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[Shokugeki no Soma S3 Toutsuki Ressha-hen] Episode 21 everyone's impressions

Episode 21
"The Pioneer of the Wastelands"

Joichiro backstory HYPE!

Holy shit, when Joichiro grabbed that guy by the shirt halfway through slaughtering his little band of upstarts and just fucking laid into him. Absolutely cold blooded. The Demon indeed

We finally got to see who the demon in the intro was!

Lmao I thought that was Kuga for the longest time and couldn't figure out why he had such an intense panel.

It's even worse because I read the manga already

Lol I thought it was Kuga too, which threw me off because he appears later in the intro anyways, so I was wondering why he got two scenes.

He's such a cool character, though it makes me wonder if Soma will ever reach his level. I know it's a shounen and by the end the protagonist should surpasses their father, but Joichiro seems to be on another level compared to everyone in the anime.

They pointed out at the end of the episode that Soma is more resilient than Joichiro but in terms of potential and cooking skills, he seems like someone that's almost impossible to surpass.

Perhaps Soma will end up winning BLUE and maybe defeating his father in a shokugeki, but even then does that really count as surpassing him? Unless he wins 400 shokugekis in a row he wonldn't really have surpassed him.

Soma only needs to get his first victory, honestly.

Kind of agree, if someone beats you 400 times without contest, and that shows such a difference in skill by that point clearing 1 victory shows prowess of an actual challenge to the Usual Victor's skill

This is not even censorship anymore

Somebody walked into my room right when she said she's a dignified lady who has to keep her composure and I paused that shit SO FAST.

It's kind of funny how little censorship they give to the foodgasms, but they give so much censorship elsewhere. Like, in this episode, when the piece of wood hits Saiba's arm, he just gets a bruise. But in the manga, he gets a huge gash and starts dripping blood.

They also completely cut out the part where Saiba's leg snaps in half and he leaves it behind

holy.. I didn't know the manga get that graphic

All this past stuff was nice and well told but it just makes me even more curious about the mother!!

So are we! It's the thing everyone wants to know about.

Weekly Shonen Jump motto: "Friendship, effort, victory and never ever revealing the mother."

Ah the classic One Piece mantra, kill off the mothers so they don't interfere in the adventures.

Hero Academia dared to be different, let's make the father's mysterious.

So weird hearing Azami's VA as a teenage character.

Man I didn’t think any of them fit. They couldn’t have at least pitched their voices up? They’re like 16 why would any of them have that mature a voice?

No matter how good you are as a VA, but asking 3 veteran (i.e aged) male VAs decades past their puberty to do high pitched voices is asking too much.

God damn, WHAT A BADASS! 

Gin is such a bro. Gin BROjima.

Damn what a tragic yet awesome backstory for Joichiro. I'm getting really pumped for the team shokugeki now.

It's honestly looking like the show could be bringing back the insane quality of season 1 with a vengeance for this arc and I can't wait to see where it goes


Edit: Oh wait, is that Urara??? Been a long time since we saw her x)

Oh I thought it was Megumi lol. I guess she will be the one who will host the Team Shokugeki, though I still don't have any idea why she's wearing that or doing that pose. And her eyes look creepy.

She's probably presenting the whole thing as a total deathmatch, since the stakes have never been higher: The E10's seats, and all the rebels' chance to stay at Totsuki.

≫She's probably presenting the whole thing as a total deathmatch

Shokugeki no Souma is a battle royale anime

Man, that first shot of the end credits makes so much more sense now. This was a great episode for building the story and it had some pretty darn good music pieces in there as well.

So I never read the manga and am going into all of this blind. But when they make the comparison that cooking is like venturing into a storm and that Soma saved Joichiro followed immediately by that opening ED shot, I might've teared up a little.

Fantastic backstory episode, it explained the motivations of the three characters (Joichiro, Gin, Azami) very well.

Joichiro being praised as a genius and being pressured to completely go ''tunnel vision'' for cooking. So backed into a corner that he left his friends behind slowly.

I'm not crying! Its the onions in the cooking!!!!

When the episode ended on Gin talking about how Soma was Jouichiro's salvation, then it cuts to the ED still of the two of them smiling on their backs in the wasteland, I felt things I didn't know I could feel.

Azami having an evil aura even as a middle schooler doesn't surprise me, but he did seem more innocent overall, almost like the cute tag-along sidekick to Saiba and Gin's duo.

I think the most important thing to take away from this is that having a son helped bring Saiba back to his old self, and I think it's setting up a parallel moment for Erina and Azami when they beat him. Azami's gone off on his own journey into the wasteland, but having a daughter didn't help him since he just used her for his own power. When he finally sees Erina as more than just a tool, she'll convince him to remember what cooking's all about, just like Soma did for Saiba.

Also, that BLUE is totally gonna be the next big thing for Soma to tackle after Totsuki is saved. More tournament arcs HYPE!

This might be my favourite episode of the season yet.

As an anime-only watcher, Joichiro's backstory was well-awaited, and it didn't disappoint!

Easily the best episode of Food Wars! I loved how they showed how even the greatest chef fall under pressure and even if you can exceed everyone expectations, all that pressure can inevitably take all the love out of the activity your doing. A brilliant episode and one I will remember fondly.


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