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[Megalo Box] Episode 9 everyone's impressions

Episode 9
"A Dead Flower Shall Never Bloom"

For those who were wondering, these two old men the camera lingered on are Ikki Kajiwara and Tetsuya Chiba, authors of the original Ashita no Joe.

LOL alright that makes much more sense I was like "Why is Hank Hill in this anime??"

Nice little Easter egg they threw in there.

Free-to-play actually beat pay-to-win for once.

Joe has been the true free to play experience from the start - too dirt poor to afford gear

And the fucking grind is too real.

At this point, Joe is basically Homer Simpson. He's winning matches mostly because of his incredible endurance

Yeah and I'm okay with that. The general message that it's about how many punches you can take and still get back up...I don't hate it.

You could say he's "not dead yet".

"It ain't about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!"

Incredible stamina was the character trait of almost every shounen protagonist (Goku, Luffy, Naruto) so that's cool, given that it's a metaphor for perseverance.

That was a trait of the original Joe too. And let's face it, Mikio Shirato was a weakling compared to the other boxers Joe faced.

Well last week people were telling me he was an amazing and strong boxer when I mentioned that the only way Mikio could stand a chance was if he had another ace up his sleeve (which he did btw, the fact that the gear could adapt to new patterns)

Joe this fight

Isn't that Joe basically every fight?

Honestly though, they will have to pull some weird tricks to win Megalonia given they mostly raised in the ranks through the use of some "gimmicks"

Like many others are saying, it sounds like Fujiamaki is gonna try to force Nanbu and Joe to throw a match at the highest stage so that he can get a huge payout in bets.

Shit, didn't even think of that but it's the only plausible conclusion given his appearance. He also did state that as part of the deal, all Joe needed to do was get into Megalonia, not to win it which made me feel quite suspicious from then.

"my body moved on its own" my boi joe unlocked ultra instinct

He was straight up in that stance as well.

Can't wait for Ultra Instinct Goku Joe to fight the Stoic Jiren Yuri

Mikio's a pretty interesting character. I wonder if that comment will make him change his beliefs in gear and whatnot. I could see him developing some amazing training partner.

Here are the english lyrics for the ED. Incredibly inspiring and they make the track far more special and impactful in my opinión

Kakatte koi yo means "Bring it on", how fucking hype is that?

NakamuraEmi is just a fantastically great artist. Would love to see her live. Based on her Insta, it seems like she and her band put on a great show.

I just realised this show has only 4 episodes left, and that ending scares me about what might happen. This show isn't one to pull punches so I'm genuinely unsure of what might happen, we could definitely finish the rest of the show but idk if they'll be able to fit in everything, or if everything we assume will happen will happen.

God damn, it's exciting to see though.

Even after considering all the titles of the episodes and the whole death theme, I really don't want him to die.

That said, I can't really think of a better way to conclude the series. I mean, what's Joe gonna do after winning Megalonia? And it's probably extremely taxing on his body to constantly face geared fighters.

Having him go the way of Arrhichion (Ancient Greek wrestler who died as he won a fight) would be pretty fucking cool.

I can imagine a similar situation to this fight where he and Yuri exchange final blows but he's still standing and it turns out he died on his feet.

I was expecting a record scratch here

Yeah, I was sure that they were going to show what happened before the match and the beginning of the match after that shot.

Really enjoyed the outcome of that fight. I don't know if I can handle another twist though, I just want my Joe vs Yuri fight ;_;

All of those twist start to form a knot, in my stomach...
I like some twists, but after each fight they pulling out some reason for Joe to not be able to attend Megalonia

That battle was intense!

So the other dude was relying on the AI way too much, eh?

I guess Nanbu went back to his old shenanigans again.

It's probably just his old shenanigans catching up to him. Fujimaka has been suspiciously helpful and jovial for way too long considering what he is.

What a bitch getting knocked out in just one punch. That just shows that Mikio has no business being in that ring.

And of course the mob is finally stepping in. I'm guessing they want Joe to throw his next match :|

Worth noting that Mikio is probably in extreme ammounts of pain at that point even though he hasn't been taking hits. He reached peak synchronization in round 2, which was so painful that he had to use powerful painkillers while training

Uh, I guess this is the first episode were they did something I didn't like at all. I liked Shirato's backstory and the way Joe "countered" the AI but... I just can't stand when the MC is a punching bag for 99,9% of the time just to hit the enemy literally once in the whole match and win. It's technically possible since it was a uppercut at the jaw and it makes sense given the situation (the AI learns the opponent patterns so few, strong hits are the way to go), but it always gives me a feeling of plot armor and breaks the immersion. I hope this is the first and last time they do this. If they want to show Joe has a lot of endurance the right way, they should do it the way they did it with Aragaki: take a bunch of hits, but win with a proper spar.

Still looking forward to next episode, don't disappoint me please. This show is going strong (excluding today's episode).

I cant believe i had to search so far for someone complaining about this. I thought that since Joe was going gearless, they were going to have more of an emphasis on him needing to avoid hits and "control the ring" like they practiced.

You're completely right. It's honestly a little immersion breaking how weak Joe's fully geared opponents are. Hell, these aren't even amateurs, they're the world's best fighters with the world's best gear. When you look at it from a logical perspective, Joe should've died already. I mean, if a gearless underground boxer can beat geared champions, how weak are these guys/gears?

Yeah it seems like as the series has progressed, the implied strength of the gears has gone down. It felt like they were way more powerful and dangerous at the beginning of the series and now Joe is just standing in the ring unflinchingly taking multiple jabs to the face.

Awesome show, best fight in the series so far, awful boxing. I do hope one day we'll see a combat sports anime or manga in which the protagonist can actually avoid damage while dealing with damage. I cringed when I saw Joe spit out his teeth. Blasted gums, cut up inner cheek is one of the most painful experiences.

Megalo Box is best when they are outside the ring. Didn't expect that.

I loved it! I see that Joe unlocked Ultra Instinct :D Yuri is again proving to be the smartest one in the whole show. I actually started to like him now. Well, as somebody predicted last week, Fujimaki will want Joe to throw the next fight... I can't wait to see how they resolve that conflict. Also, I'm calling it right now - in the big finale of the series, Yuri will take off his gear and the it will be a classic, true boxing match. I just can't see it ending any other way! We already had this kind of "is it gear or you?" arc just now with Mikio, so they shouldn't repeat it with the champ.

Well, that's another episode down in Megalo Box and it was amazing as always! The whole fight against Mikio was great, and joe was as usual a badass, and that last punch was so good! I think for that last punch, Mikio didn't take the input from the AI, that's why Nanbu, who was watching the AI to predict the last punch got it wrong. But damn, that last scene with the mafioso. Please let Joe have a happy ending you guys! Don't have a trashcan for a heart and end joe like this!


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