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[Shokugeki no Soma S3 Toutsuki Ressha-hen] Episode 22 everyone's impressions

Episode 22
"To the Final battleground"

Right before the Team Shokugeki, Soma manages to recruit Satoshi, Kuga, Megashima, and Subaru to their team to make the match an 8 vs 8. As the Team Shokugeki begins, Soma, Satoshi, and Megashima are matched against Nene and two replacement Elite 10 members, with Soma having to face Nene. Unfortunately, Soma draws soba as the cooking theme, which happens to be Nene's specialty. Soma decides to counter this disadvantage by making an instant yakisoba dish, which he feels will do a better job conveying his cooking than a regular soba dish. Meanwhile, Satoshi battles against Shiratsu over an eel dish. Shiratsu soon begins throwing insults at Satoshi, wondering why a cook from the prominent Isshki family would associate with the "lowlifes" of Polar Star. This angers Satoshi and he decides to begin cooking seriously to completely crush Shiratsu. 

You're going to be part of this recap whether you like it or not, Hayama.

Oh, you thought we'd let you miss out Hayama?

We're in this together!

I'd totally watch a power-of-friendship spin-off with those three.

It kind of peeves me that all of Soma's friends are doubting him. Like please, you've been watching him pull win after win out of his ass for like, 3 seasons, have some faith.

Erina has faith in him

i thought this was a team shokugeki, but all the teammates are doing, is roasting the other team...


I'm pretty sure they said earlier that's how Team Shokugekis go. They could still help each other. I'm sure there will be moments where some of the cooks will do something to assist, but they all have their own dishes to worry about as well. And at least two of three of them need to win most likely, so they do benefit from helping each other

Also keep in mind this round's team is made of three contestants who hadn't really done a lot of cooking together (even Satoshi-Soma).

If-when we get the inevitable Soma-Megu-Takumi team duel there's probably gonna be a lot more teamwork involved in the duel.

≫the inevitable Soma-Megu-Takumi team duel

Wait, so the same person can be drawn again? That doesn't seem right..

I believe it's a team deathmatch style bracket. The winners stay on until they're defeated, so the incentive not to lose [get outnumbered] is high.

Isshiki senpai is so cool! For a second there he seemed menacing enough to be as good as the First Seat, Eishi.

Speaking of menacing, is it just me, or does that duel feel like something out of JoJo's? This character in particular..

I believe it was stated in one of the earlier seasons that the only reason he is the 7th seat is because he doesn't care enough to go any further up, rather than lack of skill to do so. The higher the seat, the more responsibilities and he cares more for helping the dorm than the school itself

Turns out these black bars in the OP were more than just train tracks.

As a manga reader it was really fun watching people speculate as to why megumi and aldini were in front of the bars and everyone else was behind

This part of the OP had my stifling laughter the first time Saw it (having read past the beginning of this battle).

I really fell in love with the op and ed this season because of all the foreshadowing. I’m not even a manga reader but I was able to pick up on some of the foreshadowing(mainly that aldini, megumi, Erina, and soma would be the main focus of this arc since everything had their 4 colors on it) and then the ed shows how the characters are growing, soma coming from behind, erina matching pace with the other polar star dormitories, soma surpassing his father

I find it funny that that the general audience laughed at Soma using a machine to make noodles, but the high level chefs, including Nene, the soba specialist, respected him for doing so. It goes to show how so few of the students actually understand how different cooking techniques works and are only capable of copying recipes.

Also, I find it weird that so few people know about Polar Star when Dojima and Azami came from there. I want to see these Central supporters' reactions from finding out that there messiah came from the dorm they've been booing.

That is the thing that is weird about Azami's plan. It is essentially making everyone cook a Blue Apron box.

Nah man they’re gonna take over the culinary world by everyone cooking easy 3-step recipes.

It’s a doubled edged sword, on one hand you never have people fail and the quality is a constant, so you don’t have to develope your own cooking or get burnt out from the pressure of being a innovator like jochiro. On the other hand, you also never get any innovation and the food world would become static. Cut down to the same recipes and procedures for every dish.

Kuga and Isshiki, hell yeah. The hype is real.

Kuga is Best Boy! Or maybe Takumi..... or Ryo...

You know, people always argue about Best Girl in this show, but I feel like the Best Boy competition is just as strong.

P.S. Alice is Best Girl.

Even completely crazy Urara is still the cutest side character.

She's cute as a button!

But also snarky as hell.

Bonus shocked Urara.

All I can see is Megumi Alter.

What happened to her though? I don't recall her being anywhere near as crazy as this.

Azami happened, I guess.

Maybe central has given her a nice deal?

Alice recap! 

"Rindo, wearing your hair up looks good on you." 

It sure does, Isshiki is a man of great taste. 

"Maybe I'll be serious about crushing you" 

Guitar riff outro 


Rindo best waifu don't @ me.

I was expecting Subaru to show up, but now that he's here, I feel like he'll be cannon fodder. His trademark copycat/method-cooking style won't work since he doesn't know who exactly his opponent will be beforehand.

Well, he could try channeling Souma or Erina, but I doubt even that will be enough. If he draws one of the first three seats and loses to them, that will be enough of a contribution..

Subaru can predict that he will face any of the Remaining Elite ten. The issue is that the Elite ten themselves are on such a high level just copying them will be difficult.

I loved Isshiki’s plan for if they failed lol A new Polar Star farm

theres a lot of positive thinking and optimist chara in Shokugeki no Soma, Glad you like it

Really enjoyed this moment in the manga

I love Isshiki. He is one of those lovely funny characters that can switch to badass in a moment, that gave me Yato chills


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