reading Steiner in them, just not as strong as his.

Yeah plus there's the fact that they both passed out at exactly the same time. No previous character has experienced that effect.

I love Daru's development this season. He really does seem like he's trying to be a good dad.

This shot was awfully heart-warming. Daru has been great this season, glad to see our man get some love.


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