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[Steins;Gate 0] Episode 11 everyone's impressions

Episode 11
"Pandora of Forgotten Existence: Sealed Reliquary"

Meeting up with Daru, who had been hired by Maho to analyze Kurisu's laptop, Rintaro decides to tell Maho all about the truth about time machines, warning her that she mustn't attempt to use it herself to save Kurisu. The group become surrounded by a hostile group who take Maho hostage, demanding the laptop in exchange. However, another group appears and destroys the laptop, leaving Maho upset that she couldn't protect Kurisu's legacy. Later, Maho and Alexis return to America, bringing Rintaro's time with Amadeus to an end. 

"I hope you can laugh from the bottom of your heart one day"


≫"I hope you can laugh from the bottom of your heart one day"

Oh Amadeus... you are so Naive...

We are just half way through the season... Amadeus.

Real suffering is yet to come

tbh I can't wait to hear Hououin Kyouma's chuuni laugh again

laughing through despair and madness...


No cliffhanger

No cliffhanger means next week the shit and the fan are in alignment.

≫No Cliffhanger

Oh how naive... you should know better, that in the Science;Adventure series, there is no safe ending. Ever.

I'm calling it, all of Yuki's injuries are a bluff. No way is Yuki the biker hitwoman, her flowy mane CANNOT be confined in that small ass helmet. There's a reason why there's more than one girl here with the same body shape.

Next week's the 12th episode, you know what that means.

Yeah, Reyes seemed to have a similar injury shown during the plane scene at the end. I'm like 99% sure it's Reyes, she's been suspicious in pretty much every scene she's been in.

I dunno, Sergent Clean's pretty damn suspicious~

You know how Faris is always wearing those gloves? And that the injuries sustained by the US rounder are always on her hands? Do you see the connection?

And she's just so nice to Okabe for seemingly no reason.

Daru continues to improve in this timeline. Really appreciate his bigger role.

And all these mysterious injuries. Guess I can scratch the red herring theories (though the professors remain super suspicious). We know Yuki gets with Daru and is Suzuha's mom, but so far they've been on seemingly opposite sides, hoping some more info is revealed soon.

≫Really appreciate his bigger role.

Daru's role is like Daru's rolls. Constantly expanding.

I call that when he speaks fluently Japanese we'll know if he's a bad guy or not.

Like happy go feeling broken japanese one second, dead serious stare with an omninous voice in perfect japanese next. And suddenly we realize he was the bad guy all along!

I didn't expect Maho and Leskinen to leave mid-season, I thought they would stick around till the end... I'm definitely going to miss them

They might be back, who knows? Seems weird for Okabe to drop the secret on Maho and then we never hear from her again.

They have to be back, otherwise the story ends here. The only remaining leads for WW3 are Amadeus, Daru's research and the actual time machine, but the last two are kept secret from DURPA / Stratfor.


If anything, Farris' act is a testament to her dedication to the Cat Girl Life.

Go hard or go home other cat girls.

FYI In the VN Maho was completely naked

C-Can we- Can we get a proof?!

A proof

Wow this is scary

Not only has he lost his girl, now Okabe has to part ways with his virtual gf too. Times are tough.
  • It seemed almost too obvious that Yuki was the person behind the attacks but now it seems that it might have been a red herring. I don't see any other reason for the show to focus on the female professor hiding her hand (sorry I can't remember her name, haven't Googled it to avoid spoilers).
  • I'm worried for Mayuri, I don't recall her having feelings for Okabe in the OG timeline however she's clearly upset. Please no big feels (though I doubt there won't be any).
  • I still can't get over the "attack" scenes. When they happen they're intense and you can't help but be scared of a stray bullet. Then at the end everyone zooms away and they all move on with their lives as though nothing has happened, bar a few injuries.

Tbf, 2 out of the 3 victims of the attack are practically immortal.

As long as either Okabe or Daru are there to serve as human shields, everyone else should be fine.

I'm sorry but could you possibly explain why neither of them could die? I didn't quite understand it when Okabe said it either so I don't know if I'm just slow or if I missed something important earlier.

Suzuha's around because she came through Daru's time machine. Daru can't die before he manages to create a time machine to send the Suzuha that's going to be born.

Suzuha also knows that, in her past, Okabe died in 2025 so the worldline has to fit that.

In fact, come to think of it, if Kagari's around, Mayuri is just as unkillable as Daru. She won't die before she gets to adopt Kagari and send her back in time.

The ending was way too peaceful I was waiting for some terrible twist or something.

I half-expected the plane to be shot down.

Does anybody else feel like we're about to get a time-skip. To when Okabe has gotten into Viktor Kondria maybe? Otherwise that means that a lot of important characters will be out of the scene for the immediate future.

Yeah, judging by episode 24 of the original anime and Divide by Zero a time-skip is likely.

For someone so huge, I'm surprised Daru had so many spots to run away to that's usually reserved for people half his size. Like that drain pipe must be made of some miracle material to hold his weight XD

Anyway I had to check MAL after this episode ended because this episode felt like a final episode but I guess this was just the first arc. So with the laptop destroyed I guess WWIII is at least delayed for now. I'm curious how things will go on from here. Also was the female professor that Agent all along?

You may not like it but Daru is a perfect example of peak performance.

Man, Amadeus saying I hope you can laugh from the bottom of your heart one day stung. ;_;

I half expected that the world lines would slightly change as okabe and maho was saying goodbye!

What a omnious episode for things to come.

Why is steins;gate so fucking good.

Very easy to follow, great characters and chemistry. And also tuturu~.

I am dissapointed by the lack of tuturus in this show. She said it so much more in the original series.

Great to see the series end on such a positive-ish note! Now that the PC is destroyed, WW3 is a voided, and everyone gets to live a normal, if slightly sad, life! yay!

Amadeus reminds me so much of the real Kurisu that I forget they are different characters.

What an episode. Hiyajo and Okabe also had some nice bonding moments together. I miss her already!

The ending of this episode is kind of curious.

Maho is in on the time travel stuff, but returns to the US. Leskinin, Reyes and Amadeus returns with her. The laptop was destroyed, and assuming that Reyes led the rounders, they are gone too.

I don't really see where they will be going next episode This episode felt very I'm excited to see what the second half will bring though, and i hope Maho and Leskinen will be back soon!

Holy shit that ep went by so fast. The leather outfit person has to be suzuhas mom. She had the bandage on her hand from the first time and now she has it again for the other hand. It would be a dam big coincidence to have that as misdirection, but then it has a shot of the lady professors hand on the plane under the blanket. Stop fking with me on this already.


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