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[Nanatsu no Taizai] Episode 21 everyone's impressions

Episode 21
"Certain Warmth"

The unnamed knight is revealed to be Golgius of the Weird Fangs who refuses to trust former enemies and leaves. Elizabeth is shown to have Meliodas’ body. Zaratras suddenly appears, having been resurrected by Melascula. He casts a spell allowing them to see the past. The past Meliodas rescues a baby Elizabeth from the burning city of Danafor and calls her “his woman”. The King of Liones adopted Elizabeth and made Meliodas the Holy Knight in charge of her protection. Meliodas later joined the Sins, prophesied warriors destined to destroy the Commandments. Meliodas is revealed to have been living with an immortality curse for 3000 years. Elizabeth sees a memory where Meliodas promised he would always return to her. Meliodas soul is in Purgatory where it is revealed his father, the Demon King, has been eating his emotions every time he goes to Purgatory, trying to make him forget his love for the continued reincarnations of Elizabeth and turn him back into an evil demon. Meliodas attacks his father. Estarossa uses his Commandment of Love to prevent all warriors with hatred in their hearts from fighting, including Ban. Escanor, whose Sin of Pride means he feels only pity for others, and not hatred, is unaffected and prepares to fight Estarossa alone. 

This is a whole next level of lolicon


I love that final dialogue from Escanor at the end.

"Why would I hate those weaker than myself?".... chills

Manga version was so much cooler

"I have no reason to hate those beneath me" "What a Prideful man" "That is my Sin."

Anime translation scuffed.

Hopefully it's "BEGONE" and not "GO AWAY"

Estatarosa replies with something along the lines of "such insolent pride" which is so much cooler

Don't skip the opening! New scenes!

I usually skip openings BECAUSE there are new scenes. I don't want the opening to spoil anything from the episode itself.

Well sometimes it just confuses you :D

All might vs AFO and Escanor Vs Estarossa next week. The anime gods have been gracious.

Praise the sun.

Right?! It's such fantastic timing! I love it.

Shame that this scene wasn't as really powerful as it was in the manga.


That scene was pretty powerful for me, I had chills during that entire sequence. That’s probably because I haven’t read the manga yet though

Yeah pretty much the same. Haven't read the manga but I checked out the pages. It seemed kinda similar. Maybe first time seeing it has the shock factor as well.

From the way it looks in the manga and how Escanor made his entrance in the anime, I can imagine what you are talking about, but still, it was one hell of a scene, I'm not exaggerating if I said it is my favorite scene this season. Makes me wanna start reading the manga now!

Man, this feels so rushed, was hyped for it, but hopefully next week can live up to it, quite sad how it turned out

The whole sequence in the manga is pretty rushed too. The one time fillers would be acceptable.

the entrance of escanor could have been so much better..

How can you butcher escanor’s scene that much?!

God awful studio must have blown their entire budget on meliodas last fight

The only good thing about this scene was the staredown, him walking awkwardly out of the castle and up that rubble wasn't epic in the manga either.

His armor is stupid heavy and unwieldy, he isn't going to jump up the castlewall like some antelope in that.

wasn't epic in the manga either.

I really have to disagree. During the entire walk, you end up with all of the ten commandments basically calling escanor a monster, building up really strongly to the last few panels. You don't get those little comments here though.

That fuckin Opening change was crazy. Also the tease of the movie during the credits was nice.

Holy shit that ending, Escanor vs Estarossa HYPE

I hope they have some budget remaining to make the fight as epic as Meliodas vs 10 Commandments.

I honestly feel the studio's love for Escanaor whenever he comes around. I think he looks even cooler in the anime than he does in the manga, and his voice is perfect. I'm very confident that they have all the budget they need for this fight.

I would like to petition from here forth for Escanor to be the new main character. Forget Meliodas, Escanor is way more badass and deserving of the role. PRAISE THE SUN!

Escanor is the perfect way to finish off my Saturday anime session.


That scene with Escanor was such a great scene. Can't wait to see the fight next week. Well this explains a few things about Meliodas.

They should just wait until sunrise, and then ambush the ten commandments one by one with Escanor. Like when it's sunrise, send Ban in there to hold the enemy down and get Escanor to obliterate the guy.

Holy Shit. Escanor at the end gave me the biggest sun on my face. Praise the Sun.

And Meliodas' backstory plus some revelations about the creation of the Sins and the part in Purgatory was some good shit.

My body is ready for Escanor Vs. Estarossa!

Also the ritual scene looked really bad, the way the liquid just looks like it's floating over his scars and has no depth on different parts of his body. Maybe I'm just being picky but it really bugged me.


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