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[Nanatsu no Taizai] Episode 23 everyone's impressions

Episode 23
"The Hero Rises!"

Hawk returns Lostvayne to Meliodas just as Derieri destroys the Boar Hat. Monspeet uses his strongest spell but Meliodas uses Full Counter to kill Derieri and Monspeet. In Liones, Grayroad uses demonic eggs that transform humans into demons. Dogedo kills one demon, but this activates Grayroads Commandment of Pacifism, all who kill in his presence lose their remaining time and Dogedo instantly dies of old age. The unnamed magic user reveals he is really Vivian, who teleports Gilthunder away to save him. Grayroad begins to turn Jericho into a demon. Jericho’s brother, Gustaf, tries to save them but dies from his injuries. Merlin suddenly appears; her body restored, and freezes the eggs. She destroys one of Grayroads faces, activating Pacifism, but she does not age. Her magic, Infinity, allows her to freeze herself in time, meaning she has infinite time so Pacifism is useless against her. Merlin reveals she is the daughter of Belialuin, which terrifies Grayroad and Fraudrin. She further speaks her true name, which is unrecognisable to humans, confirming her identity and then easily imprisons Grayroad in a glass jar. Zaratras arrives to help Hendrickson defeat Fraudrin. Fraudrin is distracted by Hawk, allowing Zaratras to expel Fraudrin from Dreyfus, who then destroys Fraudrin. Zaratras says his final goodbyes and dies once more. Fraudrin revives and prepares to kill everyone, but is stopped by Meliodas. Merlin senses that Meliodas power has now grown to at least level 60,000. Meliodas, eager to finish the fight he started with Fraudrin 16 years ago in Danafor, activates his Demonic power. 

Gilfrost revealed to be Vivian and kidnaps Gilthunder all within 5 seconds

Well alright then.

I see Merlin and Meliodas both got a massive power boost. The Ten Commandments have been getting their asses kicked ever since Escanor was introduced. I like it!

So Vivian was just being uncreative with the name "Gilfrost", and there isn't a Gilfire or a Gilearth?

Now they can't reunite and form the original Gilavatar.

but then everything changed when the gilfire nation attacked

Touch me more!
By the way, the opening is reflecting plot changes like Meliodas waking up.

Consent seems to be a turn off for Meliodas...

All that power and you can't even save the hero who has been carrying you on their back for god knows how many years... I want better bodyguards for Hawk Mama the true hero.

For the fates of estarossa, zeldris, Monspeet, and derieri: Only when you see a body, they can be considered dead. If you don’t see a body, there’s still a chance they’re still alive.

You can say this for any character in this anime. lol

How many times did Dreyfus/Hendrickson die?

It's nice to see Meliodas the one getting flustered this time<3

Once again, the OP animation has changed a little bit.

Even though the actual drawings weren't that great, I thought that the choreography in the fight with Hendrickson and Zaratras versus Drefyus/Fraudrin was really good, especially Zaratras.

For those anime-onlys, yes the manga readers were frustrated by the time-skip, Meliodas's quick revival, and Merlin's absurd overpoweredness, as well. It has since smoothed out a bit, and there's been some pretty cool things happening, but sometimes it's still a bit messy.

They really rushed through a lot this episode. Hope the next episode had a better schedule to up the animation quality.

6 chapters lol. Typical A1

It sucks that Gilthunder just missed getting to see his dad. At least we still get a father-son moment from Grimoire and Dreyfus.

Merlin coming to rescue was hype as fuck in the manga, but here it felt very underwhelming.

The lack of music was probably the biggest reason

Oh god.. this episode, if felt really, really rushed and flat, the drawing weren't as good as they used to be. But thats all cool, the biggest problems im having are sudden gigantic power boosts, Meliodas waking up out of blue with higher power, Melin comming out of Galand's power just like that when earlier "it was a problem" and suddenly she has so much power to kill everyone but when the Galand appeared she couldn't do anything, The lightning guy beeing able to fight with commandments when just episode ago he couldn't handle these demons with his lightning Powers

Getting rid of two condenments in the first two minutes? Crazy rushed

Oh hell nah, leave Jericho out of this she already suffered enough

Love Meliodas wicked Face, so great

But damn they are rushing this now, holy shit.

If I am correct there is one episode left?

Hope they can wrap it up nicely, or announce Season 3 right after. Then I dont mind any rushed end
But lets talk about the party, basically only Meliodas, Escanor and Merlin (a bit of Ban) are helpful.
The rest is doing jackshit and is just underpowered, whats going on there?
Damn even Hawk helped more then the rest

≫But lets talk about the party, basically only Meliodas, Escanor and Merlin (a bit of Ban) are helpful. The rest is doing jackshit and is just underpowered, whats going on there?

Well, Gowther is locked up in a cage. Escanor is currently "cooling down" for awhile. Diane and King are in the Fairy Kingdom. Ban was under the Commandment of Love for a bit there so he couldn't do anything really until Estarossa got taken out.

Aaaand, that's pretty much all of the ones that aren't doing anything. They all have valid reasons for not doing anything, and someone like Gowther will just accept the situation for what it is.

Wait could you explain the commandment of love thing? How was he affected? It was never really explicitly explained IIRC

Anyone who harbors hatred in Estarossa's presence won't be able to inflict harm or move (one of the 2 I forgot which). It was explicitly explained when Ban and co weren't able to attack Estarossa followed by Escanor's entrance.

So why the fuck did Merlin not one shot Galand if she was so OP ?

Because he is one of the top commandments in the physically. She is not very compatible with him. Also a spoiler of something that would be revealed later.

Spoil me, please. I probably won't read the manga and this season is ending up being a pretty big disappointment with such bad animation and rushed plot.

She was never even meant to be afflicted by commandments anyway but she forgot. Leading to her turning into stone. Honestly she was just unlucky Galand was the first to come.

Daaaaamn son, the commandments are gonna have to reevaluate their whole strategy now that they seem to be reduced to basically half their numbers. And it even seems like the ones remaining aren't even the strongest so it looks like turning the are tables.

Also, goddamn, Merlin got T H I C C C C O_O and now not only she revealed she's OP as fuck, but she's also seems to be someone that was not only important in the war 3000 years ago, but also someone that was very feared by the commandments themselves. I hope she actually does some cool stuff instead of just "being" op and not actually fighting because of it.

Meliodas seemed to heavily change his personality in just one iteration of his life D: I wonder how many times he's died since the war and how much his original personality and mind have been diluted. How much does Meliodas stop being Meliodas every time he dies?

Great episode.

≫Meliodas seemed to heavily change his personality in just one iteration of his life D: I wonder how many times he's died since the war and how much his original personality and mind have been diluted. How much does Meliodas stop being Meliodas every time he dies?

He probably hasn't died that much given how strong he is and even if he does die from time to time don't forget he has Liz inbetween deaths to help mellow out his personality back to a more caring one.

Good to finally remove that Commandment out of Dreyfus but man is it goofy looking. Was kind of let down on how easily Derieri and Monspeet were defeated. Good to see Merlin make her return.

I feel like most of these ten commandment are still alive, the animation portrait it in a way that made me feel they just got knock out. The only real death I see so far is galand, melascula, and greyroad being capture by merlin. As for the other, their "death" was so rush that to me it feel like they just being knocked out. There is no ways the plot just kill zeldris that casually without him do anything major yet

I like how Merlin casually remembers she is immune to the commandments.

Also, I was waiting to see how they would say her real name in the anime.

and lol, Gustaf just randomly diez


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