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[Shokugeki no Soma S3 Toutsuki Ressha-hen] Episode 23 everyone's impressions

Episode 23
"Bearing Polar Star Dormitory"

Isshiki: Face me, you ain't even gonna beat my underling never mind facing me.

the way he says "a chef by the name of yukihira soma" is so badass

She looks so scared/shocked even right after she tries to insure herself that Soma will lose.

I thought the page in the manga was a lot more hype imo. I think this arc is really poorly paced here in the anime and in the manga, even though I thought condensing it would be benificial for the anime.

Ishhiki saying Souma will win was so hype.

They basically portrayed Isshiki as a multitalent that can do everything if he puts his mind into it. He could probably be the best cook easily if he tries but it doesn't feel like he wants to, he seems fine with his lifestyle.

He's like Shikamaru from Naruto, filled with genius but no drive to put it to use until something precious to him is threatened.

Also reminds me of Kise from Kuroko no Basket.

"Because you'll lose to a chef by the name of Yukihira Soma before that" damn isshiki shots fired

And dat music!

Oh look another character with amazing oppais to add to Yui Horie's repertoire! Seriously though, this show is already jam packed with top tier VAs I love that they're just adding so much more! Thank goodness her character is a fair judge though.

Oh Soma, all of us already know that you'll win this match but I love how he looks so incompetent with the dish that he's making! XD Whatever it is it's definitely good and I'm already looking forward to Nene losing her shit over it!

≫he looks so incompetent with the dish that he's making! XD

That is the face of complete confidence in what ever the hell he is making.

Or you know, it could just be peanut butter and ~insert seafood~ that he wants to give to the judges :p

They skipped some parts of the judging

Is she... giving her breasts words of consolation in the bottom-left panel?


man, these 5 min long episodes are really something

Its weird that they let the OP be almost half of it.

I can't wait for next week... I want to see it now!!!

When Nene says to Isshiki, "Make sure you face me in the second bout" after he had won... that's just seems odd

I'm pretty sure in the manga, she says it in the middle of their food preparation.

*Edit: I was right. I just went back and checked. In fact, the anime actually switched the order of the match. In the manga, they actually showed the outcome between Souma vs Nene first, then Isshiki vs Jurio.

Most likely due to the pacing of the anime, they'll show Souma vs Nene last before the inevitable wait as a sort of 'there's more to come' finale.

Alice wanting to know more about the Legendary Naked Apron lol Our boy Isshiki absolutely demolishing the competition rip Nene

beware of her pouting

ANNE! She's so pretty. Is that Horie Yui I hear? A good fit for her carácter

Isshiki is such a badass. I loved that he used the PSD ingredients to win. Also got a cute pissed off Ryoko which is a plus. And Isshiki and Nene are so cute and competitive. I ship it. Isshikuni anyone?

≫I ship it. Isshikuni anyone?

And here I was thinking that Isshindou is perfect. At this point Isshiki will have his own harem!

Best-senpai is unstoppable!

Ryōko has always been the onee-san of the Polar Star Dormitory. Seeing her flustered is so rare. It would be interesting if she took a more significant role than a support character in the future.

≫It would be interesting if she took a more significant role than a support character in the future.

She's probably my favourite Polar Star member so I'd be all for that!!

She's definitely my fave PSD member so count me in! Ryoko stands out even among the more main characters tbh

≫I ship it. Isshikuni anyone?

I don't know anymore!! Isshiki has so many potential ships with Nene, Rindou and Ryouka...

Also love me some Yui Horie, happy she's not a crooked judge :)

And the battle begins with Isshiki-senpai winning while delivering the message that everyone at Polar Star had something valuable to contribute to his dish. Beautiful.

That pout though

Also the Manga version because why not

I should wait until it's all out and then binge it in one night. I can't stand this pacing. I got hyped for Souma vs Nene last week and I still have to wait another week for some conclusion? Damn you, shounen series!

Ha, be glad you were not reading the manga, the pacing was pretty dreadful. Then again, the anime season is ending mid arc so that sucks too.

I love how they never refer to it as sake and call it rice juice or simply as "this."

Souma cooking trollishly is the very essence of this series.

Notserious!Isshiki just being casually badass.

Horie Yui's moans voice is such a bliss to my ears.

This weekend sure is a great weekend for anime fans.

The music that started during the second Isshiki/Nene flashback that synced with Isshiki playing the dragon flute was really cool.

Best Senpai Award goes to Isshiki Satoshi

The music in this episode was so damn good <3

Man even the animation hasn't been that great, the OST makes me feel a lot of hype even if I already know whats going to happen. It has been really good this season!


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