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[Persona 5 the Animation] Episode 11 everyone's impressions

Episode 11
"Let's be friends, shall we?"

As the thieves find they cannot get into the Palace while it's in midair, Makoto, wanting to prove herself useful, uses herself as bait in order to lead the gang to Kaneshiro, who blackmails them with an incriminating photo. Now considered a customer in Kaneshiro's bank, Makoto accompanies the others to Kaneshiro's Palace where she awakens her Persona, Johanna. 

Something that we never got to see in the game: Smol Makoto!

I love Sae but her best girl points went down when she said this to Makoto.

I like that they added in this detail. Explains where the motorcycle motiff comes from for her Persona.

As usual the anime does a good job of making the villains 10x more hateable. I feel like I was a lot more angrier here than I was when I first encountered Kaneshiro in the game.

Aww. I just want to give her a hug T_T

Another detail that they added that I like. They're showing us how weird Morgana looks like when talking to the group when no one can under stand him.

I feel like they changed the escape scene in the bank. Didn't Morgana change into the car first before they followed Makoto out?


"Wait, what's so great about the 7th image, it's just black with white gloves"

Turns up brightness

Oh. oooooooh

Great screens. Thanks!

Little Makoto is so adorable. <3

I'm glad they nailed my favorite awakening from the game, loved it through and through. Makoto always looks badass in her outfit.

Post credit scene had some good shots and angles. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

When Morgana said they can change hearts at Mementos even when there's a boss to deal with, all I heard was, "We like to do sidequests."

Good to see Queen join the team. The conversation between Sae and Makoto is always messed up.

This may be silly but I actually skipped this scene when I realized it was coming up because it's so awful to see. It gets hard to forgive Sae after that.

Yea it is a tough scene to watch.

There she is fellas, our queen.

Long may she reign!

I can see why so many adore Makoto and I love her sense of justice, not to mention her rebellious outfit.

That flashback though...on Father’s Day weekend no less :(

I didn’t mention this last week, but it’s wild how Makoto suggested going after Yakuza as if going after an abusive gym teacher and former artist wasn’t enough for our group; just a rush into the big league; I like it :)

Not much else to mention I look forward to how they plan to change Kaneshiro’s heart against his “ultimate” security.

≫it’s wild how Makoto suggested going after Yakuza

It's even wilder that when they were having trouble, she said "Fuck it, I'll do it myself" and went straight to the boss! She's all about getting out of her comfort zone and trying to better herself, which is awesome.

Ah that transformation scene was great, best girl finally got her moment!

Fight scenes still suck but hey at least this show doesn't rely on them to be entertaining.

Best girl Johanna is finally here :')

Did the pacing feel a little off to anyone else? I thought they were getting pretty good with that but this episode felt a bit disjointed to me. The awakening was really cool though! Makoto's such a badass...

I loved the scene where Morgana talks and it only sounds like a cat meowing to Makoto, it's cool to see a 'normal' person's perspective on those crazy teenagers seemingly conversing with a very chatty cat. And the flashbacks were a nice addition. And also Kaneshiro's voice actor didn't sound too different from his original one, so there's that too.

I also felt something was off about the pacing. Not exactly sure what, but I couldn't shake the feeling.

Pacing has always been a bit of an issue during Palace arcs, and I'm worried they're never going to get the hang of it, especially during the tail-end of the series. But it isn't too awful, and the extra scenes make it worth watching for me.

I thought it was funny when Makoto was transforming and the team was all open-mouthed like they'd never seen it happen before. Now that she's got her confidence, I'm looking forward to seeing her get back at Kaneshiro and Akechi!

It might be me, but Makoto kinda looks like her ingame model around the 18:31 mark.

It's not just you! Looks like her ingame face/head pasted onto her anime body.

I really hope they do the Makoto/Ren romance line. It’s the best one in my opinion, as Makoto experiences new things and actually grows as a person.

They really felt like the "OTP", so to speak, from the game itself. Makoto generally felt like the 2nd (or maybe 3rd, after Morgana) most important character on the team, and there are so many relationship flags thrown up for them both during the normal events of the story and during their support chain. Way more than the other girls. But since she's obviously also the best romance option as a whole, I may be slightly biased.

Unfortunately though I do think her support chain was a little weak, since pretty much the whole thing focuses on the complete idiot that is Eiko. And the fact that it's super predictable, unlike Haru's where at first your gut instinct is, 'of course the guy is trying to take advantage of you,' but it turns out to be a complete misunderstanding. But there are still a couple great moments for Makoto scattered in there, despite that. It just could have been so much better if the Eiko parts were written better or only lasted 2-3 ranks instead of all the way to the end, basically.

Makoto feels the default choice for players because it feels like Ann X Ryuji would canon and you pretty much reach Makoto pt.8 before you even get you get the last girl.

Loli Makoto is an unfair attack by A-1 to swing the best girl award away from Haru!

Best girl Makoto!


The queen awakens! Sadly, they cut out her breaking the tile during her awakening.

As a game player I kind of enjoyed this anime. It has little moments like seeing small Makoto and small Yusuke. It really adds on the sentimental value. Besides the pacing it's pretty well done compared to many other adaptations.

I want to see how they do other scenes with the PT. I'm hoping that the anime keeps this up.


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