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[Persona 5 the Animation] Episode 10 everyone's impressions

Episode 10
"I want to see justice with my own eyes"

During a class excursion to a television station, the gang spectate an interview with police detective Goro Akechi, who claims that the Phantom Thieves' ability to change hearts could be used for evil. Later, Makoto learns of the Phantom Thieves' identities and blackmails them with a recording, stating she will only delete it if they can change the heart of a crime sindicate boss who has involving students. Meeting up with reporter Ichika Ohya, Ren learns the boss' name, Junya Kaneshiro, which leads the gang to his Palace. 

oh hey about time someone caught them for being idiots who talk about phantoming on public spaces
Out of curiosity I tried to find out who voices Chihaya here, since her original VA sadly left us a couple years ago, and after screencapping the relevant credits and putting that through an ocr, it seems it is Haruka Terui. Fairly new VA, she hasn't done anything I've seen.
I'm looking forward to more Hifumi, she seems cool.
The entirety of Shibuya is a palace? That's crazy!
I loved the scene with journalist onee-san, I hope we get to see more of her. Makoto was pretty cool, too.
You look like a dude, who doesn't played the game... You are not ready for what to come and I envy you in this aspect :)
Yeah, I've never played any Persona games but this looked fun and I enjoyed the first few episodes so I'm sticking with it. Definitely excited for whatever surprises await me!
If you have the ability you should play the game instead, much better way of experiencing the story.
Makoto "reading" her manga backwards. I love how she does this too in-game as if we can't see her. XD

Hifumi! Such an early tease! I can't wait for our Chuuni  Shogi Queen to interact with Ren.

This shot of the hallway might as well have been lifted directly from the game.



We finally get to see Chihaya! Very short appearance but hopefully not the last.

Lala-chan! I don't recall Lala being voiced in-game so it's pretty hilarious to hear him change from his girly voice to his manly voice XD

OH GOD. I swear I don't recall Ohya being this cute in-game! It's probably the red lipstick and that little flush of red on her cheeks that's doing it for me.
Every single let's player shouts "Stop shouting Riyuji!" in every let's play ever made of Persona 5!
I always thought Ohya was kind of cute. She was just overshadowed by a certain punk doctor and teacher...
it doesn't help that at first glance Ohya's confidant bonuses aren't that great.

I mean, that's why I never did a single thing with her at the least.
I had to go check what were her bonuses in the first place. They're not so useful because you rarely ever get caught and raise security in a palace, and most people just clear all the dungeon in one sitting, except for the ones where you can't do that. the first 2 in the game. The bond with Ohya is far from developped enough at this point that you can benefit from the bonuses.
It might help a bit more in a New Game + if you already maxed out her S.Link in a previous run.
Pretty much every Confidant gives useful perks except for Ohya.
The part where they played Blooming Villain was pure gold. XD
It's great seeing Makoto following the Main protagonist around with that paper. I forgot about the scene where Ryuuji gets hit on. Good to see Hifumi and Chihaya make an appearance.
It's not that great in-game. The medium used helps, also whoever's idea it was to play Blooming Vilain in that scene deserves a raise.
Hello! I finally caught up!!!

Even though I never played the video game before I was already intrigued by the characters and plot. Also the music thoughhh...especially the OP it has been stuck in my head all week catching up.

I look forward to future discussions!

Also Chopper’s VA! as Morgana!
That Morgana VA is also freakin Pikachu
Hey, what do you think of the anime so far? Story, pacing, characters, etc? It's always interesting to hear from someone who has not played the game!
I love the premise of it. It’s weird to explain because I have a thing for the atmosphere of this good-side delinquent characters that decide hey we got this power to change people so why not do it under this faction.

The pacing; maybe it’s because I watched it in a binge, but a thought came to me that those first three episodes seemed sluggish if I watched it once a week. I wanna say as soon as Ann joined things picked up.
The thing I am so curious about is what does the long nose guy with the twin guards want with Ren?*
I can’t decide on favorite characters everyone who is in the faction right now up to this episode is likable. Also as I said above that OP a banger. The ost is subtle that it keeps everything balanced.

I think that’s all I have for now, if anyone else wants to ask questions no need to be shy, even though I’m in the shadows I will definitely be back each week from now on.
Thanks for sharing! Curiously a lot of us seemed to think that the first few episodes were blitzing through the story, haha. But the pacing does seem overall better now. Characters, well I guess that's fair, we're still in the process of introducing a bunch of them and getting to know the others. And yeah, the music is so freaking cool!

As for long nose guy (Igor) and the twin guards (Caroline and Justine), it's very cryptic right now but all will be revealed in due time. Also I assume you meant Ren and not Ryuji :)
Chihaya is best girl, I'm glad she made an appearance despite the very unfortunate passing of her voice actress.
Hopefully, Ryuji show them his inner man when he met the two guys. I did not expect Blooming Villain to play
I was waiting for someone to finally eavesdrop on them while they talk about Phantom Thieves business...

There's a short after-credits scene!
The scene with those two men assaulting Ryuji was actually done a little better in the anime because Ren and Morgana had no choice but to leave him. In the game, you just leave the poor sod to fend for himself after meeting Ohya.

The incorporation of all the different characters has been done increasingly well as the show’s found its stride. Hifumi and Chihaya look great, and they are able to keep the plot tightened up to the point where it looks like they will be able to comfortably fit in the whole story. Akechi’s involvement has also evened out. His constant appearances where it really served no other purpose than extended screen time for him got pretty distracting. Most of all, I’m looking forward to the anime’s remix of Price next episode, and hope Makoto’s entry into the team is represented halfway decently. Full stream ahead into the Kaneshiro arc!
Yes, we finally had an episode full of Makoto! Seeing some of the others confidants appearing, I wonder if we will ever have at least a cameo of Shinya. I would be satisfied even if the only show a glimpse of his GET SMOKED cap among a crowd of people.


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