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[Steins;Gate 0] Episode 12 everyone's impressions

"Mother Goose of Mutual Recursion: Recursive Mother Goose"

Kagari collapses again after hearing Mayuri singing a song, which Rintaro believes may be a hint to regaining her memories. He finds that Mayuri had learned the song from Suzuha, who herself had learned it from Yuki in the future. Yuki then reveals she had learned the song from Rintaro's mother, who claims he was the one who sang it to her when he first started his mad scientist phase. While visiting Mayuri's grandmother's grave for any clues, Kagari goes into a daze and almost gets hit by a truck, after which she regains her memories of Mayuri being her mother. It is then revealed that Rintaro had learned the song from Kagari herself.




But seriously, that scene messed my mind up even more than the episode :D

That after credits scene doesn't have anything to do with the Steins;Gate movie, right? Because the movie isn't considered canon?

The movie is not technically canon, but that scene is definitely meant to be something of a parallel. You can connect them if you want, but it doesn't mean all that much.

Woah, I didn't realize that wasn't canon. This revelation with Kagari though seems pretty significant. If I'm understanding this correctly, is there some type of causal loop going on with no clear origin of who first started singing that song?

Kagari knows the song from Mayuri, who knows the song from Suzuha, who knows it from Yuki, who knows it from Okabe's mom, who knows it from Okabe, who knows it from Kagari. Where does the chain begin?

It's even worse than how you describe it.

Kagari learned the song from Mayuri in the future. Mayuri learned it from Suzuha in the present. Suzuha learned it from Yuki in the future. Yuki learned it from Okabes mom in the present. Oakbes mom learned it from Okabe in the past. Okabe learned it from Kagari in the past.

Welcome to bootstrap paradoxes with extra levels of time travel.

Past Past Okabe knew it before Okabe learned it from Kagari. This essentially creates a chain where the current world's Okabe doesn't know it, but past Okabe does. This creates a small opening, from what I've figured out. This has to be before Rintaro was affected by Reading Steiner, thus we have to assume that some time after, Rintaro got sick and got afflicted with Reading Steiner somehow. This basically means, if I am correct, that somebody changed the world line to have Rintaro in the past hear this song and sing it to Mayushi because someone has changed the past somehow.

This kinda feels solid, as we've already seen one or two instances of the past being altered, one of them forcing him into the Beta line, too.

I am macho psychologist. It's so cooool. Sonuvabitch.

One of my favorite of Okabe's VN internal monologues during this conversation.

I made a clip for that scene


So wait, 1. Mayuri learned that song from Suzuha (in the present time), 2. who learned it from Yuki (her mother, in the future), 3. who learned it from Okarin's Mother (in the present time), 4. who learned it from Okarin (in the past), 5. who learned it from Kagari (in the past), 6. who learned it from Mayuri (in the future)?

We've gone full circle bois!

Nice Paradox :D

Where is this song really from? 🤔

Reading Steiner m8. Okabe actually knew the song from a different timeline that doesn't exist anymore, but only he remembers.

Source: my headcanon

The Okabe before his Reading Steiner activated for the saddest timeline probably knew that song. The new Okabe doesn't retain memories of the Okabe for that world line.

Must feel weird for Mayuri. Daru may have a daughter who's only a little younger than he is, but Mayuri now has a daughter older than her.

≫Daru may have a daughter who's only a little younger than he is, but Mayuri now has a daughter older than her.

Whoa never thought it like that. That is indeed weird. But since this is Mayuri we're talking about, she probably will still try to be Kagari "mommy" cause that's how she is. Mayuri is such a sweet cinnamon roll.

I have a feeling with the look she gave okabe, she put one and one together and is piecing it together that she might have came back with suzha and she might just be, if she knows suzha is from 2036, but i cant remember if she knows or not.

If this doesn't convince you to vote for Mayuri in the Best Girl contest I don't know what Will

Maybe this.

And if not, there's always this.

Me following the origin of the song, especially after the credits

And my brain was already cooking trying to figure out if future Mayuri remembers meeting the grown up Kagari in the past.

That intro was so adorable. I was so worried it'd mean this episode would be depressing as shit.
So Kagari never knew her real parents...

"I kinda have plans after this" More red-herrings with Yuki, ended up just being a date.

UHHH around the time he started acting weird? You mean when he said he got the Reading Steiner as a kid? The after credits show him learning it from Kagari.

So I expected the song to be a jinn, I didn't expect it to be so complicated about it. Kagari learns from Mayuri, learned from Suzuha, learned from Yuki, learned from Okabe's mom, learned from Okabe, learned from Kagari, forgotten about by Okabe.

≫UHHH around the time he started acting weird? You mean when he said he got the Reading Steiner as a kid? The after credits show him learning it from Kagari.

Not Reading Steiner. His mom was talking about his chuunibyou.

When Okabe tried to call Yuki I was sure there was going to be a "watch stopped" moment. Thanks God it was just a cozy date.

Mayuri singing is how we prevent WW3

Taking the post-credits scene into account, we still don't know where the song originated from... I wonder how this ties into the bigger picture

It's only been one episode but I already miss Maho-chan lol

≫Mayuri singing is how we prevent WW3

Ah yes, the Macross way!

This episode is more or less the halfway point of the series. I can't believe how quick these weeks are going!

Seriously the whole damn episode gave me Clannad vibes I cried through most of it.

Mayushi can brighten everyone's life T-T

I had somehow developed a ritual for this series. After watching the episode, I would load up the game and play the OST in the background while reading and posting in the thread.

That's the first time a show has ever managed to make me so engaged with it even after the episode ends, it's goddamn amazing.

The music is soooo good too. I guess today's playlist will be starting with Hoshi no kanaderu uta.

Definitely loving all the VN songs they're using as temporary endings. We've gotten Amadeus, Lyra, and now Hoshi no Kanaderu Uta. Personally really looking forward to whatever song Imai is going to end up singing too!

You know a show is great when not much happens and yet it's still captivating.

I think that was the case with live actions shows like Breaking Bad (and its prequel Better Call Saul). In the anime world, Steins;Gate(and Zero) fall in that category as well IMO. They're both so well-crafted down to each individual frame.

I remember crying like a little bitch during this route. I like how they handled it and I'm ready for the next episode.

This was a pretty cute episode.

Kagari remembering something from Mayuri singing, so they start a game of telephone to find out where the song came from. Mayuri heard it from Suzuha so they need to find her.

Suzuha in a curry eating contest is hilarious. She mentions Yuki sang it to her and now we visit Yuki and Daru on a date. Yuki actually says someone in her cooking class sang it.

Okabe's mom? I just had a good laugh at that part, macho psychologist.

So Okabe sang it to Mayuri after her grandparents died? Well this is quite the conundrum.

Kagari goes into a daze and nearly dies from a truck. Thank you Uncle Okarin for saving her just in time.

That moment when she wakes up and regains her memory of Mayuri being her mom was pretty heartwarming.

Oh shit, that's a fucking causal loop right there. Okabe learned the song from Kagari in the past.

So presumably Kagari was kidnapped, then ran away, then was caught again, and escaped one last time, which is when she lost her memories...

This is so good ! I love it !

Mayushii's smile is giving me will to live. Mayuri's singing voice soothes my heart.

Kagari still freaks me out a bit. Whenever she spaces out I keep expecting her to pull a Winter Soldier and start killing people left and right. Especially when she suddenly stopped because of the random song on the radio. My worries probably won't go away since this episode confirmed she was in captivity for most of the years she was away from Suzuha, and that's the perfect opportunity for some good ol' brainwashing.

Amazing episode. Can anyone give a guess on what will happen next after that eerie after credit scene?

More like what already did happen, she was probably recaptured by SERN which is why we see she is quite a bit older in S;G0 than she was in that scene with young okabe.

Some weird framerate jumps in this episode. Why did Suzuha eating food and Daru getting flustered over Yuki wiping his face need to be animated on ones?

Also holy shit the song's origin is a closed loop! I love that. I bet that last scene was added in there just to fuck with people.


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