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[Steins;Gate 0] Episode 10 everyone's impressions

Episode 10
"Pandora of Provable Existence: Forbidden Cubicle"

Hiring Moeka as a bodyguard, Maho gets Amadeus running again and resumes testing with Rintaro before having a slumber party with Faris and Moeka. The next day, Rintaro, Maho, and Amadeus spend the day going around Akihabara, ending up at the Radio Building where Kurisu was killed. After Maho reveals to Rintaro that she possesses Kurisu's laptop, Rintaro warns her that the data on it is what will spark World War III. 


Our boy's about to spill the beans

I wonder how much Maho will trust in what he said. She knows he knows more about Kurisu than her. How are you supposed to be serious when someone spouts nonsense about 3rd World War, space travel race?

Yeah, next episode Maho is either going to join the gang or refer Okabe to a psychologist.

I think she'll join the gang. Even if she doesn't believe him right away, the time machine is literally a few steps above them. It'll mentally break her though, that's for sure. We already saw how Kurisu reacted when she saw the Phone Wave initially. How will Maho react to Okabe's news that he was able to time travel and he has proof?

Her first reaction will probably be to go back and save Kurisu, considering how she spoke of relativity this episode.

I get that MhA episodes are 5 minutes long, but this definitely felt like 3 minutes.

Steins;Gate episodes come with the inbuilt functionality to time-leap into the future with memories of the entire episode intact.

So Steins;Gate is basically King Crimson?

I keep getting the feeling that something big is going to go down soon. The somber and also playful tones of this epsiode probably aren't going to last very much longer.

Everytime they show them on a busy street I get nervous. I expect one of those people walking to be an attacker, stalker, SERN agent, American agent, Russian agent and what not.

Oh no, my watch stopped. I just wound you...

Man, the ending with the music gave me goosebumps.

And the pure terror in Maho's eyes... Incredible.

I'd be pretty afraid too if I knew I had the thing that starts a world war.

Yeah and how Okabe was panicked doesn't help.

She can probably tell that he isn't joking/lying and somehow knows.

Okabe went from calm sad guy to raving like a lunatic in no time flat. No matter what they were discussing, that would have to be really alarming for anyone, especially when they're in a dark and abandoned building. And that's only the best case scenario. Worst case scenario Okabe isn't an unhinged lunatic and actually telling the truth, and she just inadvertently set WWIII in motion.

Also it's a nice touch that we the viewers know that in one of the timelines (I think even this one?) Okabe was the one that actually inadvertently landed the killing blow on Kurisu.

You know shit gets real when they mention World War III.

Cute date between two scientists :3

Maho blushing. I guess Senpai and Kohai are both tsundere

≫Cute date between two scientists :3

All it was missing was the love matching lab coats.

And the absence of a third wheel that also happens to be the digital ghost of the girl you loved who you also accidentally murdered.

Did we actually get Rickrolled in this episode?

More about the reference here!


Both Okabe and Kurisu only said a single japanese word "Nullpo" "Gah", but again the English translater fears that English audience won't understand the pun, so they force "Never gonna give up you" English meme into it.

It was in the original too iirc

I remember the sub I watched had it as the all your base are belong to us meme.

What do you mean?

The part when Okabe talked about @channel when Maho wanted that stuffed toy.

I still don't get it. Am I retarded?

"Nullpo" is a meme word in Japanese internet culture which always gets responded with "Gah", which only a memer (and Kurisu is one) can know. In English they translated it as the famous lyrics "Never gonna give you up" from Rick Astley, it itself an English-speaking world meme. Kurisu completes the lyrics, thus demonstrating that she is an @channeler, where @chan is Steins;Gate version of 4chan.

  • The Mozart and Salieri part is neat. I like it when anime references Western things, like using classical music in their soundtracks
  • Drill searge Nae is the most terrifying villain in Steins Gate ever. Hands down, no argument
  • Hiyajo's computer desktop looks very similar to mine
  • Oh Steins Gate, even you can't resist the lure of fanservice. Though I'm not going to protest too much
  • RICKROLLLLLEEEDDD. SG's references to pop culture are top shelf
I keep forgetting Kurisu's death is the one we see at the start and end of season one, and not some random other timeline event we don't know the details of. This show really knows how to hit with the feels and tension towards the end of episodes.

Yeah this is the world line where Okabe went to the past to try to save her, but ended up accidentally killing her, but then refusing to try 1 more time. So hes living with the guilt that he killed her but also having to hide that from everyone and put on a brave face for his friends. Its hard being a mad scientist. It makes you sad... scientist...

Thanks for the explanation. I've found if I don't keep myself refreshed I tend to think of the time travel as going between parallel universes where there's a different Mayuri, Daru, etc instead of what it actually is.

Damn, I wish I was invited to the slumber party! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Okabe appeared to be rather calm for a majority of this episode, slightly melancholic perhaps, but not as traumatized as usual. Aaaaand then she wants to see the spot where Kurisu died, nice.

Sweet summer child, if only you knew

TL Note: NOT a trustworthy source

≫Sweet summer child, if only you knew

Its one of the sad things about the story, no one will truely know the pain and suffering Okabe has been through. People can think they understand with the little info hes willing to share, but they really have no idea what its like to be stuck in a loop of pain and suffering with no clear way out. And he was in that loop dozens and dozens of times, perhaps even hundreds. Thats what i like about time loops like this, they create such amazing character development.
I encourage everyone to watch Groundhogs Day as its one of the orignal time loop stories, and just pay attention to Bill Murray's demeanor and personality over the course of the movie. You will see vastly different stages of insanity as he relives the same day thousands of times. (Harold Raymis, one of the creators of the story said he estimates he repeated that day for around 50 years. Thats 18,250 times.)

I bet the data will already have been taken by the time he gets to the locker. RIP I thought we were getting some cute scenes or something but I can see only suffering in the immediate future.

Yeah, at this point it's either Daru or it's Russia.

That last scene was intense, guess Maho's in on the secrets now.

Is it possible that Daru is that "trustworthy source"? Probably not, I have a feeling that everything will go off the rails next episode.

The best smile~

One of my favourite episodes of S;G 0 so far! Adapted some really good moments from the VN, although with details cut to fit the time slot, like:
  • SGT Clean
  • Lewd Pajama party
  • @channeler Kurisu reacting to the "nurupo" with "gah"
  • Okabe winning the plushie for Maho
And as everyone else said, shit is about to get real!

Amazing episode, as faithful to the VN as usual.


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