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[Megalo Box] Episode 13 - FINAL everyone's impressions

Episode 13
"Born to Die" / "Though the Flesh May Rot, the Bones Will Remain. They Are the Proof That You Were Alive."


I really liked that the ending really emphasized that neither Joe nor Yuri actually gave a shit about the championship but really only wanted to find the best "dance partner" they could.

Also, holy shit, the fight crippled Yuri?!

≫Also, holy shit, the fight crippled Yuri?!

Shirato better start working on those integrated legs.

considering where the gear used to be he probably needs an integrated spinal cord

we need prothestic eyes for nanbu ;-;

I like that that was the first time he didn't have a resting bad-ass look and genuinely looked happy

i assume ramifications from the surgery were part of it too

Oh sure, it was probably complications from the surgery induced by the fact that he went 13 brutal rounds in a dragged out slugfest of a fight. But still, damn

Megalobox is a dancing anime.

The real megalo boxing was the friends we danced with along the way

Just finished the episode and...that was a pretty wholesome ending. Didn't expect it to be so wholesome, but for Yuri. Seems he was left paralysed since a year had gone by?

Wonder if that open ending and the announcement of the next tournament would mean they've left it open for a possible second season.

Overall, I really liked this anime. Heard a lot of great things from Ashita no Joe but never watched it, so this was my gateway I guess.

If we do get a second season, it would be nice to have another character as the main protagonist to keep things fresh.

the scorpion on the beach with Joe felt like foreshadowing in that regard, what with the Joe/Dog and Yuri/Wolf imagery throughout the series

Doesn't the scorpion just symbolize Nanbu? It's there when Joe dances because Nanbu wanted to teach them how to dance.

Although I would have loved to see the end of the fight, I still think this was a very good finale. I was very content that everyone was still alive because the show made me want to root for both Joe and Yuri. I still would like to know why was Yuri in the wheelchair.

aftermath of removing the gear

Also, that shot actually was the end of the fight. Post credits show a message saying the match ended at 2:51 of the 13th round, and that the winner was "Gearless" Joe - 7 Fights, 7 Wins, 0 Defeats

I thought Joe had died for sure up until they showed him at the repair shop. They played it so well with the time skip and Yuri's speech about death.

Man I wish I had realised we were meant to fear for Joe's life. I had no idea that was a thing that could happen.. I must've missed all of the death flags. All these comments saying "yes, he lived!", I wish I could've experienced that!

Every episode's intermission had the word "dead" underlined, that was kinda the giveaway for most of us.

Talk about a slugfest

So i guess Joe didn't get knocked out in that scene

Joe never stopped being a facetank.

Cant get knocked out if all you have left in your brain is years of accelerated CTE. Joe just build up immunity to big concussions by having as many smaller concussions as he could.

glad all the ashita no joe spoilers roaming around as this series aired didn't turn out to influence the end of MEGALOBOX.

this truly was a great and inspirational ride, gonna miss Joe the Goat.

I thought one of them died with the way they led up to the final scene and shirato tears. Glad to see they were both alive, yuri in a wheel chair but it's beautiful his last final fight was with joe. Also shirato got good development this series her tears were genuine

They were definitely baiting there.

"Whether you're a power player who wears a weighty crown, or some poor soul with barely a pebble to his name, nobody can escape death. But if you live your life so that, when it comes, you're satisfied, even if it's not the end you were hoping for, you'll have no reason to fear death."

Great quote.

Excellent ending! Awesome music as usual for this episode. Its good to see that everyone is having a good time with each other after megalonia. It is unfortunate that Yukiko is avoiding Yuri, but her business seems to be doing quite well. Why did the reporter say the championship has been vacant even though Joe won?

It implied that Joe doesn't fight professionally anymore, or at least doesn't want to fight in Megalonia.

It means Joe retired. He only fought to fight Yuri after all. Basically, the whole story is about Joe X Yuri. Hey, I'm not complaining. It's a pretty wholesome ending. Joe and Yuri found each other, and they'll be dance partners for life.

So that was Megalo Box. With the best OST of the year and a unique artstyle that reminds one of the good old 90s and early 2000s, it took over everyone who watched this show, giving us some really good characters like Nanbu, Joe, Yuri, while showing us how they developed from where they started to where they ended up. Although saying that, the fights themselves were really pedestrian, i.e, they were nothing amazing to look at, even today's fight was also not really that great. Overall, was a great anime, 8/10.

Very fun ride that was one of the more stylish anime of the season. The grit of the art complemented the story/world exceptionally well and made for great story telling. I like how the finale didn't show Yuri getting knocked out since it allowed him to maintain his air of confidence and mystique and I'll always have that version of Yuri in my mind from the series. Joe trying to dance afterwards was a good way to show that the character was satisfied with his match with Yuri and was ready to move on to other things in life and that is as important as becoming the champion itself. Overall great series and one I'd recommend for a short watch.

It seems Junk Dog/Joe really enjoyed the love of Megalo Boxing from day 1.

Having faith in himself....this guy is very inspirational imo. I love an underdog story and this show really gave me a hell of an enjoyable experience. I will miss Megalo Box every week.

I literally jumped out of my chair out of excitement at this scene. I really thought he was dead mostly because of the episode's title is "Born to die".

What an amazing ending to an amazing anime!


This episode was incredible, the only complaint i could have is I wish we could've seen more of the fight especially the knockout. Especially when it started to become more of an even match near the end. Overall I'd give this anime a 8-9, all the episodes were consistently good with the last three episodes being amazing.

This show knows how to do a fight. Due to Yuri's character development in the last episode either of them could have won. That made the match really tense. I also like the happy ending. 9/10

10/10 episode 10/10 anime Everything was perfect, but i wish they showed the final knockout. Overall aots for me :D


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