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[Persona 5 the Animation] Episode 9 everyone's impressions

Episode 9
"Operation maid watch"

While waiting for their next target, Ren tries out a dubious-looking maid service, discovering that his homeroom teacher Sadayo Kawakami is secretly working as a maid. Noticing Ryuji being bothered by his former track teammates, Ren asks Kawakami for the details about what happened between him and Kamoshida. Learning that the new track team advisor, Yamauchi, has been manipulating the players by leaking rumors to them, Ryuji learns to control his temper and make peace with the team. 

We finally get to see Becky, my life is complete

So many good Kawakami shots this episode! This was a fun episode, and I'm glad they're spending time on characters outside the Phantom Thieves. Kawakami's storyline is my favourite so I hope it's fully explored later since her story and how Ren helps her is so good. Also, best confidant!

I worry since she's already giving massages and watching laundry we're not gonna go through her whole story. There's just so many confidants, on top of what already seems like a jam-packed main storyline to fit in.

Hm, I'm not sure.

Her talking about the massages mean we might get a scene where Ren comes back from a Palace in bad shape and decides to call her, and they talk about it at that moment.

Like you said, they still have a lot of confidents to go through, but the way they handled this episode, pretty much going through the whole Ryuji social link and introducing most of Kawakami's, we might get it.

It's still way more promising than the early episodes when everything was going slow and we were afraid they wouldn't do any side confidents at all.

Since you've played the game, can you explain to me what the whole laundry bit at the start and end of the episode was about?

I don't remember them getting those rags (is that what they are?) in any earlier episode.

In the game, you can find dirty pieces of equipment in palaces. You clean them at the laundromat and it turns into equipment you can use. If you call Kawakami, you can have her do the laundry for you and not take up your nighttime

LMAO that whole maid thing was great, sensei is really warming up to me.


To be fair, Ren did it first.

Good guy Ren

I like to be paid 5000 yen to watch someone's laundry too.

"What the hell" indeed Kawakami. Easy money

When your cat doesn't let you get out at night, you gotta make someone else to do your laundry.

And it's literally across the street. What the fuck cat.

Hey! You must be tired after today. Let's go to sleep!

My reaction when we get to see not only our favorite maid but Ann in the bathhouse

I'm very excited for the beach episode, to say the least...

The lobsters...

So far my favourite episode, loved the Kawakami scenes.

Cant wait for Makotos proper debut!

As much as I want to see more Makoto, multiple confidant arcs going together is great. (Remember there was this one episode in Persona 4 Anime which was all about side stories, and its one of the best episode in P4A IMO)

plus, Kawakami looks absolutely great this episode.

Loved Ren this episode. He’s one horny boi.

He's literally us guys when we played P5. Man of Culture.

Ren had more lines in this episode than in the last couple of episodes combined. That's a nice change, he's finally starting to feel like a character with a personality.

Yeah I really hope they continue with this pervy/goofy Ren. Also because that's how I played him in my first playthrough. XD

Dorky Ren best Ren! My favorite goofy line is coming up soon but I suspect the anime won't use it since they've had him be relatively serious when having serious conversations (so far). And also because they already omitted the "button mash" scene and therefore are the worst. The worst!

Nice to see Ren's personality in this episode. I'm curious if we'll get to see each team member's confidant story now. Next week, Makoto finally gets more involved!

Best girl is coming!

This ren guy level up Kawakami to level 10 in like nothing. Enjoy those massage, cause they are the best.

I have to say this was bar far the best episode! Focusing on the slice of life parts of the game rather than the dungeons made it way more interesting. When i played through i didnt level up eveyones confident so if the do more like this it'll be new to me

I know a lot of people were having issues with the anime for the first 4-5 episodes but man is it really getting better, it makes me excited to see how they handle later parts.

Kawakami is my favorite and I feel they’ve handled her perfectly and delivered on the maid stuff.

Yeah it was a rocky start but the Madarame arc onward has been pretty great.

This episode was great. I think it was an improvement of the previous ones. It's getting better and that's a good thing.

Wow, this episode was amazing, I like how the adaptation just keeps getting better.

But what's this nonsense about using the washing machine and taking a bath at the same time! That's not how physics works! /s


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