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[Shokugeki no Soma S3 Toutsuki Ressha-hen] Episode 24 - FINAL everyone's impressions

Episode 24
"The Basis for Strength"

Nene presents her soba dish, wish includes kakiage sakura shrimp tempura, which impresses the judges and they acknowledge her mastery of soba. Soma then presents his instant yakisoba dish, which also impresses them with the number of flavors it manages to contain. Soma reveals he was inspired by the instant noodles he used to eat as a child, and how he continually experimented with ways to make them taste better. He also decided to use sanbako flour which can withstand being stir fried rather than the more delicate ichibanko flour Nene used. The judges ultimately decide in Soma's favor, pointing out that the relatively cold temperature of the arena affected the taste of Nene's soba while Soma's yakisoba retained all of its taste. Satoshi tells Nene that her dedication to a single method of making soba had made her too narrow minded and inflexible to consider variables like the effects of ambient temperature on her dish. Meanwhile, Megashima defeats his opponent, resulting in the rebels completely sweeping the first bout. Azami announces a short break before the second bout, and both sides prepare for the next battle while Soma declares that he will make a dish that will defeat Tsukasa. 

The Soba That Lept Through Time

The fragrance of Soba between you and me

Once again, the reference's are on point.

Tosh knows his stuff.

Anne is so adorable. Please become a recurring character!

isshiki doing what he does best!

I didn't even notice that until you pointed it out!

I noticed, but as at this point that doesn't even surprised me at all so I never said "Oh look Issiki is a naked again." the same way one never mentions that the sky is blue. It's just natural, there is nothing to be surprised about it.

So... season 4 starts next week. Right? Right? Right? Right?

This is going to be a long off-season.

Wait what, this episode was the end of the season?

Yup. Two cours. Winter and Spring 2018. Flew by, didn't they?

Isn't the anime almost caught up to the manga now?

 We'll have to wait till more of it gets made before the anime will continue.

A few other comments have said that the manga just recently finished the group shokugeki, so it's not completely caught up. Sounds like there's enough for one cour to finish up this arc, then a longer hiatus to create a buffer.

Unless Erina's VA has already recorded her lines, there won't be anything until after March 2019 since she is going on hiatus to study abroad.

She was only doing Erina because Risa Taneda (the VA from the first 2 seasons) had some health problems and apparently she's fine now so who knows, maybe she will be back for the next season.

Come on, Erina. Stop playing hard-to-get. You know you want to high-five him.

Don’t worry. When the tsun is this high, the dere will be even higher. It’s a fundamental anime rule.

At that moment, Hayama knew... Nene fucked up.

This episode was really great, and I loved how they drew specific attention towards the cold weather, there were several shots of the chilly blizzard circling the arena, not just for dramatic effect, but also to hint at the way Soma would win!

It's been a great ride, and I hope Season 4 will come out soon!

I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching this anime. It's just one that makes me happy whenever I watch it.

I also love the bond between Subaru and Yukihira.


≫I also love the bond between Subaru and Yukihira

It would be great if he became Soma’s sous-chef when he finally becomes a professional. Their synergy would be insane.

Subaru would be the ultimate Sous chef as he can copy close to anyone.

Ryou's grown so much since the Autumn Elections.

I know right, he's giving legitimate respect to his rival!

Granted, said rival is also his only hope, but still, progress!

TBF he's generally pretty chill sans bandanna, haha.


Thanks for the new fetish.

Man this season was great. I can't wait for more of this. I know this isn't a typical 10/10 masterpiece but I have so much fun watching this show every week. I think I'm honestly looking forward to Erina cooking more than anyone else. We still really haven't seen her "try" yet.

This whole series is like, "Sure watching people's clothes come off is nice and all, but have you ever been so inspired to cook and learn about new dishes?"

You won’t be disappointed! Erina’s cooking was easily one of the main highlights of the team shokugeki

This little scene was so satisfying. Eat your heart out, Azami.

It's a funny coincidence how Saiki-K S2 made a reference to The Girl Who Leapt Through Time this week too.

They made the right decision filling the end credits with Erina fanservice from previous seasons and this one, it's the only thing that could successfully distract me from the abrupt ending and bring a grin to my face.

Overall this season was definitely inferior to the previous ones, but it did have its moments - Erina unshackled and The Demon.

Time to head to the manga and complete this arc, I guess!

≫This little scene was so satisfying. Eat your heart out, Azami.

I hope that, after tasting the flavour of defeat, he may reconsider his decisions. Even him being a manipulator, coward, bully with his own daughter and megalomaniac tyrant, it was hinted that he really wants a more fair world for gourmet cooks so they wouldn't have to face what Soma's dad suffered in his youth.

This said, I hope he gets a tremendous kick in his butt. Even with a theoretically noble aim, his actions were despicable.

And another season finished. I have no idea what I'll do with my upcoming Sunday mornings.

Manga readers, how far ahead is the manga compared to where we just ended at the anime? Is there a chance that there's enough material for one more arc/cour sometime within a year, or is there a longer excruciating wait?

The whole team Shokugeki arc ends at chapter 263, and the manga is only at chapter 268 as of this past Friday. The next season should finish up this competition but it'll be hard to say if there will be enough material for a 5th season.

And that marks the end of another season! Shokugeki just never stops being a ton of fun, I enjoyed it a lot as always, 9/10 from my part.

I hope we get to see the rest of this fight against Central in a sequel!

Having Rindou on your team is a treat even if you lost your match. Her support is top tier

Yesss, the Soba that Leap through Time! One of my favourite foodgasms in the whole series.

This match by and large is also one of my favourite Shokugekis in the series, because Soma was able to overcome his opponent by thinking about how to use the environment they were in instead of it all boiling down to “umami”. It also demonstrates that Soma’s greatest strength is thinking about how to keep getting better through experimentation, while Nene has always done her Soba one particular way. It’s a great duel character wise, it embodies the main conflict of this arc, and we got a Nene foodgasm at the end too... lawd have mercy

I’m sad this is the last episode for a while. Any word on season 4 yet?

Damn this was a good season!!! Can't waiy for the next.... Can someone tell me the manga chapter of the last episode?

This anime was pretty good.


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