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[Nanatsu no Taizai] Episode 20 everyone's impressions

Episode 20
"Pursuit of Hope"

As Estarossa continues to crush Meliodas, he reveals to everyone that Meliodas was once led the Commandments and prospected as the next Demon King. However, Meliodas betrayed the Commandments and cruelly killed two, replaced by Drole and Gloxinia at a later time. Because of his betrayal, it destroyed the balance between demons and goddesses. Seen this as an advantage, the goddesses wanted to destroy demons and incited other races to join their crusade that happened 3000 years ago. Melascula wants to eat Meliodas' soul and reasons out to Estarossa. In an attempt to save Meliodas, Ban decides while seemingly apologizes to Elaine. Ban arrives as an astral image to the battlefield and twists Melascula's head, bursting out her five hearts and apparently killing her. Estarossa thanked Ban but he proceeds killing Meliodas by impaling seven swords, which demons had seven hearts. Ban tries to stop Estarossa but to no avail, and somewhat annoyed, the latter disintegrates Ban. As everyone cries due to Meliodas' death, Elizabeth begs to head to the battlefield. She cries as she cradles the lifeless body of Meliodas. Days later after the death of Meliodas, The Sins are once again scattered. King and Diane accompanies Elizabeth as she heals Sol and Della. However, due to the domination of the Commandments over Brittania, King suggests to stay at the Fairy King Forest for safety. As for other Sins, Merlin secluded herself in her laboratory while Gowther is detained due to claims that he was a former Commandment. Ban defends the northern territory from invading demons, and accepted the fact that Elaine has disappeared again after he killed Melascula. Other villages pledged allegiance and cooperation to the Commandments in exchange for their safety. Meanwhile, a Holy Knight whose on a run due to demons that hunt him. He was cornered, attacked and got unconscious. He wakes up in the bar, and heads down to see Elizabeth serving ale to the customers. 

For the detail orientated and number loving folk out here: So ban originally ripped one heart out of Melascula and one out of galand. And this ep, he ripped out 5 more out of Melascula. It's a nice detail to notice.
Only 4 eps left :( I hope we get season 3.

And she has 1 more left.

Maybe Escanors attack managed to take one so she might be dead, but they did show her charred in this episode. I don't know how the whole 7 hearts things work, do you recover all your injuries when you lose one?

Could be that she had only 6, the large fat red demons had 4 in total.

And Estarossa said "great demons (or something along the lines of a "better" version) have up to 7 hearts. So it's probably not applicable to everyone

≫I hope we get season 3.

we probably will, but there isn't nearly enough manga content for a whole nother season already.

there are still 90 chapters left, by the end of this season we'll probably have 75 chapters left to be adapted, so I wouldn't be surprised if we get a new season announcement for next year.

ok I didn't expect Meliodas to die to be honest. But I guess he will come back... am I right? AM I RIGHT? :(

Also Ban just exploding was kind of ridiciulous

Yeah I feel like we could get another druid ex machina. No fuckin way Meliodas is dead for good. Maybe Gowther will finally get a heart and then give it to Meliodas or something.

Hmmm now that I think about it, the whole "demons have seven hearts" thing is kinda interesting considering Gowther used to be a demon. I wonder what happened to him.

He is a doll.

Yeah but like how did he get that way? (non manga reader) If Gowther was part of the old ten commandments, wouldn't that make him a demon back then? What sort of shenanigans was Meliodas a part of that made him lose his memories and become a doll? or was he a doll the entire time?

My point is i don't know shit lol

Being a part of the ten commandments doesn't make you a demon. Look at drole and gloxinia for example, they aren't demons but they're a part of the ten commandments. Just clearing that up

Young Estarossa looks exactly like Meliodas, It made me realize that Estarossa looks like Meliodas' depiction on the wanted posters.

What is weird is that Estarossa is younger brother of Meliodas and yet he have adult body.

Obviously younger meliodas took steroids and it stunted his growth /s

Melascula got...BANNED.

Tbh, that demon deserved it. Estarossa...such a heartless bastard.

Actually he has several hearts because he's a demon as well.

Am I the only one here that felt the time jump was very rushed? I'm sure Meliodas is coming back and when he does his absence and death won't really be felt as much since it's such a rush.

It felt rushed in the manga too. This whole episode had a weird pace.

Would've worked much better if they ended an episode with Elizabeth crying out and then had the time skip in the next one

Yea, dedicating the rest of the episode to show everyone being miserable would help set the tone. Instead they just went and skipped some time ahead and everyone is cheerful and happy again.

Wow, that hurt to watch, Ban desesperately trying to save Meliodas without success was hard hitting.

Meliodas is the protagonist so I really doubt he's dead for real, but I can't wait to see to reason if he's not, I'm definitely picking up the manga after this season ends unless S3 gets announced right after, this sequel has been crazy good.

Melascula's death was as brutal as I was expecting, good episode

That was some Mortal Kombat fatality shit.

For such a jobber(fighting game term that means "strong character get's rekt frequently for plot convenience), she's still my favorite Commandment. She's the hottest and has the most personality out of all of them so far.

The only one that comes close is gloxinova but i have a feeling he will follow the same train as melascula lol.

I feel like Jobber isn't just a fighting game term.

Also is "Gloxinova" a different version or am I missing something?

Yeah I always thought jobber was mainly a wrestling term.

What the hell was the pacing?!

We went from a brutal, heart tearing death scene to now some "X" time skip to everyone running around doing this and that and oh lets not forget this random guy. And this dude too. Oh and did we forget to mention that random cat talks?! So wacky!

There's a one month time skip after Meliodas dies and the kids are healed, I don't know if the anime communicated this badly or if the sub just left it out. The mood whiplash is kinda jarring though.

pretty sure it was mostly the horrific translation not communicating the time skip correctly

Why are the subs so dog shit for this awesome anime?

'Cause the only thing out right now are low-quality fansubs. Not sure what you're expecting.

That was some time skip, Ban going ham on Melascula was crazy! too bad its probably not the last we see of that bastard.

She's still best girl tho

I'll be honest

The fact that people who have been dead for as long as Elaine has been can be brought back doesn't make me sad at all that Meliodas is dead.

The circumstances are way different thou, as well as the caster being way stronger than basically any other magician

where is merlin and what is she doing. I couldn't catch it from anime.

we don't know, she split from the group after the training and that is the last time we saw her

Isn't it obvious? She wants her body back.

Ok so, maybe I'm expecting too much from a shounen.

But what exactly was Meliodas' game plan?

Revenge Counter. But it didn't work out

Yeah that was his only hope after he'd been trapped, but before that; why did he let Gloxinia get so many heals off when he demonstrated he could've wiped the floor with him and Drole fairly quickly.
Don't get me wrong, great episode; but there are some heavy flaws in the writing if Meliodas didn't need to die for some reason.

maybe meliodas wanted gloxinia to waste the heals so the other commandments that came couldn't be revived.

(also looked like it could auto-heal gloxinia while he was incapacitated, which would start a chain of healing after revenge counter)

Meliodas' death hurt more in the anime, and I had already seen it. Sleep well, may you have peace while napping.

Estarossa will pay dearly for this.

Good episode. As a manga reader, there are some parts that I feel could’ve been done better but eh.

As expected, Ban couldn’t do anything to save meliodas. Estarossa is probably my favorite commandment.

I did like that added scenes of Gowther being arrested and Elizabeth healing those children.

This show relied heavily on Meliodas, Especially the last episodes, There was a feeling of an upcoming clash that kept me interested, But now when Meliodas died, are we going to see the struggle of some unimportant characters ? A build up all over again ? Feels underwhelming ... I really hope Meliodas comes back to life as fast as possible.

The pacing felt really fast and weird. Also that was an intense af episode. The occasional translation errors kinda took me out of it during some scenes but for the most part I did really like this episode. Also, that scene with Arthur and the guy who studied the blade was incredibly well-done.


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