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[Nanatsu no Taizai] Episode 22 everyone's impressions

Episode 22
"Return of the Sins"

Denzel's death is probably one of the most random things in the entire series. He got introduced a few episodes ago for no particular reason(unless I forgot he was introduced earlier) and now dies just as pointlessly.

I think that's entirely down to the pacing of the adaption, not that he was around much longer in the manga, mind you.

That said his sacrifice is supposed to be pointless. He tries to appeal to Nerobasta for help in the battle against the commandments only for her to turn tail at the first opportunity.

She's complete scum and pretty much our introduction to how parts of the goddess Clan go about their business. She tries to kill Derr right away when she came after her. And when Basta realized she's got no chance she tries to talk her way out of it, blaming the "higher ups" for shit she's done in the past.

I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but I just genuinely feel like sound direction/design is really non-existent every now and then in the show. A few moments before enforced the feeling, yet those weren't as obvious issues, as the Meliodas reawakening. Zara and Elizabeth have a confrontation with 2 of the Ten Commandments and are on the brink of disaster, when Meliodas appears... to save the day, i guess? There's just no weight to the scene, the background music keeps on playing the same way it did from the start of the whole thing without any timing or tone change, he just kinda shows up off-screen and we immediately jump to the reactions of other characters that are supposed to tell me that "something different happened" and fail miserably at it before the familiar blonde hair arises from the corner. Honestly the entire sequence felt really silly to me, but that might be another issue.

On another note, fucking Escanor keeps on overcoming the odds and I love it.

Yeah, the surprises keep coming very randomly, almost perfunctorily. "It's the end of the episode, better drop in some random twist to bring viewers back."

The goddesses sword breaks in half at 15:42, but seems to be in one piece seconds later lol

Derrierie's hair also got cut before the sword hit her.

That is intended, what destroyed her hair was the ARK that hit her.

The Escanor Vs Estarossa didnt have such an impact as in the manga scene, but still PRAISE THE SUN!

Yeah, I honestly expected the dialogue between the farmer and his son about how it's not even noon yet,in order to build up hype for Escanor beating the crap out of Estarossa after the 'Sun' was swallowed. The fight felt really short compared to the manga. And the music was off too.

The adaptation for the Escanor vs Estarossa fight wasn’t bad but after the recent episode of My Hero Academia I cant help but to feel disappointed.

Times like this we only hope the best for the studios to adapt it. Boruto's last week wouldn't count since the have taken some tidbits from the movie but BnHA just blew it all up, and they even have 14 more episodes left. NnT got 2 episodes left and I guess the budget for it gonna spend on the next fight. Kinda disappointed to watch it now considering all the hypes last week.

Not really about budget. The animators give their best on episode 19. Episode 22 was too soon for them to redo directly a big episode.

I understand your dissapointement but keep in mind Heroaca doesn't have a big sakuga episode each week either. And HeroAca have much more great animators than Nanatai to begin with.

When Denzel died I literally laughed. Made him look so op with the angel in him then ploop he's dead LOL

So this is what Escanor was aiming for... trurly a man of culture

and let's not forget the pair on Denzel's stand.

Your next line is "This is badly made meme"

This guy was so shocked that he was literally speechless.

Without spoilers I can only say that it makes sense that his mouth is not visible most of the time.

Wait it's not a mistake? :D I just thought that the animators forgot.

The mangaka rarely draws his mouth in the manga, but in the anime I guess it'd be weird to have him talk without mouth movements, so they draw it a lot more.

Damn this episode felt incredibly rushed. The animation and art wasn't bad per se but how quickly it sped through Escanor vs Estarossa gave it absolutely no impact. Though I will say this had a very tough act to follow with the MHA episode today so that's made my impression even worse I think.

5 Chapters adapted in 1 episode that included a major scene in the whole series. They skipped 21 Panels in the Escanor vs Estarossa fight alone (álbum: ) not to mention lots of ruined panels, like Estarossa's first Full counter and the overall extremely rushed pacing.

Escanor has quickly become my favorite character. He's basically soloing the 10 Commandments

I wonder if he could actually take them all at once.

This fight was a good example of why you need to adapt everything for the fight. Without the side comments from everyone else and their looks of surprise/awe, you don't get a true sense of the power that Escanor and estarossa are throwing around. It's a real shame.

Just caught up today after binging the entire season. I haven't read the manga, but it feels like everyone is overreacting.

I will say that the major problem wasn't even the production values. More that the 'fight' felt rushed, which resulted in a lack of presence.

Though I've been pretty pleased with the animation quality this season. Less standout moments, but no where near the amount of poorly produced episodes.

There were quite a few differences. One was Escanors entrance, the reactions from Deriere, Monspiet, Zeldoris and Fraudarin. The pacing, the art, the tone which changed thanks to what I have mentioned above. The scene when Estarosa starts screaming felt sooo epic in the manga but the way it was done in the anime it lessoned the impact. In the Manga I could understand Estarosa and how helpless he was/ it felt. They cut a scene where Zeldoris tells Estarosa to run away but instead he starts to scream. And they removed a scene which added context/ forshadowing to a future one. Now that future scene is going to feel like an ass pull to anime onlys

The fight isn't amazing in the manga either, but it's crazy how bad they still managed to botch this though.

That fight between Eacanor and Estarossa was great. I feel sorry for Denzel for sacrificing his life for that useless goddess.

Escanor being Escanor is still glorious to me, but I feel like the animation was lacking for what was hyped up to be an awesome fight. I checked the manga version of the fight and it definitely felt like it carried more weight to it.

Denzel sacrificing himself to summon a goddess was pretty out there, and it was kind of funny how lazy she was and how she was gibbed by Derieri pretty easily. It did give us some concrete proof that Elizabeth has the power to fight the Commandments though.

Here's to hoping that the last two episodes will be animated better with Meliodas' return.

I know it didn't got adapted so well and all, but i'm still so gratefull for the anime!


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